Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 100

9901. No One But You


My Lord Supreme,

No one but You

Will hear my heart’s gratitude-song.

No one but You

Will watch my soul’s surrender-dance.

No one but You

Will transform my dream-life

Into Your own Reality-Heart. ```

9902. Give Me A Large Heart


My Lord,

Give me a large heart

So that I can treasure

Your rich Smiles.

My Lord,

Give me a pure life

So that I can discover

The fountain of Your infinite Delight. ```

9903. Offerings


From tomorrow on

My morning meditation will be

The offering of my aspiration-plants,

My midday meditation will be

The offering of my dedication-fruits

And my evening meditation will be

The offering of my gratitude-heart

To You, my Beloved Supreme. ```

9904. He Who Dreams Of God


He who dreams of God

Does not have to live

In the hope-world.

His dream is the harbinger

Of fast-approaching God-Reality.


9905. A Different Drink


Forgive me, my Lord Supreme,

Forgive me!

I have drunk doubt-poison

Profusely and happily.

Now I want to change my drink.

I want to drink faith-nectar

Immeasurably and spontaneously.

Will You not give me another chance, my Lord,

Will You not?


9906. A Different Friend


Forgive me, my Lord Supreme,

Forgive me!

I have made friends

With tenebrous ignorance-night

Consciously and deliberately.

Now I want to change my friend.

I want to accept wisdom-light

As my new friend

Immediately and permanently.

Will You not give me another chance, my Lord,

Will You not?


9907. I Have Not Loved You


Forgive me, my Lord Supreme,

Forgive me!

I have not loved You

Sleeplessly and unconditionally.

Will You not give me another chance, my Lord,

Will You not? ```

9908. I Have Not Served You


Forgive me, my Lord Supreme,

Forgive me!

I have not served You

Soulfully and unreservedly

Inside the hearts of the pilgrim-seekers

Walking along Eternity’s Road.

Will You not give me another chance, my Lord,

Will You not? ```

9909. I Have Not Spoken To The World


Forgive me, my Lord Supreme,

Forgive me!

I have not spoken to the world about You

Confidently and convincingly.

Will You not give me another chance, my Lord,

Will You not? ```

9910. I Have Not Manifested You


Forgive me, my Lord Supreme,

Forgive me!

I have not manifested You here on earth

Concretely and satisfactorily.

Will You not give me another chance, my Lord,

Will You not? ```

9911. I Have Not Become


Forgive me, my Lord Supreme,

Forgive me!

I have not become

What You wanted me to become

Cheerfully and gratefully.

Will You not give me another chance, my Lord,

Will You not?


9912. His Life's First Prayer


His life’s first prayer

Was to grasp the life of plenitude.

His life’s last prayer

Was to become the breath of gratitude. ```

9913. Your Life Is Now Entitled


Since your heart

Has passed Eternity’s examination,

Your life is now entitled

To receive Infinity’s perfection. ```

9914. God Has Given Us The Mind


God has given us the mind

To enjoy imagination-feast.

God has given us the heart

To enjoy aspiration-feast.

God has given us life

To enjoy realisation-feast.

God has given us His very Existence

To become His universal Satisfaction-Song. ```

9915. Your Aspiration-Fire


Do not be afraid of your desire-life.

Just ask your aspiration-fire

To melt all your desires.

Your aspiration-fire embodies

God the infinite Power.


9916. My Vast Thought-World


My vast thought-world

Is for my Lord Supreme to read.

My tiny aspiration-room

Is for my Lord Supreme to live in. ```

9917. What Thrills My Mind?


What thrills my mind?

Sincerity’s song.

What thrills my heart?

Purity’s dance.

What thrills my life?

Divinity’s embrace. ```

9918. A Useless Stranger


In my heart’s world

Of light and delight,

My hesitation-frustration-mind

Is an utterly helpless

And useless stranger.


9919. My Body Unconsciously Protested


My body unconsciously protested

When I asked it to be wakeful.

My vital vehemently protested

When I asked it to be peaceful.

My mind cleverly protested

When I asked it to be soulful.

My heart cheerfully agreed

When I asked it to be helpful

To friends and foes alike.


9920. I Challenged Yesterday's Problems


I challenged yesterday’s problems

With my determination-power.

I am challenging today’s problems

With my aspiration-cry.

I shall challenge tomorrow’s problems

With my surrender-smile

To my Lord Supreme.


9921. A Beggar's Hunger


Every mind has its greatness.

Every heart has its goodness.

Every life has its fruitfulness.

Yet every human being is dying

Of a beggar’s hunger.


9922. You Can Wait For Perfection


As God is ready to wait

For His Satisfaction,

Even so, you can wait

For your perfection. ```

9923. Faith In Doubt


You say you do not have faith

In anything.

Do you not see

That you have tremendous faith

In your own doubt?


9924. The Very Last Step


A heart of gratitude

Is the next-to-last step

Before we reach Heaven.

A life of surrender

Is the very last step

Before we reach Heaven.


9925. How Can You Succeed?


How can you succeed in your outer life

When you do not have

The power of concentration?

How can you proceed in your inner life

When you do not have

The peace of meditation?


9926. Nothing Is As Perfect


Nothing is as imperfect and cheap

As my mind’s outer smile.

Nothing is as perfect and precious

As my heart’s inner cry. ```

9927. A Big And Real God


I believe in a big and real God:

My Beloved Supreme.

I do not believe in a small and false god:

My doubting mind. ```

9928. Wrong And Right Prayers


“God, give me!”

This is a wrong prayer.

“God, take me!”

This is a right prayer. ```

9929. Do Give Me A New Heart


My Lord,

My heart knows

That You have been waiting for me

For Eternity.

Do give me a new heart, my Lord,

So that I, too, can wait for You



9930. The Past And The Present


The past controls the present:

This is a human experience.

The past surrenders to the present:

This is a divine experience.

The past is transformed

And made into a perfect instrument

For the Supreme to use in His own Way:

This is a supreme experience. ```

9931. Divinity's Three Heaven-Free Homes


Humanity’s three earth-bound houses:

Passion, possession and frustration.

Divinity’s three Heaven-free homes:

Illumination, perfection and satisfaction. ```

9932. I Cry, I Smile


Each time I cry,

I purify my heart.

Each time I smile,

I simplify my life. ```

9933. Ascent And Descent


An invisible ascent:

My heart of ecstatic silence.

A visible descent:

My life of bombastic sound. ```

9934. Immeasurable Ecstasies


There was a time when I fed my mind

With unbelievable fantasies,

But now I feed my heart

With immeasurable ecstasies. ```

9935. They Are Incapable


I am sad that my mind is incapable

Of silence-light.

I am glad that my heart is incapable

Of indifference-night. ```

9936. My Heart Does Know


My life may not know

What God’s Compassion is,

But my heart does know

What God’s Forgiveness is. ```

9937. My Soul Came Down


My soul came down

From the Himalayan heights

To see the Protection-Feet

Of my Lord Supreme.

My life shall climb up

To the Himalayan heights

To see the Compassion-Eye

Of my Beloved Supreme. ```

9938. The Beauty Of God's Infinity


My mind is brave.

Therefore, it dares to imagine

The Beauty of God’s Infinity.

My heart is pure.

Therefore, it hopes to embody

The Love of God’s Immortality.


9939. My Destiny


My destiny laughs at me

When I tell the world

That I can become.

My destiny touches my feet

When I tell my Lord Supreme

That I am.


9940. Aspiration-Cry


My heart uses its aspiration-cry

To see the Face of God.

My mind uses its inspiration-smile

To feel the heart of man. ```

9941. Ready To Wait


A nobility-mind is ready

To wait for the world.

A magnanimity-heart is ready

To die for the world. ```

9942. A Divine Hero-Warrior


A divine hero-warrior

Does not accept any defeat,

Not because he is proud

But because his Inner Pilot

Has time and again told him

That he is His choice instrument

And that His Vision-Eye will succeed

In him

And His Satisfaction-Heart will proceed

Along with him. ```

9943. An Accident


My mind calls it

An accident.

My heart calls it

An experience.

My soul calls it

A life-transforming Touch of God.

My Beloved Supreme calls it

His inner Involution

And His outer Revelation.


9944. Your Heart-Tears


Your heart-tears

Have transformed your life.

Your heart-tears

Have satisfied God.

Your heart-tears

Have illumined mankind.

Your heart-tears

Can answer all the past, present

And future questions of the world.


9945. At Last He Is Healed


At last

He is healed of his self-doubt.

Now what is happening?

He is awakening

To his soul’s ecstasy-sun.


9946. A Rising Flame


Each aspiration-cry

Is a rising flame.

Each desire-smile

Is a sinking boat. ```

9947. Determination-Fire



This is what my mind

Precisely needs.


This is what my heart

Soulfully needs.


This is what my life

Sleeplessly needs.


9948. To Acquire Innocence-Joy


To acquire innocence-joy,

What I need most in my outer life

Is a God-searching mind,

And what I need most in my inner life

Is a life-surrendering heart.


9949. Two Frightening Shadows


Two frightening shadows

Are chasing me:

One says

My heart does not love God;

The other says

God does not need my life. ```

9950. How Little Do I Know


How little do I know

Of my repeated failures

In the inner life.

But I do know

Of my major failure

In the outer life:

I have completely surrendered

To temptation-spear. ```

9951. Hearken Only To Time Eternal!


Hearken only to Time Eternal!

Your questioning mind is the dance

Of a very weak and flickering flame-light.


9952. I Do Not Want You To Enjoy


O my mind,

I do not want you to enjoy

Either the flight

Of fleeting thoughts

Or the train

Of unending doubts. ```

9953. My Life-Surrendering Heart-Tears


In my outer life

I have already wasted

And I may continue to waste

Many precious things,

But in my inner life

I shall never waste

The most precious thing:

My life-surrendering heart-tears. ```

9954. My Soul Was Born To Teach


My soul was born to teach.

My heart was born to learn.

My mind was born to unlearn.

My life was born to smile inwardly

And cry outwardly.


9955. One Foot Is On Earth


One foot is on earth

And one foot is in Heaven.

Therefore, he is equally

Heaven’s powerful eye


Earth’s tearful heart. ```

9956. Waiting For You


O my heart, look upward!

God and His Satisfaction-Eye

Are waiting for you.

O my mind, dive inward!

God and His Forgiveness-Feet

Are waiting for you.


9957. My Heart's Sorrows


My heart’s unspoken

And breathless sorrows

Are my life’s hallowed

And endless joys. ```

9958. God The Lover


God the Lover sleeplessly cries

With earth’s cries.

God the Beloved unconditionally smiles

With Heaven’s smiles. ```

9959. A Deep Desire


I have a deep desire

To teach my restless mind

How to rest.

I have also a deep desire

To be taught by my aspiring heart

How to cry.


9960. I Have Seen Many Things


I have seen many things:

God’s Compassion-Eye,

God’s Forgiveness-Heart,

God’s Protection-Feet.

I have been many things:

A life that enjoys ignorance,

A heart that enjoys ingratitude,

A mind that enjoys suspicion. ```

9961. My Mind Admires God


My mind admires God

Because He is powerful.

My heart loves God

Because He is beautiful.

My life needs God

Because He is merciful.

My soul reveals God

Because He is fruitful. ```

9962. Opinion And Dedication


O my clever mind,

You want me to succeed

With my stubborn opinion.

O my wise heart,

You want me to proceed

With my surrendered dedication.


9963. The Banners Of The East And West


If you want to hold the banners

Of both the East and the West,

First give to the East

Your heart of aspiration-love,

And then give to the West

Your life of dedication-smile. ```

9964. The Mist Of My Past Years


When I look into the mist

Of my past years,

My life of failure sees nothing but

A silver flow of orphan-tears. ```

9965. Real And False


His aspiration-heart is as real

As a supreme Dream of the Absolute.

His desire-life is as false

As a failure-experience of the soul,

God’s representative on earth.


9966. When You Walked With God


There was a time

When you walked with God,

But now you cannot even see Him walking.


Because your watching eyes

Deliberately wanted

To swim in the forgetfulness-sea.


9967. Am I God's Adopted Child?


Am I God’s adopted child,

That I have to worry?

Am I not entitled to

God’s spontaneous Affection,

Sleepless Love

And unconditional Fondness? ```

9968. My Life's Soulfulness-Beauty


My life’s soulfulness-beauty

Sees God.

My heart’s openness-purity

Receives God. ```

9969. The Natural And The Supernatural


The agreement between the natural

And the supernatural is this:

The natural will always remain

The root of the reality-tree,

And the supernatural will be

Its topmost branch. ```

9970. Prepare Yourself For Self-Mastery


Prepare yourself for self-mastery,

Since God has already prepared you

For self-discovery.


9971. My Life Smiles


In the morning

My heart cries through my eyes.

In the evening

My life smiles through my soul. ```

9972. The Banquet Hall Of Eternity


My ever-increasing gratitude-heart

And ever-transcending surrender-life

Are invited to dine in the banquet hall

Of God’s Eternity. ```

9973. My Inner Voice


My inner voice

Is my beauty’s flower.

My higher choice

Is my duty’s fruit.

My inner voice likes to sing

My Lord’s Perfection-Song.

My higher choice likes to dance

My Lord’s Satisfaction-Dance. ```

9974. My Lord's Compassion-Scale


I am my mind’s


My Lord is His Heart’s

Compassion-Scale. ```

9975. A Doubt-Wave


Your life has become a doubt-wave

In a confusion-sea,

Yet you always think

That you are definitely worthy

Of God’s arrival.


9976. The Mind Tries To Imitate


The mind tries to imitate

The purity-heart

In a distorted way.

The heart tries to imitate

The divinity-soul

In a self-giving way. ```

9977. My Inner Pilot Asks Me


My Inner Pilot asks me

From this very moment

Not to look even once more

At the ugliness of my doubting mind. ```

9978. My Heart Suffers More


My heart suffers more

From my mind

Than I suffer

From my vital. ```

9979. It Is Impossible


As it is impossible

For me to please God

Without my ever-mounting faith-flames,

Even so, it is impossible

For God to please me

Without His ever-increasing Compassion-Flood. ```

9980. Your Heart's Oneness-Delight


Your heart’s oneness-delight

Can alone try to perfect

The world’s division-dissatisfaction-life.


9981. A New Haven


His heart’s aspiration-mountain

And his life’s determination-volcano

Have formed a new haven

For earth’s ceaseless cries

And endless failures.


9982. God's Victory-Trumpet


I thank myself

Because I love God.

God thanks Himself

Because in me He has found

His long-lost Victory-Trumpet.


9983. The Landscape Listens


The landscape listens

To your heart’s soulful dictates.

Do you know why?

Because you have already appreciated

Its beauty’s life

In God’s Vision-Light

And its purity’s heart

In God’s Reality-Delight. ```

9984. Ride The Purity-Bicycle


Every day ride the purity-bicycle

Inside your heart.

If you do not do so daily,

You will not be able to proceed.

Not only that,

You will fall down, I must say,

Very badly.


9985. I Do Not Need Aspiration-Hunger


Even God’s Heart of Compassion

Immediately changed when I told Him

That I do not need aspiration-hunger

To appreciate His Perfection-Satisfaction-Meal. ```

9986. Scarcities


Your mind may have

A scarcity of ideas.

Your life may have

A scarcity of ideals.

But your heart can never have

A scarcity of self-transcending goals. ```

9987. I Do Not Imitate Others


I do not imitate others

To become their friend.

I just love their Source,

God’s Oneness-Love. ```

9988. My Life Passed Safely



My life passed safely.


My heart is crying soulfully.


My mind shall behave perfectly. ```

9989. Your Life-Boat


Your life-boat

Shall not remain unlaunched

Any longer,

For God’s Breath

Has finally been able

To touch your sleeping heart. ```

9990. Your Oneness-Heart Is Happy


Your oneness-heart is happy

Because it lives inseparably

With the entire world.

Your division-mind wants to be happy

Without enjoying the peace-beauty

Of the inner world.


9991. My Protector-Transformer


My Lord Supreme,

I am tired of constantly colliding

With my lower self.

Do become my only Protector-Transformer. ```

9992. A Living Miracle


I do not have to see

Any miracle,

For I myself have become

A living miracle.

Do you know how?

Just by taming

My explosive energy.


9993. There Is No Such Thing


O my mind,

There is no such thing

As instructive doubt.

O my heart,

There is no such thing

As constructive fear.


9994. Time To Become Acquainted


Never fear your own confusion-mind.

Just challenge it vehemently!

It is high time for you

To become fully acquainted

With your own true self:

Tomorrow’s God. ```

9995. Since You Do Not Invite Faith


Since you do not invite faith

Into your heart-room,

How can you expect to chase

The doubt-wolf from your life? ```

9996. His Sweet Heart-Smile


You think that God has to use

His infinite Power

To silence your mind.

But I tell you,

To silence your mind,

He needs to use only

His sweet Heart-Smile.


9997. Because He Did Not Want


Because he did not want

His insecurity-heart any more,

He started praying

To God the Infinite Power.

Because he did not want

His impurity-mind any more,

He started meditating

On God the Immortal Love. ```

9998. Our Heart's Gratitude-Length


What enables us to see God?

Definitely not our capacity-strength,

But our heart’s gratitude-length.


9999. Closeness, Fondness And Oneness


When my mind believes in

God’s Closeness,

My heart immediately feels

God’s Fondness

And my life sleeplessly feels

God’s Oneness.

God’s Closeness surprises

The human in me,

God’s Fondness immortalises

The divine in me

And God’s Oneness fulfils at once

The divine lover


The Supreme Beloved in me.

The divine lover in me

Is he who knows;

The Supreme Beloved in me

Is He who is. ```

10000. Ten Thousand Flower-Flames


O my sound-life!

I love you

Because you are


O my silence-life!

I need you

Because you are


O my Beloved Supreme!

I at once love You

And need You


Your Eye is my


Your Life is my

Silver Journey

And Your Heart is my

Golden Shore.

O my Beloved Supreme Absolute!

In me is Your Eternity’s Transcendental Cry,

For me is Your Infinity’s Immortal Smile.


Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the one-hundredth and final volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India, presents Sri Chinmoy with the decathlon championship in 1958.

Editor's note

Some poems in this first edition were later selected by the author for a special collection of 207 Flower-Flames (FFP). The author also chose to revise some of his original poems for this anthology: FF-9928: FFP 206 (revised version).

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 100, Agni Press, 1983
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/ff_100