Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 18

1701. Because you are perfect


Because you are great,

My mind loves you.

Because you are good,

My heart loves you.

Because you are perfect,

Both man and God treasure you. ```

1702. Think and feel


Darkness is light:

This is what my mind thinks.

Light is delight:

This is what my heart feels. ```

1703. He wants to help you


He wants to help you.

That means he longs to feed

His expansion-heart

And reveal

His Satisfaction-God.


1704. Because he is God's representative


Because he is God’s representative

Here on earth,

He is as careful with everybody’s heart

As he is with his own. ```

1705. On earth, in Heaven


On earth

I try to be above myself.

In Heaven

I try to remain my perfection-self. ```

1706. Human life, divine life


The human life

Either rejects the truth

Or neglects the truth.

The divine life

Both reveals the truth

And fulfils the truth.


1707. He who argues


Secretly God has told me something:

He who argues

Prefers his boastful mind

To his peaceful heart. ```

1708. If you have the soulful capacity


If you have the soulful capacity

To see your mental fog,

Then you have also the powerful capacity

To dissolve it. ```

1709. See and know


The world clearly sees me

As a cheerful face.

I unmistakably know myself

As a sorrowful heart. ```

1710. An aspiration-life


A desire-life is

A delusion-mind.

An aspiration-life is

A perfection-heart. ```

1711. To know the mind of Truth


He who successfully pretends

To know the mind of Truth

Undoubtedly destroys

The heart of Truth. ```

1712. The brave decision


I have made the brave decision:

I shall sleep no more,

Since I am consciously awake

At long last. ```

1713. To employ a doubtful mind


To employ and enjoy

A doubtful mind

Is to destroy

A soulful heart


A peaceful life. ```

1714. I am happy


I am happy

That I do not have the capacity

To touch the head of the world.

I am happy

That I have the capacity

To touch the Feet of God.


1715. Replacement



“I have something to give cheerfully”


“I have something to become permanently”. ```

1716. Be not afraid


Be not afraid

Of destructive actions by others.

But be afraid

Of your own reaction to them. ```

1717. Accepted by Truth


You are accepted

By Truth.

That means you are liberated

By God. ```

1718. First love God


The only effective way

To love man

Is to first love God

Sleeplessly. ```

1719. The practical in me knows


The practical in me knows

What God has:

An iota of Justice-Light.

The spiritual in me knows

What God is:

An ocean of boundless Compassion-Reality.


1720. I shall only try


I shall not try

To purify my old life.

I shall only try

To certify my new life. ```

1721. You will definitely succeed in life


You will definitely succeed in life,

For your inner moon will not tolerate

Your outer deception-night.


1722. God's Vision-Reality



Is peace-delight.


Is satisfaction-height.


Is God’s Vision-Reality. ```

1723. True and abiding satisfaction


True and abiding satisfaction

Comes only from self-giving

And not from pleasure-hunting.

Never! ```

1724. The real in you


Be careful, be careful!

You must love only

The real in you

And not the usual in you.

The real in you

Is your aspiration-hunger;

The usual in you

Is your temptation-feast. ```

1725. An invisible power


Your heart’s gratitude-flames

Can and will create

An invisible power

Which will one day be visible

Even to your naked human eyes.


1726. Squander your insecurity-life


Do you want to know

What you should do

With your insecurity-life?

Just squander it here and there,

And give it away unreservedly.


The security-life is waiting

In front of your long-bolted heart-door,

Eager to live

Permanently with you. ```

1727. Your life's only aim


Your life’s only aim

Is to reveal

The beauty of your inner God

To the aspiration of your outer man. ```

1728. Your natural confidence


If you have lost your natural confidence,

I tell you, you can restore it today,

Nay, even now, at this very moment.

Just try it!

Give yourself a chance!


1729. Pairs


Anxiety-day and self-denial-night

Perfectly go together.

Self-denial-night and God-removal-day

Unfortunately go together. ```

1730. Each senseless thought


Each senseless thought

Is a godless life.

Each godless life

Is a deathless frustration.

Each deathless frustration

Is an endless destruction. ```

1731. What to do with God


If you do not know

What to do with yourself,

Then meditate on God.

If you cannot meditate,

Then pray to God.

If you cannot pray,

Then think of God.

Before long, you will come to know

What to do with God.


1732. Because you are great


Because you are great,

You will not tolerate deception-night.

Because you are good,

You will transform deception-night

Into the sincerity-light

That leads man

To perfection-delight.


1733. He secretly buys dream-seeds


Every night

He secretly buys dream-seeds.

Therefore, every day

He is openly reaping reality-fruits. ```

1734. Walk along a single path


Walk along a single path.

Contradiction cannot challenge you,

Frustration cannot follow you.

A single path has

The purity-beauty.

A single path is

The satisfaction-reality.


1735. Your vision-eye knows


Your vision-eye knows

What you are like.

Your realisation-heart feels

What others are like. ```

1736. Try to be absolutely spiritual


When you talk to others,

Be economical.

When others talk to you,

Be practical.

When you and God talk to each other,

Try to be absolutely spiritual. ```

1737. Compensation


The abundance of the heart-wealth

Will always compensate

For the stark poverty

Of the ignorance-mind. ```

1738. Love God


Love God,

And you will have nobody else to love.

Fear God,

And you will have nobody else to fear. ```

1739. The concert of manifestation-light


Get your aspiration-heart

In perfect tune with God

Before you begin the concert

Of your manifestation-light. ```

1740. When my Lord Supreme forgives me


When my Lord Supreme forgives me,

He removes my ignorance-night

And restores my perfection-delight.


1741. If you allow your mind


If you allow your mind

To deceive you,

If you allow your vital

To defile you,

Then your soul

Will not only punish you

But also disown you.


1742. The world soon forgets


The world soon forgets

How fast you ran,

But it always remembers

If you won the race. ```

1743. If you want to see your friends


Certain people may think of you,

But they need not be your friends.

Certain people may not think of you,

But they need not be your enemies.

If you want to see your friends,

Then either look above you

Or look within you.


1744. Left alone


If you live solely

For material fulfilment,

Then you will be left alone

In life’s journey. ```

1745. Your surrender-light


Your surrender-light

Is God’s Satisfaction-Delight.

Your surrender-delight

Is God’s own Perfection-Manifestation-Length

For earth.


1746. A supremely supernatural exchange


A purity-heart

In return for a purity-heart

Is quite natural.

But a purity-heart

In return for an impurity-mind

Is supremely supernatural. ```

1747. The sun of Grace


If you have the capacity

To create the clouds of trouble,

Then God has the capacity

To create the sun of Grace.

For whom, if not for you,

For you alone? ```

1748. Never substitute


Never substitute your prestige-height

For your love-delight,


Love-delight is unparalleled.

It has no second.


1749. Be careful of what you do!


Be careful of what you do!

Do not delay!

You will be denied,

You will be doomed.

In no time

You will lose all. ```

1750. Appearances


Because your life

Is not truly spiritual,

Your heart wants to appear pure,

Your mind wants to appear sure. ```

1751. Confession is no substitute


You are happy

That you have confessed your sins.

I am sorry

That confession is no substitute

For forsaking your sins.


1752. The solution of the mind


The solution of the mind

Is an organised way

Of not coming to any conclusion.


1753. Encounters with problems


The mind encounters a problem

Only to subsidise it.

The heart encounters a problem

Only to minimise it.

The soul encounters a problem

Either to totally diminish it

Or to completely illumine it.


1754. Look within, look above


Look ahead.

Lo, confusion-night.

Look back.

Lo, destruction-fight.

Look within.

Lo, illumination-delight.

Look above.

Lo, perfection-height. ```

1755. No God-touch


The mind knows only

How to think of the things

That should be done.

The heart knows only:

No God-touch,

Then nothing can be done. ```

1756. He jumped to conclusions


He dug for facts,

He jumped to conclusions:

God and Heaven are illusions,

Man and the world are frustrations. ```

1757. Complicated my life


Simple was my life.

It was I who complicated it.


By creating uncomely circumstances

Within and without.


1758. Out of simplicity


The mind creates confusion-battle

Out of simplicity.

The heart creates illumination-victory

Out of simplicity. ```

1759. No room left


His mind is filled

With wisdom-light.

No room left

For conceit-night. ```

1760. Be pleased with yourself


Be pleased with yourself


God will grant you

His Blessing-Pride



1761. The prerogative of the heart


Thinking good thoughts

Is the privilege of the mind.

If it does not do it,

Then to threaten the mind

Is the prerogative of the heart.


1762. To keep awake


A non-seeker drinks coffee

To keep awake.

A seeker drinks consciousness-light

To keep awake. ```

1763. In his peaceful hours


In his restless hours

He meditates on God unconditionally.

In his peaceful hours

He meditates on himself,

The future God.


1764. The proof


My heart is the proof that

My mind is not at all happy.

My soul is the proof that

My heart is not at all secure. ```

1765. Satisfaction-building



Can never be built

On a neglected or a rejected

Conscience-foundation. ```

1766. Something infinitely worse


To know what is divine and perfect

And not to do it because of fear

Or because of unwillingness,

Is not only something wrong,

But something infinitely worse.


1767. He lives with little


His life has everything

And his heart is everything

Because he always lives with little.


1768. To live in a simplicity-cave


Kings fail to equal him in happiness

Because he has the capacity

To live in a simplicity-cave.


1769. The clever mind


The clever mind is in favour of economy

When it has to do something for God.

But it changes its philosophy

When something involves its own property:

The body and vital.


1770. Out of practice


Poor mind,

You would lead a more disciplined life

If you were not so out of practice.

I fully understand you


I fully sympathise with you. ```

1771. A premature arrival


Constant anxiety,

Constant fear

And constant suspicion

Took him

Long before he was due to arrive

To the right place:

The cemetery.


1772. Painful and fruitful


What is the difference

Between a faithful heart

And a doubting mind?

A doubting mind

Is painful,

A faithful heart

Is fruitful.


1773. Right place, wrong time


My mind came to the right place

At the wrong time.

It came to hell ninety years later

Than it was supposed to have come.

My heart came to the right place

At the wrong time.

It came to Heaven ninety-nine years later

Than the scheduled time.

My soul came to the right place

At the right time.

It came to God

At God’s choice Hour. ```

1774. The compassion-feet of death


Before he develops an ingratitude-heart

The seeker should be kicked away

By the compassion-feet of death.


1775. Make everybody soulfully happy


If you want to make everybody

Soulfully happy,

Then tell your enemies

All about your weaknesses,

But never tell your friends a word,

For along with you, they will suffer

From your teeming weaknesses.


1776. Everybody laughs at my incapacities


Everybody laughs at my incapacities.

Since I cannot laugh at anybody,

Let me at least laugh at something:

My own suffering. ```

1777. If you know me


If you think of me,

Then you are great.

If you love me,

Then you are good.

If you know me,

Then you are perfect. ```

1778. Not free, not free


America may be the land of the free,

But not

Tearful anxiety-free,

And not

Hurtful dissatisfaction-free.


1779. Patience


Patience is the best


Patience is the highest


Patience is the greatest

Perfection-believer. ```

1780. Don't eat too much


Don’t eat too much.

You will hamper your outer success

And your inner progress.

Don’t stop eating altogether.

Before long you will be devoured

By your own animal hunger:

Anger. ```

1781. Confession is the beginning


Confession is the beginning

Of perfection.

Perfection is the blossoming

Of satisfaction.

Satisfaction is the roaring

Of man’s oneness with God. ```

1782. The only miracle worth performing


If you have not realised God,

Then come to me.

I shall share with you

My aspiration-heart.

If you have realised God,

Then also come to me

And tell me compassionately

How you have done it:

The only miracle worth performing.


1783. You do not have to offer


You may not have the strength

To stop suffering from coming in,

But you do not have to offer

Your heart’s throne

For suffering to sit upon.


1784. The next best thing


If you cannot

Pray and meditate soulfully

Every day,

Then do the next best thing:

Try to feel that your spiritual death

Is fast approaching. ```

1785. Three incomparable things



Are the incomparable things

In human life:

A mind of certitude,

A heart of gratitude


A life of beatitude.


1786. I shall serve my superiors


I shall not envy my superiors.

I shall not emulate my superiors.

But I shall definitely serve them,

For they deserve my service. ```

1787. Two medicines


My body is all tension,

My vital, all frustration,

My mind, all suspicion,

My heart, all hesitation.

Although I have four serious ailments,

Two medicines can cure them all:

My receptivity-hunger


God’s Compassion-Feast.


1788. Only three winners


There are only three winners:

The one who

Competes with himself,

The one who

Crosses the finish line first

And the one who

Finishes the race.


1789. I shall xerox only three things


I shall xerox only three things:








1790. If you want only attraction


If you want only attraction

From the world,

You will see that, in the end,

Your own little vision

Will turn to finite ashes

And your poor little manifestation

Will not only starve,

But will meet with

Despicably capable Death.


1791. Feed your heart


Feed your heart

As much as you want to.

It will grow strong, stronger, strongest

And never become fat.

Feed your mind

As long as you want to.

For it is already

A ruthless monster. ```

1792. Be careful of the frustration-seed


Be careful of the frustration-seed;

It may produce a rebellion-tree.

Be careful of the rebellion-tree;

It may produce a destruction-fruit. ```

1793. If you cannot proceed further


If you cannot proceed further,

Try, at least, to recall your glorious past,

And spend all your life-energy

In living once again that past. ```

1794. Peace is an inspiring faith


Peace is an inspiring

Faith in God.

Bliss is a blossoming

Love for God.

Satisfaction is a perfecting

Oneness with God. ```

1795. Sources


Greatness comes from humility.

Goodness comes from sincerity.

Oneness comes from purity.

Fulness comes from divinity. ```

1796. To make comparisons


To make comparisons with others

Day in and day out

Is a waste of precious time.

To make comparisons

With one’s previous capacity

Consciously and continuously

Is the lengthening Smile of God.


1797. A prayerful life


A prayerful life

Unifies the heart.

A soulful meditation

Illumines the life.

A fruitful gratitude

Liberates the man. ```

1798. I need three things desperately


I need three things desperately:

An ancient heart,

A modern arm

And an ultra-modern eye. ```

1799. Perfection blossoms in obedience



Blossoms in obedience.


Glows in cheerfulness.


Is fulfilled in oneness.

Oneness is at once

A birthless smile


A deathless dance. ```

1800. He is truly happy


He is truly happy

Because his yearning-power

And his achieving-tower

Are unmistakably equal. ```

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the eighteenth volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Rudiger von Wechmar, President of the Thirty-fifth Session of the United Nations General Assembly, receives the second annual Human Rights Award from Sri Chinmoy on behalf of Sri Chinmoy Meditation at the United Nations on 9 January 1981. Von Wechmar had previously joined Sri Chinmoy and members of the meditation group in honouring the late Olympic and human rights champion Jesse Owens in April 1980.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 18, Agni Press, 1981
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