Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 19

1801. How to suffer less


My Supreme Lord,

How can a seeker’s mind

Suffer less?

How can a seeker’s heart

Suffer less?

“My child,

A seeker’s mind will suffer less

If the seeker accepts the fact

That his days on earth are short,

Very short.

A seeker’s heart will suffer less

If the seeker accepts the fact

That his needs on earth are few,

Very, very few.” ```

1802. Seven aspiration-flames


Out of His boundless Bounty

My Lord Supreme has granted me

Seven aspiration-flames

And seven dedication-drops.

Why, why, why?

Him to please in His own Way

Sleeplessly and unconditionally.


1803. Purity-heart and beauty-face


My Lord Supreme,

First please make me feel

The purity-heart of Your creation

And then show me

The beauty-face of Your creation.


1804. Great and good


My Beloved Supreme,

When I become great,

What shall I do?

“My child,

When you become great,

You should think of Me more,

So that you can become greater.”

My Beloved Supreme,

When I become good,

What shall I do?

“My child,

When you become good,

You do not have to do anything else.

I shall think of you more,

I shall love you more,

I shall do everything and everything

For you.” ```

1805. In vain


In vain

My mind is searching for truth.

In pain

My heart is crying for light. ```

1806. Experience and reality


My Supreme Lord,

What is the difference

Between happiness and delight?

“My child,

Happiness is an experience,

And delight is a reality

That transcends experience.”


1807. The greatest masterpiece


My pen will never be able

To write the greatest masterpiece.

My heart alone can,

And it has already done it.

What is that greatest masterpiece?

My God-realisation is for God’s sake.

My God-manifestation is for God’s sake.


1808. Free yourself from tension


My Supreme Lord,

How can I free myself

From tension?

“My child,

You can free yourself

From tension easily

If you do not cling

To an astonishingly fleeting



1809. How can I be constantly happy?


My Beloved Supreme,

How can I be constantly happy?

“My child,

Renounce the desire

To be widely known.”


1810. We must wrestle


We must wrestle

With teeming temptations

In the darkness-cave

Before we ascend the mount

Of Vision Transcendental.


1811. Immortality will conquer


Because sincerity has conquered

Our minds,

Because purity has conquered

Our hearts,

Because beauty has conquered

Our eyes,

Immortality will conquer our lives.


1812. If we think of God


If we think of God sleeplessly,

Then let us love Him unconditionally.

If we love God unconditionally,

Then let us think of Him sleeplessly. ```

1813. A tremendous success



I was a colossal failure.


I am a tremendous success.

How and why?


Because my Beloved Supreme

Has done everything for me.


Because my Beloved Supreme

Wants to have the new experience

Of success-satisfaction-light

In and through my life.


1814. My prayers


My supreme wisdom


My divine wisdom

Pray to the Absolute.

My human stupidity


My animal audacity

Pray for the Absolute. ```

1815. I love God


I love God

Because I need Him


God needs me

Because He loves me



1816. I shall become tomorrow


Perfection is something

That I am not today

But I can and I shall

Become tomorrow.

God is Someone

Who I am not today

But I can and I shall

Become tomorrow. ```

1817. This world can be truly happy


Sweet Lord,

How can this world of ours

Be truly happy?

“My child,

This world can be truly happy

If and when the machine-mechanised men

Listen to the God-realised souls.”


1818. What I do not have


My Beloved Supreme,

How can I give You

What I do not have:

A feeling of constant satisfaction? ```

1819. What I have been preserving for You


My Beloved Supreme,

I am now giving You

What I have been preserving for You

Throughout Eternity:

My Infinity’s constant Satisfaction.


1820. Surmount your faults


Because you can count

Your faults,

Your life is divinely great.

Because you can surmount

Your faults,

You are supremely good. ```

1821. Reveal an unknown world of beauty


If you have haunting music

In your mind

And a soulful song

In your heart,

Then easily you will be able

To reveal an unknown world of beauty

For the God-lovers.


1822. Man's mind



Man’s mind

Is a fleeting

Experience-incident. ```

1823. Today's machine-man



Today’s surprisingly incompetent


Will surrender to

Tomorrow’s astonishingly competent

God-man. ```

1824. Today's man of thought



Today’s strikingly incompetent

Man of thought

Will surrender to

Tomorrow’s amazingly competent

Man of will-power. ```

1825. A creative newness-satisfaction


O my doubting mind,

You are indeed a destructive


O my crying heart,

You are indeed a creative

Newness-satisfaction. ```

1826. I must be receptive


I must make my entire being

Absolutely receptive

Before I can bear

God’s Forgiveness-Shower

And see

His Compassion-Tower. ```

1827. God will not deny me


If God’s supreme Necessity

Demands that He delay,

He will delay,

But He will not

Permanently deny me.


1828. What we are today


Remember, what we are today

Will not prevent us from becoming

What we should become tomorrow.

Today we may be

An insincere cry,

But tomorrow we

Can unmistakably become

Not only a sincere cry,

But also a perfect smile —

The smile that will fully satisfy

God’s Heart, our Eternal Home.


1829. Infinity's Abode


God’s Compassion-Eye

Is God’s

Infinity’s Abode.


1830. Gratitude



Is at once





1831. Commitments and involvements


My commitments


My perfect satisfactions

Live together.

My involvements


My devastating frustrations

Live together. ```

1832. An absurdity



Without difficulty

Is an absurdity.


1833. The inner hunger


The inner hunger

Is conscious progress.

The inner hunger

Is fast progress.

The inner hunger

Is perfect progress. ```

1834. To love the ungrasped


I am happy


I have the capacity

To love the ungrasped. ```

1835. God the Tree


When I aspire,

I love God the Tree.

When I serve,

I love the branches

Of the God-Tree.


1836. Love and service


Love is


Service is

Perfection. ```

1837. Under the Banner of God


Under the Banner of God

The Truth-seeker will become

The God-lover,

And the God-lover will become

The man-server.


1838. Why do you bind me?


O my vital,

Why do you bind me

All the time,


O my mind,

Why do you blind me

All the time,

Why? ```

1839. Inspiration-flood



Is my mind’s beauty.


Is my heart’s duty. ```

1840. My soulful aspiration


My soulful aspiration

Is my Lord’s

Only powerful Satisfaction

In me. ```

1841. Arrangement and rearrangement


Through arrangement

And rearrangement

The human life

Achieves its fulfilment. ```

1842. God is asking


God is asking you

To be His lover

Precisely because

You are not

A self-deceiver.


1843. One step at a time


Take one step at a time.

The first step

Is to develop a pure heart.

The second step

Is to live a self-giving life.

The third and last step

Is to smile a God-pleasing smile.


1844. My heart must succeed


My heart must succeed

Against my mind’s

Tremendous resistance.


1845. If you know


If you know what you want,

Then grasp it,



1846. An indispensable life


A sound-life

Is not indispensable,

But a silence-life is.


1847. Be faithful


Be faithful

If you want to

Be fruitful.


1848. Human nature


Human nature

Does not change

And cannot change

Without selfless service. ```

1849. Change your attitude!


Change your attitude!

Lo, look what stands before you:



1850. No deception


No inner


No outer

Temptation. ```

1851. When you become the Infinite


When you become

The Infinite,

Then only

The Absolute will bless you. ```

1852. Happiness



Is in the affirmation

Of faith-sun

And the negation

Of doubt-night.


1853. Reject not!


Reject not!

Accept and transform.

You will prosper.


1854. Each thought


Each thought

Is important.

Each action

Is meaningful. ```

1855. I need a new start


What I need

Is a new start.

My enthusiasm will replace

My indolence.

My satisfaction will replace

My imperfection. ```

1856. The protection-cross


The protection-cross

Is for those who know how to cry.

The illumination-sun

Is for those who know how to smile. ```

1857. God-discovery



Is God-discovery.


Is life-mastery. ```

1858. Imitation is not art



Is not art.

Newness in fulness

Is art. ```

1859. You have made me happy


My Lord,

You have made me happy

By making me Your servant.

Will You not make me

Infinitely happier

By making me Your slave? ```

1860. I experience life


When I pray soulfully,

I experience

The richness of life.

When I meditate calmly,

I experience

The goodness of life.


1861. Fulness and emptiness


The heart calls fulness

What the mind calls emptiness.

I see eye-to-eye

With the heart. ```

1862. Nobody else


Nobody else

Except your Lord Supreme

Can or will

Do anything good for you. ```

1863. Satisfaction dawns


Satisfaction dawns

The moment you discover

That yours is not

The only way. ```

1864. Let your heart


Let your heart

Think of quality

While your mind

Thinks of quantity. ```

1865. How can you expect?


How can you expect

To learn something

New, soulful and fruitful

From your mechanical mind? ```

1866. The true truth


Try to realise

The true truth

That you are infinitely better

Than what you think of yourself. ```

1867. Be aware of everything


God does not want you

To be afraid of anything.

He just wants you

To be aware of everything. ```

1868. Wake up!


Wake up, wake up!

Don’t you know

That it is spiritually dangerous

To sleep for a very long time? ```

1869. A good intention


A good intention

Can change

A great many conditions.


1870. Absence demonstrates


Quite often

Absence demonstrates

The inner character.


1871. An inspiration-sky


O my mind,

Look what I have for you:

An inspiration-sky.

It is extremely precious.

Never lose it!


1872. Time's error


Time’s long error:

It had tremendous faith,

Faith in man.


1873. Signs of God



Is the sign

Of the visible God.


Is the sign

Of the invisible God.


1874. Aspiration lives


Aspiration lives

In the vast land

Of hero-promise.


1875. A God-dreamer


A God-dreamer

Does not live

In the mind’s darkness-cave.


1876. He who has no faith


He who has no faith

Either in himself or in God

Lives in a compound-fracture-day

And a compound-fracture-night. ```

1877. My dream, my vision


My dream

Wakes me up.

My vision

Helps me fly. ```

1878. What more do I need?


What more do I need?

My Beloved Supreme has already given me

Two soulful eyes


One prayerful heart.


1879. An unconditional marriage


Heaven’s day

Has unconditionally married

Earth’s night.


1880. Look beyond appearances


Do not allow circumstances

To frighten you.

Do not allow situations

To torture you.

Look beyond appearances.

Yours will be

The unmistakable happiness.


1881. A single blessing-smile


You can pierce through

Your ego-ceiling

With a single blessing-smile

From your soul. ```

1882. Do not allow tension


Do not allow tension

To stab your life

If you want to succeed

In your prayer-life

And proceed

In your meditation-life. ```

1883. Infinite choices


Each aspiring life

Can live inside

The beautiful newness

And soulful fruitfulness

Of infinite choices.


1884. Be not afraid


O aspiration-dedication-heroes,

Be not afraid

Of the adamantine gates

Of tomorrow! ```

1885. What my Lord calls protection


What my Lord calls


I call that very thing

My salvation. ```

1886. Nothing to fear


I have nothing to fear,

For I unmistakably know

That there is nothing dangerous.


1887. My soulful prayers


My soulful prayers

Have saved my heart.

My fruitful meditations

Have liberated my life. ```

1888. An unnecessary companion


Success is an unnecessary

Plus undesirable companion

On the path of progress.


1889. No answer


His mind searched

For God’s Will

But found no answer.


1890. Allow God to become real


You are bound to know

God’s Will

If you allow God

To become real to you. ```

1891. His life's early morning


His life’s early morning

Saw God’s Forgiveness-Feet.

His life’s late evening

Shall see God’s Compassion-Eye. ```

1892. Soulless competition


Never love the field

Of ruthless and soulless



1893. Heaven's gratitude-heart


Heaven’s gratitude-heart

Was created by God Himself

For Heaven’s use.


1894. Two Himalayan blunders


Two Himalayan blunders:

To love ignorance


To hate oneself. ```

1895. Is there any difference?


My beloved Lord,

Is there any difference

Between Your Eternity

And Your Infinity?

“Yes, there is.

I live inside My Eternity’s Cry,

Treasuring the hope that

Someday, somewhere and somehow

I shall be able to live

Inside My Infinity’s Smile.” ```

1896. Pray in the morning


Pray in the morning

And meditate in the evening.

You will be able to stab the sighs

Of your deep unhappiness. ```

1897. A fertile mind


A fertile mind

Is nothing but a stream

Of soulless information.


1898. Oneness-satisfaction



Is the death

Of the doubting mind.


1899. The unrewarded service


Every second of every day

Reveals to me

That God alone

Does the unrewarded service. ```

1900. Three Himalayan prayers


Three Himalayan prayers:

Lord, do give me the capacity

To love Your Forgiveness-Feet


Lord, do give me the capacity

To love Your Compassion-Heart


Lord, do give me the capacity

To love Your Justice-Eye

Unconditionally. ```

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the nineteenth volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Sri Chinmoy meets with the late President of Ireland, Eamon de Valera, on 15 June 1973 in Dublin. “I am grateful to you for illumining me and encouraging me in the evening of my life,” de Valera said. Sri Chinmoy told the Irish leader, “God has granted you inner vision... I see this in your ever-increasing love and ever-increasing compassion for your country.”

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 19, Agni Press, 1981
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