Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 29

2801. A feast in the inner world


If you pray for

The satisfaction of your inner hunger,

Your prayer will eventually be fulfilled.

Something more:

God will give a feast in the inner world

To the sincerely hungry seeker in you. ```

2802. Not looking for the reality


You say that nothing works

In your life.

If it is true, then I tell you,

Either you are not looking

For the reality proper,

Or you are not looking

For the reality in the proper place.


2803. An opportunist society


You want to trust

An opportunist society?

I tell you, to trust an opportunist society

Is no better than trusting

A voracious tiger.


2804. If you want guidance


If you want guidance,

Then look up

With a pure heart.

If you want guidance,

Then look within

With a doubt-freed mind.


2805. Insecurity, I am a clever man


Insecurity, I am a clever man.

I shall not be able

To keep you any more,

For you cannot help me

Become a prosperous seeker.

Insecurity, I do not wish

To keep you any more,

For I now clearly see

That you are more dangerous

Than a naked sword. ```

2806. The heart-grove


If you want to escape

From the mind-jungle,

Then appreciate and admire

Only the heart-grove.

The magnetic power of the heart-grove

Will free you from the mind-jungle

And pull you towards itself.


2807. Two discoveries


The discovery of my desire-life:

When I say that I know myself,

The animal in me

Fools the human in me.

The discovery of my aspiration-life:

When I say that I know myself,

The divine in me

Reveals the Supreme in me. ```

2808. The seed of self-observation


Your life is caught between

Outer conflicts and inner conflicts.

You want an escape from both.

There is only one escape,

And that is to

Prayerfully and consciously

Sow the seed of self-observation

Which will eventually germinate

And become an illumination-tree.


2809. What have you lost?


What have you lost

Since you have accepted the spiritual life?

Your mind has lost

Its stupidity.

Your heart has lost

Its impurity.

Your life has lost

Its insecurity.

Now tell me, would they have been

Really worthwhile to keep? ```

2810. Unparalleled quality


The unparalleled quality

Of your self-inquiry

Will always be

The unparalleled quality

Of your God-discovery.


2811. Sail in the right boat


If you want to reach your ideal shore,

Then right from the beginning

You have to sail in the right idea-boat.


2812. Two questions


Ask your heart

How to live.

Ask your soul

Why to live.

These two questions

Only your heart of love

And your soul of light

Can answer most adequately. ```

2813. Our real nature


Our real nature

Is not something we see through

Or others see through.

Our real nature

Is something that God Himself

Plays with, corrects and perfects

For His divine Enjoyment.


2814. Unless and until


Your vital wants security

And your mind wants clarity.

But I am telling you,

Unless and until

Your heart has purity-oneness,

Your mind cannot have clarity

And your vital cannot have security.


2815. A God-revealing faith


The sooner we start taking medicine

To cure our sick mind,

The sooner we shall be able

To cure ourselves.

Lo, the medicine

Is right before us:

A life-saving and God-revealing faith.


2816. Your sleepless faith


Whether you know it or not,

Your sleepless faith is taking you

To the right goal.

Why not follow it cheerfully

And, if possible, unconditionally?


2817. Fly with your soul-bird


Look at your soul-bird

Flying far above the snare of your mind.

Appreciate it, admire it and adore it!

Before long, you will be able to escape

The snare of the mind

And fly with your soul-bird. ```

2818. An unkind mind


If your mind tells you

That it can give you peace,

Then ask your mind

How it is that it has not

Been kind enough to do so

By this time.

You cannot trust an unkind mind.


2819. Permanent sunshine


Looking for favourable conditions

Is like looking for twenty-four hours

Of brilliant sunshine.

Brave the stormy day,

Brave the stormy night!

Then you will not have to look

For permanent sunshine.

The permanent sunshine will itself

Come to you and befriend you.


2820. You have shortened the distance


If you sincerely think and feel

That you have far to go

To reach the Golden Shore,

Then rest assured

That you have already shortened the distance.


2821. What we give


We say that we give one thing,

But we know what we actually give.

We say that we give

A beautiful rose,

But we know that what we give

Is a number of hurtful thorns. ```

2822. The fragrance of oneness-light


When you are right,

Everything around you is right,

Because the beautiful flow

That is inside your heart

Has the capacity to spread

Its fragrance of oneness-light

Around you.


2823. Only two safe places


There are only two safe places.

One is my purity’s


The other is my duty’s



2824. The flower and fruit


The inner fulness

And the outer soulfulness

Are the flower and fruit

Of the same aspiration-realisation-tree. ```

2825. Make the correct choice


Is there any time

When you do not surrender?

You surrender

Either to your mind’s ignorance-night

Or to your heart’s wisdom-light.

I pray to you

To make the correct choice.

That’s all! ```

2826. What is your own


Just try to see correctly

What is your own

And what is not your own.

The doubtful mind

Can never be your own.

The fearful heart

Can never be your own.

The slothful life

Can never be your own.


2827. A big favour


Ask your mind

To do you a big favour.

Let your mind

Give you a sincere attitude.

Ask your heart

To do you a big favour.

Let your heart

Grant you a pure hunger. ```

2828. Today's nectar-meal


How can we enjoy

Today’s nectar-meal

Unless we forgive

Yesterday’s stale food

And forget about

Tomorrow’s imaginary feast? ```

2829. A lamb-slave of man


If you want to become a lion-leader

To roar and manifest God,

Then at this very moment

Turn yourself into a lamb-slave of man,

The evolving God.


2830. We have to make ourselves ready


Either we have to invite

Ignorance-night to dine with us

Or we have to make ourselves ready

So that wisdom-light will send us an invitation. ```

2831. Because my game was a pleasure-life


Because my game was a pleasure-life,

Today I see nothing but pressure

Inside the heart

Of the inner world

And inside the body

Of the outer world. ```

2832. I have learnt many things


In the morning I am happy

To say I don’t know.

In the evening I am happy

To say that I have learnt

Many things during the day.

From Whom?

From the Compassion-Feet

Of my Lord Supreme

And the Forgiveness-Heart

Of my Lord Supreme. ```

2833. A power without equal


To say yes

Is to show power.

To say no

Is to show power.

To say my heart is of God

And my life is for God —

This is also a power,

And this power has no equal. ```

2834. Relief


Say to your doubting mind, “No!”

Say to your loving heart, “Yes!”

You will be relieved

From your nervous tensions. ```

2835. Nobody can dominate you


You always fear

A domineering person.

How is it that you do not fear

Your domineering vital?

Nobody can dominate you

Unless you do not want

To dominate your own life

By constantly making correct decisions. ```

2836. Give up and accept


You want to be accepted.

Then immediately

Give up your frustrated vital,

Give up your sophisticated mind

And accept your liberated heart.


2837. Yes and no


Do not switch from no to yes

Or from yes to no

Like an opportunist.

But to God-Satisfaction

Immediately say, “Yes!”

And to self-satisfaction

Definitely say, “No!”


2838. Say "No" to your doubt-life


Say “No” to your doubt-life.

Immediately a heart of faith

Will knock at your door

And a soul of satisfaction

Will enter your room.


2839. Surrender to your higher life


Surrender to your higher life.

Your lower life will be blessed

With a beautiful Smile from God

And your higher life will be blessed

With a new Message from God.


2840. The higher power


The higher power sees and knows

What is right for you.

The lower power compels you unconsciously,

Even consciously,

To do what is right for it.


2841. A "No" from your heart


One thing you must know:

A “No” from your heart

Is infinitely stronger

Than all the hostile forces in the world. ```

2842. Your friends


People who plead with you for favours

May eventually prove to be great flatterers.

Your friends are only those

Who all the time cheerfully support

Your heart’s aspiration-flames.


2843. A time-wasting idler


Because you are a time-wasting idler,

Your friends are deserting you,

God is ignoring you

And what you yourself are doing

Is nothing but deceiving yourself.


2844. Your heart knows best


Your heart knows better than anyone else

What is best for you.

Protect your heart,

Strengthen your heart

And liberate your heart.

Never allow it to be perfected by others. ```

2845. Do you want to be happy?


Do you want to be happy?

Then do not allow yourself to be caught

By your unaspiring heart,

Your unhappy vital

And your God-ignoring body.


2846. To be a good walker


You just do not know

How to walk properly

Or which way to go steadily.

I tell you, to be a good walker

You have to give up your hesitation-mind,

And to know the right way

You have to give up your frustration-vital.


2847. Adhere always to your firm decision


Adhere always to your firm decision.

Your choice and the opposite choice

Will start fighting for their rights.

You have to feed your choice,

Convince your choice

And enlighten your choice. ```

2848. Do not surrender to exhaustion


Do not surrender to exhaustion.

If you surrender to exhaustion,

Then you will have to surrender to chaos.

Do not surrender to chaos.

If you surrender to chaos,

Then you will have to surrender to barrenness.


2849. Demands


The body demands concern.

The vital demands attention.

The mind demands importance.

The heart demands satisfaction.

And what do I demand?

I demand constantly a perfection-life. ```

2850. Endless talking


You indulge in endless talking

In order to appear wise.

Do you realise what you do to yourself

When you indulge in endless talking?

You just load up troubles

And more troubles

Until you are totally confused and totally lost.

Stop talking, unless you can talk to

God’s Compassion-Eye,


And Illumination-Heart.


2851. My mind is fascinated


My mind is fascinated

By the short-lived power of miracles.

My heart is fascinated

By the soul’s eternally living



2852. Only one competition


Only one competition

I appreciate, admire and adore,

And that competition

Is my daily self-transcendence

In God’s own Way.


2853. He is faultlessly right


He is faultlessly right,

Not because he is exceptionally great,

But because he is supremely good.


2854. The cave of false protection


Because you are afraid

To tell the truth,

You will always be compelled

To live in the cave of false protection. ```

2855. My life of progress


My life of progress

Is the result of

My heart’s little cry


My Lord’s big Smile.


2856. You have almost realised


If you have realised

That you are not aspiring,

That means you have almost realised

That you have the capacity

To aspire regularly and soulfully.


2857. The capacity to deceive


You may not have

The capacity to deceive others,

But you do have

The capacity to deceive yourself,

And you are using that capacity

Either to belittle your soulful heart

Or to extol your doubtful mind

To the skies. ```

2858. In one spacious room


My prayerful life,

My soulful religion

And my fruitful God

Live together in one spacious room,

Satisfactorily and peacefully.


2859. Make haste


Life is very short.

Make haste to have a searching mind.

Life is very short.

Make haste to have an aspiring heart.

Life is very short.

Make haste to have a self-giving life.

Life is very short.

Make haste to sit at the Feet

Of the real God.


2860. When you are ready


When you are ready to tell God

That you have the willingness,

God will say to you:

“Lo, My child, I am here

With My Fruitfulness for you.”


2861. Something special


God gave me something special:


I gave God something special:


Now God wants to give me

His Satisfaction

And I want to give God

My gratitude. ```

2862. Feast and hunger


For a long time

You have not looked around you.

Now that you are looking,

What do you see?

Do you not see that God has brought you

A magnificent feast?

Alas, why then are you not able to bring Him

A weak and fleeting hunger? ```

2863. To make my Lord happy


To make me happy

My Lord gave me a simple mind.

To make me happy

My Lord gave me a kind heart.

To make my Lord happy

Can I not give Him a soulful cry

Once and for all?


2864. You have not forgiven me


You have not forgiven me.

That means you do not love me.

You have not loved me.

That means you do not know yourself. ```

2865. No sincere seeker


No sincere seeker

Can outgrow his aspiration-cry,

For his aspiration-cry

Widens and deepens itself

With his blossoming years.


2866. Thousands of strong reasons


There are thousands of strong reasons

Why you should realise God

And not even one weak reason

Why you should not. ```

2867. To end your unhappiness


You want to end your unhappiness.

I tell you, there is one way

To end your unhappiness,

And that is to end your constant feeling

Of unpleasant unworthiness.


2868. Confidence tells you


False confidence tells you

What you can eventually become.

True confidence tells you

What you eternally are. ```

2869. The face of your future regrets


You will succeed

Infinitely more than you can imagine

If you do not see

Night’s ever-present doubts,

And if you do not want to see

The face of your future regrets. ```

2870. You call it misunderstanding


You call it


He calls it

The wrong flow of energy.

I call it

A stabbing sword. ```

2871. One thing will never frighten you


Many are the things

That can and will frighten you.

But there is one thing

That will never frighten you,

And that is your God’s

Sleepless Love for you. ```

2872. God the Conqueror


Truth the conqueror

Is powerful.

Love the conqueror

Is beautiful.

God the Conqueror

Is eternally powerful

And infinitely beautiful.


2873. Something new you should know


You know that

A concealed frustration

Is the name of your vital.

Something new you should know

Is that a revealed illumination

Can easily replace your constant frustration. ```

2874. Not what you appear to be


You will be happy

Only when you know

That you are not

What you appear to be:

A lifeless cry


A soulless smile.


2875. God's Inspiration-Victory


I know what my mind can become.

My mind can become

God’s Forgiveness-Victory.

I know what my heart can become.

My heart can become

God’s Inspiration-Victory.


2876. Only one way


There are many ways

To see the Face of God,

But there is only one way

To sit at the Feet of God,

And that way is to breathe in constantly

The breath of gratitude. ```

2877. The heart of oneness


Ask your mind to be clever.

What your mind needs is peace,

And this peace it can get

Only from one place:

The heart of oneness,

And nowhere else. ```

2878. Capacity and necessity


If you have the capacity

To develop a pure heart,

Then God will feel the necessity

To grant you a supreme boon:

He will give you His saint-children

To play with. ```

2879. Courage means


Courage does not mean

That you have to overlook

The hungry wolf.

Courage means

A sleepless yearning to overcome

The fear of the hungry wolf.


2880. A divine family


You were not happy

In a human family.

Therefore, you are looking

For a divine family.

Needless to say, this is the only family

Where happiness will always reign supreme.

And the members of this family are

A blossoming faith,

A surrendering life


A God-pleasing heart.


2881. Let your heart-bud bleed


Let your heart-bud bleed.

Lo and behold,

Your life-flower

Is in full blossom. ```

2882. The life-meter clicks


Each moment is a journey

Inside a taxi

Towards a great destination.

The life-meter clicks

Whether we are moving forward

Or moving backward

Or not moving at all.


2883. Radios


The vital and the body

Are like radios.

The vital is the volume.

The body is the station. ```

2884. Only one satisfaction


What we call satisfaction

Either on earth or in Heaven

Is not satisfaction at all.

There is only one satisfaction,

And that satisfaction is

Our life-recovery in God-discovery. ```

2885. The uncomely things


Avoid the uncomely things

That are around you,

But never avoid the uncomely things

That are inside you.

Every day you have to

Empty your mind-vessel

Of all uncomely thoughts,

And replace them with comely thoughts. ```

2886. Escaping the confusion


You want to escape the confusion

That you see before you.

I tell you, you will never be able

To escape the outer confusion

Unless and until

You have escaped the inner confusion.

And the inner confusion

Is your continuous doubt-indulgence. ```

2887. The mistakes in your life


You see the mistakes in your life,

But you are not brave enough

To tell the world that these mistakes

Are all your own.

Unless and until you dare to claim them

As your own, very own,

God the Perfection is not going to claim you

As His Eternity’s own, very own. ```

2888. We pretend to know


We pretend to know man.

We even pretend to know God.

As long as we pretend to know

But do not know something in reality,

God’s Compassion-Eye

And even His Forgiveness-Heart

Will remain a far cry.


2889. Clever evasions


When we start making genuine progress

In our spiritual life,

We come to realise that our previous actions

Were not actual starts

But just clever evasions.


2890. Discouragement


The foolish seeker thinks

That discouragement marks the end

Of his journey.

The wise seeker feels and knows

That discouragement strengthens his heart

To love God the Supreme Lover

Infinitely more.


2891. The more you try to convince yourself


The more you try to convince yourself

That you are perfect,

The farther you will be compelled to go

To see the Perfection-Smile

Of God the Perfection.


2892. Challenge your frustration-vital


Challenge your frustration-vital.

Challenge your depression-mind.

Lo, you have all at once

Become a perfection-heart. ```

2893. Your false imagination


Who says that you have to renounce

Many things in your life?

You have to renounce only one thing:

Your false imagination,

The imagination that tells you

God does not love you

And care for you sleeplessly

And the imagination that tells you

You can never grow into

Another God. ```

2894. God's Nectar-Smile


You cannot radiate

What you have seen.

You cannot radiate

What you have known.

You cannot radiate

What you have felt.

You can radiate

Only what God has granted you.

What has He granted you?

His Nectar-Smile of the Beyond. ```

2895. You have come to learn


From your self-observation

You have come to learn

That you and your mind

Are surprisingly imperfect.

From your self-knowledge

You have come to learn

That you and your soul

Are astonishingly, plus constantly, perfect. ```

2896. God's Promise to you


You do not appreciate it

When someone compels you

To break your promise.

Then why do you compel God

To break His Promise?

His Promise to you and your soul

Is that He will give you what He is

Only when you give Him what you have.

What He is,

Is Satisfaction.

What you have

Is aspiration.

Delay not in giving Him

Your possession,

Since He has been waiting

At your heart’s door

For such a long time

With His Possession. ```

2897. If he is your true friend


If he is your true friend,

Then his mind will not help you

Fulfil your false needs

And his heart will not help you

Feed your ego-hunger.


2898. A satisfaction-light


A satisfaction-light can never wage war

Against another satisfaction-light.

It is a dissatisfaction-night

That is always apt to wage war

Against another dissatisfaction-night.


2899. Once you start believing your soul


Once you start believing your soul

When it tells you what you look like

In the inner world,

Then you will immediately come to know

What God thinks of you

In the outer world:

Exactly the same.


2900. God will do the needful


If you cannot change your life

The way God wants you to,

Then can you not be wise

And plead with God to change your life?

God’s Eyes are large,

His Ears are larger

And His Heart is larger than the largest.

He will definitely and unconditionally

Do the needful.


Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the twenty-ninth volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

During a spiritual holiday with his students in Mexico, Sri Chinmoy met with Mexican President Lopez Portillo at the presidential residence, Los Pinos, on 22 December 1981. The Sri Chinmoy singers performed a song about Mexico which Sri Chinmoy had composed in Lopez Portillo’s honour. The President said he was “very thrilled to see the name of my country converted into melody and rhythm.” Later he told Sri Chinmoy, “I hope the example that you offer expands through the world.”

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 29, Agni Press, 1982
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