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Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 39

3801. True freedom will come

True freedom will come,

But where will it come from?

Not from the height

Of my mind-tower,

But from the bliss

Of God’s unconditional


3802. The secret of your inner progress

I shall not give you

What I really want to give you —

My great advice —

If you tell me

What you really do not want to tell me —

The secret of your inner progress.

3803. God is within me

God is within me.

Therefore, I am precious.

God is for me.

Therefore, I am courageous.

3804. Give cheerfully

Give cheerfully

If you want to become

Immediately perfect.

Love soulfully

If you want to be

Supremely perfect.

3805. You will really be happy

You will really be happy

By questioning every day

The sincerity of your own purity.

3806. You are an ideal-sea

You are not a thought-bubble.

You are not an idea-ripple.

What are you then?

You are an ideal-sea,

The sea of yesterday’s

And tomorrow’s peace.

3807. God will deny you

Be not afraid of inner obedience

And outer obedience.

If you are afraid

Of inner obedience,

God will deny you

His Satisfaction-Heart.

If you are afraid

Of outer obedience,

God will deny you

His Protection-Feet.

3808. The immortality of peace

If you can appreciate

The beauty of peace,

Then God will grant you

Not only the divinity of peace

But also the immortality of peace.

3809. A great barrier

Every way you turn

You see a great barrier.

Why, why?

Because you are not willing

Consciously and soulfully

To become the oneness-carrier

Of God’s Love-Light.

3810. A soulfully surrendered heart

A soulfully surrendered heart

Actually knows

What a haughtily narrow mind

Pretends to know.

3811. Anything useless

On earth

Is there anything useless

That does not tell us

It is absolutely needed

And also add

That its absence

Can and will shatter

Our earthly happiness?

3812. Self-deception must give way

Self-deception must give way

To self-examination.

Self-examination must merge

In self-perfection

And stay forever.

3813. Inner neighbours

A seeker must know

That he has to make friends

With his immediate neighbours

In the inner world:

A calmness-sky


A fulness-sun.

3814. When I think and think

When I continuously think and think,

God gives me the surges

Of His quantity-advice.

When I sleeplessly pray and pray,

God grants me the Himalayan peak

Of His quality-advice.

3815. Faith will change his future


Changed his past

Slowly and steadily.


Is changing his present

Powerfully and convincingly.


Will change his future

Amazingly and permanently.

3816. You entirely belong to God

You have to know

To whom you belong.

When you stand in front of

A multitude of people,

You must feel

That you belong to yourself.

But when you stand in front of God,

You must immediately feel

That you entirely belong to God.

3817. You do your duty

You do your duty:

Discard your wrong thoughts.

God will do His Duty:

He will reward you

With His Infinity’s Vision-Dawn.

3818. An awakened soul

An awakened soul can easily halt

An express train of problems and crises.


What you desperately and immediately need

Is an awakened soul.

3819. Renunciation-light helps you

Renunciation-light helps you

In your inner awakening.

Your inner awakening helps you

In your God-becoming.

3820. You are fully ready

If you think that

Life has a higher purpose,

Then you are fully ready

For the spiritual life.

3821. The absolute Fulness of God

Look forward until you see

The full Vastness of God.

Dive inward until you have grown into

The absolute Fulness of God.

3822. A spiritual person liberates me

A strong person encourages me.

A weak person discourages me.

A spiritual person liberates me.

3823. To run to the unknown

To run from the known

To the unknown

Is to run from bondage

To freedom.

3824. What is right for my heart

What is really right

For my aspiring heart

Cannot be wrong

For my searching mind.

3825. Discard this false notion!

Who told you

That you are obliged

To think ill of yourself?

Discard this false notion!

3826. You have done my job

If you praise yourself so highly,

Then I am happy to tell you

That you have already done my job.

Thank you.

3827. Tired of forgiving

When are you going to be

Tired of forgiving

Your doubtful mind


Your fearful heart,


3828. A fruitful God-Satisfaction

Confession is the beginning

Of a powerful illumination.

Illumination is the beginning

Of a fruitful God-Satisfaction.

3829. His bountiful and gracious Heart

If you lead

A faithful and spontaneous life,

God is bound to grant you

His bountiful and gracious Heart.

3830. God gets the opportunity

God gets the opportunity

To enjoy Himself

When I carefully and strictly

Examine myself.

3831. The perennial Truth

Unless you know

What the perennial Truth is,

How can you know

Those who are the permanent embodiments

Of that transcendental Existence-Reality?

3832. When I say I belong to God

When I say that I belong to myself,

I know nothing,

I am a stark fool.

When I say that I belong to God,

Not only do I know myself,

But I also know that

God is my heart’s Oneness-Partner.

3833. God's Ecstasy-Heart

If you can show God

Your hard-earned liberated mind,

God will show you

His Infinity’s Ecstasy-Heart.

He will also tell you

That you can have His Heart

For the asking.

3834. The Light of the Beyond


Does not want to see

The Light of the Beyond.


Longs to see

The Light of the Beyond.


Has a free access to

The Light of the Beyond.

3835. My surrender-life tells me

My desire-life tells me

That God has no time

To think of me.

My aspiration-life tells me

That God thinks of me

Only when I think of Him.

My surrender-life tells me

That God thinks of me all the time,

Whether I think of Him or not.

3836. Intuition knows

Stupidity thinks that

Intelligence is not needed.

Intelligence thinks that

Intuition is not needed.

Intuition knows that

Stupidity is a self-destroying force

And intelligence is earth’s

Success-employing force.

3837. Just feel that I am yours

The schoolteacher tells his students:

Read, you will know.

The spiritual Teacher tells his students:

Become, you will know.

God tells His eternal students:

Just feel that I am yours.

What more do you need to know?

3838. If you are doing something wrong

If you are doing something wrong,

Then do not hide it from others.

They can perfect you.

If you are doing something right,

Then hide it not only from others,

But also from yourself.

Both God and man will love you more.

3839. A big nectar-feast

When sound challenges silence

And badly loses,

And then silence embraces sound,

God arranges for a big nectar-feast.

3840. The pride of ignorance

Frustration discarded,

Determination awarded,

The pride of ignorance completely thwarted.

3841. A self-transcending beginning

Each right thought

Is a new awakening.

Each new awakening

Is a self-transcending beginning of God

In me, through me and for me.

3842. Develop a new heart

Do you want to win

In the battlefield of life?

Then do not run away,

Do not idle away.

Only develop a new heart

And stay inside it,

Forever stay.

3843. I need God badly

I tell God,

“My Lord, I need You badly

To enlighten my mind.”

God tells me,

“My child, I also need you badly

To entertain My Heart.”

3844. What you are

You are not

What others think of you.

You are not

What you think of yourself.

You are precisely

What God’s Compassion-Heart

Asks you to be.

3845. An eternal Breath

Your reputation does not

Have a lasting breath.

But your self-examination,

Which is another name for God-Satisfaction,

Has and is an eternal Breath.

3846. To see the Face of God

If you want to see

The Face of God,

Then you must at least

Spend some hours every day

With His chosen instrument:

Your heart.

3847. Be aware of your thought-life!

What you give to the world

May not come back,

But what you think of the world

Will not only come back

But may even attack you ruthlessly.

Therefore, be aware of your thought-life!

3848. To know more

To know more,

You do not have to do more,

You do not have to say more,

You do not even have to become more.

You only have to try to think and feel

That God thinks of you infinitely more

Than you can think of yourself.

3849. In the beginning

In the beginning

You are not asked

To be perfect.

In the beginning

You are asked

Only to see how much damage is caused

By your teeming imperfections.

3850. The answer

Depression is not the answer.

Suppression is not the answer.

Rejection is not the answer.

Illumination is the inner answer;

Transformation is the outer answer.

3851. The source of all strength

A false friend is he

Who increases my weakness.

A true friend is he

Who not only increases my strength

But also helps me love consciously

The Source of all strength: God.

3852. A grateful seeker

A sincere seeker

Is a prince in the inner world.

A pure seeker

Is a king in the inner world.

A grateful seeker

Is an emperor in the inner world.

3853. Three most significant things

God has done

Three most significant things for me:

He has prepared my heart,

He has repaired my mind,

He has appeared unsought.

3854. How can God care for you?

How can and why should

God care for you

If you do not dare,

Even for a fleeting second,

To close the door on your past

And all its dust?

3855. An unusual compromise

His own heart

Stood vehemently against him

When the seeker made an unusual compromise

With ignorance-night.

3856. I shall not give up

My mind thinks

That it does not have to hurry up

For anything.

My heart feels

That it does not have to wake up now,

For Eternity is at its disposal.

Alas, alas!

But I am telling myself

That I shall not give up.

3857. Your utter ruin

Just because you are burdened,

You are confused.

Just because you are confused,

Your utter ruin is fast approaching.

3858. The way to change your mind

The one way

To change your mind amazingly

Is to convince your mind

That your heart has nothing to do

With autocracy.

It embodies only Eternity’s oneness-life.

3859. The transformation of man's nature

The transformation of man’s nature

Is not an easy task.

Everybody knows that.

But is it not true

That there are many who really enjoy

Their animal nature?

3860. Why are you so hesitant?

Why are you so hesitant?

Ask your vital

To be immediately pure.

Ask your heart

To be always sure.

3861. Love alone will rule

Love alone can and will

Eventually rule

The undisciplined vital


The unprincipled mind.

3862. God will open his Heart

Slowly and steadily

If you can still your restless mind,

Immediately and cheerfully

God will open His measureless Heart.

3863. The key of love

The key of love

Not only opens the door of belief


But also closes the door of disbelief


3864. Do you not see?

Do you not see

That sick human thoughts

Are killing you?

Do you not see

That strong divine thoughts

Are eagerly waiting

To save you?

3865. Your life cannot be rootless

If you are enjoying

Your service to Eternity,

Your life cannot be rootless

And your heart cannot be sunless.

3866. Conquer your idle thoughts

Conquer your idle thoughts

If you want to become familiar

With the secrets of golden silence.

3867. A perfect treasure


Is a great treasure.


Is a perfect treasure.

3868. Your life will be blighted

If your mind

Is blinded by shameless pride,

Then your life

Will be blighted by deathless humiliation.

3869. He who does not love life

He who does not love life,

To him life is a taut

And rigid grasp.

He who loves life,

To him life is a beautiful

And powerful clasp.

3870. Humility

Humility is not a slave mentality.

Humility helps you rocket

To the highest heights

Of Satisfaction-Delight.

3871. I am pleased only with my soul

I am not pleased with my mind

Because it speaks to God too much.

Unthinkably, it embarrasses me.

I am not pleased with my heart either,

Because it speaks to God too little.

It unwisely represents me.

I am pleased only with my soul

For it speaks to God

Not only soulfully but also judiciously,

And it does not use

Either one word more

Or one word less than necessary

When it converses with God.

3872. A true and sleepless love of God

If you have a true and sleepless

Love of God,

Then nobody will be able to snatch you away

From the Embrace of God.

3873. God the Justice

If I have to make a choice between

God the Forgiveness


God the Justice,

I shall choose God the Justice,

For the Thunder-Feet of God the Justice

Will be followed by the Illumination-Eye

Of God the Perfection-Bestower,

Whereas God the Compassion will forgive me

Time and again,

And yet I shall remain an ignorance-prince.

3874. A God-lover knows

A God-seeker thinks

That he can be free.

A God-server feels

That he will be free.

A God-lover knows

That he is free.

3875. Patience was the beginning


Patience was the beginning

Of my perfection.


Patience is the flowering

Of my satisfaction.

3876. I must go beyond thought

I must go beyond thought

If I at all dare to expect

That my mind’s confusion-storm

Will someday pass.

I must needs go beyond thought!

3877. Obey the small whispers of peace

Obey the small whispers of peace

In your inner life.

You are bound to be happy.

Disobey the thunder-sounds of war

In your outer life.

You are bound to be happy.

3878. Ignorance binds us

Ignorance binds us to

The things that we do not own.

Knowledge helps us disown

The things that we do not need.

3879. God Himself has chosen

How can any seeker be helpless,

Hopeless and useless

When God Himself has chosen

To play with him

Tirelessly and sleeplessly?

3880. Your vital ease

Be careful!

Your vital ease

Will, without fail,

Corrode your peace-loving heart.

3881. If your heart-flower is withered

If your heart-flower is withered,

Blame not God,

Blame not even yourself.

Just pray to God

To grant you another opportunity.

Just ask yourself

Not to miss the opportunity

This time.

If you do not miss the opportunity this time,

Yours will be a fresh heart-flower

For God the Compassion to use

In His own Satisfaction-Way.

3882. Two unanswered questions

My sincere life is troubled

By two unanswered questions:

How can I tell humanity

That I have never cared

And I will never care for it?

How can I tell God

A downright lie —

That I have loved Him only

And I will always love Him only?

3883. What does Heaven like?

What does Heaven like?

Heaven likes its heart

To be gracious.

What does earth like?

Earth likes its life

To be adventurous.

What do I like?

I like my soul’s Heavenward return journey

To be auspicious.

3884. The things I feel

To me, the things I see

With my human eyes

Can never be as important

As the things I feel

With my soulful heart.

3885. I thank You for two reasons

My Lord, I thank You

For two reasons:

I thank You for listening

To my heart’s quest,

I thank You for not listening

To my mind’s query.

3886. A small measure

A small measure of sincerity

Is nothing short of

A large measure of beauty.

A small measure of beauty

Is nothing short of

A large measure of humility.

A small measure of humility

Is nothing short of

A large measure of purity.

3887. Your happiness will be multiplied

Instead of telling the world

What it is supposed to do,

Why don’t you immediately do it yourself?

In this way, I assure you,

Your happiness will be

Surprisingly multiplied.

3888. After you have revealed

After you have revealed your heart’s security

To its fullest extent,

You may try to do something else,

And that is to conceal your mind’s insecurity.

3889. If you have a prayerful heart

If you have a doubtful mind,

Then give it to God

For its illumination.

If you have a prayerful heart,

Then give it to me

For my perfection.

3890. His heart knows

His mind knows what a conflict is.

His vital knows what a complaint is.

His heart knows where a solution is:

In love.

3891. The wall of cheerfulness

Remain cheerful,

For nothing destructive can pierce through

The adamantine wall of cheerfulness.

3892. You are most precious to God

Your life is remarkably harmonious.

Therefore, you are most precious to God

And most prosperous

In God’s Heart-Kingdom.

3893. Faith is fruitful

Hope is beautiful,

But may not be powerful.

Determination is powerful,

But may not be fruitful.

Faith is not only

Beautiful and powerful

But also fruitful.

3894. A new and perfect boss

Your unconditional love of God

Does two things:

It transforms your mind

And it informs ignorance

That at long last

It has found a new and perfect boss:


3895. Years from now

Years from now

You will be completely happy and satisfied

That you entered into the Golden Boat

To journey to the Golden Shore.

Just remain seated where you are.

3896. Truth really loves us

Truth really loves us.

Therefore, there is no need to hesitate

When we tell others about Truth.

3897. Silence speaks for you

Doubt does not shout for you.

It shouts only for itself.

Silence speaks not for itself,

But for you

All the time.

3898. An added delay

Each wrong thought

Is an added hurdle.

Each new hurdle

Is an added delay.

3899. A true sense of satisfaction

Two thoughts give me

A true sense of satisfaction:

God does not want to leave me alone;

I shall love my only Saviour — God.

3900. My mind needed greatness

My mind needed greatness.

God has granted it.

My heart needed wideness.

God has granted it.

My life needed oneness.

God has granted it.

What else do I need?

I need only one thing more,

And that is God’s Satisfaction

In and through me

In God’s own inimitable Way.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the thirty-ninth volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

On 11 September 1978 in New York, Sri Chinmoy met with Ambassador Elliot Richardson, U.S. Representative to the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea. The two discussed their work at the United Nations and Sri Chinmoy presented the Ambassador with one of his original paintings. After their meeting, Ambassador Richardson sent Sri Chinmoy a copy of his book, The Creative Balance, inscribed with these words: “To Sri Chinmoy, Artist, Musician, Thinker, Articulator of ideas, Communicator of insights, with the sincere admiration, respect and gratitude of a fellow labourer in the vineyard of peace.”

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 39, Agni Press, 1982
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