Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 41

4001. Every time I run away from You


Every time I run away from You

And come back,

I see Your Eyes

More illumining than before

And I feel Your Heart

More forgiving than before. ```

4002. An amazing miracle


A longing and climbing desire

Is nothing short of an amazing miracle.

Try, you too can perform it easily.


4003. You can save yourself


If you know how

To love yourself divinely,

Then you will be able to save yourself

From being loved by others undivinely. ```

4004. Fear ends in self-defence


Fear ends in self-defence.

Self-defence ends in life-division.

Life-division ends in satisfaction-destruction.


4005. To escape the mind-jungle


If your heart really wants

To escape the mind-jungle,

Then your life must prove

To be a perfect stranger

To destroying and disheartening blunders.


4006. Ask your body to wake up


Your body is sleeping.

Ask your body to wake up.

Your vital is shouting.

Ask your vital to shut up.

Your mind is delaying.

Ask your mind to hurry up.

Your heart is disobeying.

Ask your heart to shape up.

Your soul is brooding.

Ask your soul to cheer up.

Your goal is hiding.

Ask your goal to show up. ```

4007. I have time to think


When do I have time to think

Of those who block my path

To Self-realisation?

I have time only to think

Of God

Inside my prayerful heart

And of myself

Inside God’s bountiful Smile. ```

4008. God's Compassion-Waves


God’s Compassion-Waves

Have given me God’s universal Life.

God’s Forgiveness-Sea

Has given me God’s transcendental Life. ```

4009. The choice


Either you can treasure

Your life of self-importance

Or you can become part and parcel

Of God’s Life omnipresent. ```

4010. Your mind gets an ego-thrill


Your mind gets an ego-thrill

From victory-competition.

Your heart gets a oneness-thrill

From dedication-distribution. ```

4011. Cry for another reason


You think of yourself;

Therefore, you cry.

You love yourself;

Therefore, you cry.

You need yourself;

Therefore, you cry.

Can you not cry for another reason

Only once?

Can you not cry to liberate

Your crying life from your binding mind

And strangling vital?


4012. Respect the world


If you want the world to respect you,

Then respect the world in advance,

And never hurl the suspicion-lance

At the world. ```

4013. Do you not remember?


Do you not remember

That only the other day

You loved God unconditionally?

Do you not remember

That only the other day

You claimed God as your own, very own?


4014. Why do you blame God?


You wanted to direct your life.

You have done it.

Now why do you blame God?

How can you blame someone

Who is completely innocent?


4015. Soulfully you love God


Soulfully you love God.

Therefore, you are richly rewarded.

Unconditionally you serve God.

Therefore, your achievements are amazing. ```

4016. Teach what you are being taught


Teach what you are being taught


A forgiveness-song

Inside the richest Heart

Of your Beloved Supreme.


4017. A pure thought liberates you


As an alarm clock

Awakens you from sleep,

Even so, a pure thought

Liberates you from your undivine mind. ```

4018. Your mind can expose you


You have a full mind.

Be careful!

Your mind can easily expose you

And prove to the world

That you are by far

The worst fool. ```

4019. If you want to change your life


If you want to change your life,

Then do not waste your time

Going here and there.

Go to the right person:

Your illumining soul.


4020. The only way to arrive


A merciless self-annihilation

Is not the way to reach

God’s Door.

A breathless self-contentment

Is the only way to arrive

At God’s Apartment. ```

4021. Go to the garden of love-light


The physical mind

Not only has the barrier

But also is the barrier itself.

If you want to surmount the physical mind,

Then go to the beautiful garden

Of love-light inside your heart. ```

4022. Give up your lethargy


Life is precious.

Time is precious.

You want your life to flower.

You want your time to succeed and proceed.

Such being the case,

Hurry up, hurry up!

Give up your lethargy-loaded day

And your lethargy-loaded night. ```

4023. Deep inside my jungle-life


Deep inside my jungle-life

I have misplaced my sincere mind

And my pure heart.

Definitely I have not lost them.

Unmistakably I shall find them.

And then forever

I shall keep them safe.


4024. Without the beauty of a dream-boat


Without the beauty of a dream-boat

How far can you go?

Without the divinity of a reality-shore

How can you care to succeed? ```

4025. When you are insecure


If and when you are insecure,

Remember one thing:

Insecurity is more dangerous

Than slow poison. ```

4026. Take a new look at yourself


Take a new look at yourself.

Frustration-night and destruction-volcano

Are no longer torturing

Your beautiful face. ```

4027. Four most fulfilling neighbours


Four most fulfilling neighbours:

An inspiring mind,

An encouraging life,

A sacrificing heart

And a God-spreading soul.


4028. To please the seeker-heart in you


If you think that your life

Cannot be reformed,

Then pray to God to grant you

A new aspiration-life.

This will undoubtedly please

The seeker-heart in you. ```

4029. Everything ultimately helps


Since life is but a continuous

Series of experiences,

Everything ultimately helps me

Towards my final enlightenment. ```

4030. The brave doer


My Lord,

Why do I have to be

The loser all the time?

“My child,

If you do not want to be at times the sad loser,

Then how can you ever be the brave doer?” ```

4031. Do not give up!


Do not give up, do not give up!

If you give up the spiritual life,

You will not be able to see

The face of perfection,

You will not be able to feel

The heart of satisfaction,

You will not be able to know

The soul of realisation.

Finally, you will wonder

Why you ever came into the world. ```

4032. Every day my heart turns


Every day my mind turns

Towards the miracle-working God.

Every day my heart turns

Towards the life-illumining God. ```

4033. A hope-building motto


My life has a hope-building motto:

At the end of my journey’s close,

I shall not only see God’s Vision-Eye

But also sit at the Feet

Of my Beloved Supreme.


4034. Each experience of love


Each experience of love

Helps us experience more

Of aspiration-cry and liberation-smile.


4035. If you give lovingly


If you give lovingly,

Your heart will become the owner

Of an aspiration-flight.

If you give grudgingly,

Your mind will become the possessor

Of a frustration-sigh.


4036. I call it opportunity


You call it difficulty

And I call it opportunity.

You call it opportunity

And I call it a sunlit way

To succeed in life.


4037. Each experience


Each experience is a beautiful incident

Inside my heart.

Each experience is a powerful reality

Inside my soul. ```

4038. When I do something great


When I do something great,

I tell my Lord that it is I

Who have done it.

When somebody else does something great,

I tell my Lord that it is He

Who has done it for us. ```

4039. I am looking for a miracle


I am looking for a miracle

Inside my inquisitive mind.

I am looking for a spontaneous reality-flame

Inside my self-giving soul. ```

4040. What we have given


I am looking

At what I have given my Lord Supreme:

A gratitude-flower.

My Lord Supreme is looking

At what He has given me:

His Forgiveness-Tower.


4041. The answer I like most


Who am I?

This is a question

That has countless answers,

But the answer I like most is this:

As long as my Lord Supreme

Knows who I am,

I myself do not have to know.


4042. Your heart can change


Your mind will not change,

But your heart can and will.

Therefore, ask your heart

Not to dine with ignorance-night,

Even on rare occasions.


4043. You aspire and strive


You aspire and strive.

Finally your life grows into self-mastery.

You dedicate and surrender.

Finally your heart grows into God-discovery. ```

4044. Self-glory and God-discovery


The head of self-glory

And the foot of God-discovery

Can never be seen together

Anywhere in this vast world. ```

4045. The undivine in me


The divine in me never tells me

That something is undivine.

It is the undivine in me that tells me

That everything on earth is undivine. ```

4046. Wisdom-light is eagerly waiting


You may not believe me,

But I must tell you the truth.

Although you dearly love ignorance-night,

Wisdom-light is eagerly waiting

For you to accept its love.

Will you not change your ways

Even for a fleeting day?


4047. More to follow


My Lord,

Can You give me a promise?

“My child,

I shall not only give you a promise,

But also a sure heart.

And there is more to follow.” ```

4048. The clever invitation


The clever invitation

Of your doubting mind

Is another name for its callous

And immediate ruthlessness. ```

4049. I am totally obliged


Yesterday I thought

That my mind was partially obliged

To save me.

Today I feel

That I am totally obliged

To save my mind.


4050. Your prayerful sincerity


Your prayerful sincerity is the beginning

Of your perfection.

Your soulful purity is the beginning

Of your satisfaction. ```

4051. How Do You Dare?


You fool,

You cannot change the feeble will

Of your little mind.

How do you dare try to change

The omnipotent Will of the Absolute?


4052. I Shall Obey You Unconditionally


My Lord,

I shall obey You unconditionally

Provided You tell me

That I am Your best student.

“My child,

I shall tell the world

You are My best student

Provided I am your only Teacher

And you completely give up your other teacher:

Ignorance.” ```

4053. I Am So Pleased


I am so pleased

With my mind and my heart.

My mind is now sick

Of the truth-twisting game

And my heart is now sick

Of the God-forgetting game. ```

4054. You Have The Capacity


You tell me you have the capacity

To accept truth implicitly.

May I add something?

You have also the capacity

To reject falsehood permanently.


4055. To Conquer Self-Deception


To be conscious of and conquer


Is almost as difficult

As climbing the Himalayan heights. ```

4056. What Can You Expect?


What can you expect

From your idle body

That thinks it is very active?

What can you expect

From your ugly vital

That thinks it is very beautiful?

What can you expect

From your impure mind

That thinks it is very pure?

What can you expect

From your insecure heart

That thinks it is very secure? ```

4057. The Job You Alone Can Do


Do not belittle your aspiration-cry.

That is the job others are dying to do.

Love yourself more divinely.

This is the job you alone can

And you alone must do.


4058. Just Try To Regain


Do not complain.

Do not disdain.

Just try to regain

Your lost wealth: satisfaction. ```

4059. Most Intimate Friends


My sincerity has a most intimate friend:


My purity has a most intimate friend:

Bliss. ```

4060. I Am All Admiration For You


I am all admiration for you.

You have a loving heart.

You have a generous mind.

You have a helping vital.

You have a serving body.

You also have God on your side

For everything.


4061. Alas, I Am Not Ready


My Lord is ready

With His Heart

To give.

Alas, I am not ready

With my mind

To receive. ```

4062. A Self-Giving, Dauntless Soul


A self-giving, dauntless soul

Is entrusted with God’s Role

By God the transcendental Pride.


4063. Lovingly Try To Give God


Lovingly try to give God

What you unconsciously cherish most:

Your helpless timidity-heart.


4064. If You Want To Sing


If you want to sing for God,

Then turn yourself into

A perfect God-server.

If you want to sing with God,

Then turn yourself into

An unconditional God-lover.


4065. To Pierce The Veil Of Ignorance


To pierce the veil of ignorance-night,

Either bring to the fore

The arrows of your soul-power

Or cheerfully pray, prayerfully meditate

And silently wait for God’s choice Hour.


4066. If You Wish To Succeed In Life


If you wish to succeed in life,

Ask your doubtless mind for help.

If you wish to proceed in life,

Ask your spotless heart for help. ```

4067. If You Have Nothing To Do


If you have nothing to do,

Then you can talk to beauty’s smile

In the morning

And talk to purity’s cry

In the evening.


4068. No Appreciable Difference


There is no appreciable difference

Between ability not used

And ability not possessed.


4069. He Who Loves Your Heart


He who misunderstands your mind

Is a deplorable man.

He who loves your heart

Is a profitable man. ```

4070. Doomed To Carry


Man does not live for Eternity,

But he is doomed to carry

Not only Eternity’s but also Infinity’s

Anxiety-load. ```

4071. His Soulful Prayer To God


His soulful prayer to God

Is to turn him into a tree

So that he can have a fresh and new life

Every year

To replace his old and dead existence.


4072. Hide-And-Seek


My heart’s inferior cry

And my soul’s superior smile

Quite often play hide-and-seek.


4073. A Wise Man Loves Himself


A stupid man

Does not know how to insult himself.

An intelligent man

Insults himself before he corrects himself.

A wise man

Loves himself soulfully

Before he perfects himself unreservedly.


4074. His Heart Is Praying To God


His heart is doing

What it is supposed to do:

His heart is praying to God.

But his mind is not doing

What it is supposed to do:

His mind is not slaying ignorance. ```

4075. Automatically They Will Gain


If your mind and heart are one,

Then they must not try to gain

From each other.

They should only try to be good

To each other.

Then automatically they will gain. ```

4076. God The Teacher


God the Teacher

Instructs me in the morning.

God the Father

Blesses me in the evening. ```

4077. If You Have A Good Desire


If you have a good desire,

Earth will cry with you first,

And then Heaven will not only smile at you

But also teach you how to smile. ```

4078. My Sufferings


May my sufferings

Make the world humble.

May the sufferings of the world

Make my life perfect. ```

4079. He Commands


He commands his mind

To stand up and cry helplessly.

He commands his heart

To sit down and smile sleeplessly. ```

4080. I Shall Respect My Lord


I shall reject my vital in public.

I shall accept my heart in public.

I shall contact my soul in public.

But I shall respect my Lord

Not only in public but also in private.


4081. If You Can Love God


If you can love God unconditionally,

Then only will your life-boat ply

Between the enlightenment-shore

Of your mind

And the contentment-shore

Of your heart. ```

4082. The Inner World Needs Him


The outer world loves him cautiously.

Therefore, he does not care for

The outer world.

The inner world needs him desperately.

Therefore, he unreservedly accepts

The inner world. ```

4083. Do Empty My Mind Completely


My Lord,

Let us not do the same thing

When we need each other.

When I need You,

I shall knock at Your Heart’s Door.

When You need me,

Do empty my mind completely.


4084. Do Not Be Afraid


Do not be afraid

Of speaking powerfully.

Do not be afraid

Of progressing slowly.

Be only afraid

Of remaining on earth motionlessly. ```

4085. When I Am In The Psychic Plane


When I am in the mental plane,

I dauntlessly do

What I am forbidden to do:

I live in perfect faith.

When I am in the psychic plane,

I soulfully do

What I am permitted to do:

I sit at my Lord’s Feet

And drink deep His Heart’s Nectar-Delight.


4086. God's Forgiveness-Height


I do not know

Where God’s Justice-Light is.

But I do know

That His Forgiveness-Height

Is only an inch above

My heart’s soulful cry. ```

4087. An Unsoiled And Sacred Heart


The absolute sincerity

Of a fruitful prayer

Is born in an unsoiled

And sacred heart. ```

4088. Each Morning Meditation


My clever mind thinks

That each morning prayer

Can be most profitable.

My aspiring heart knows

That each morning meditation

Can be most lovable.


4089. Your Mind Does Not Want To Know


Your mind does not want to know

How many times it has failed.

Your heart knows that it has succeeded

Countless times

Only because God acts in and through it.


4090. Give And Receive


Do you want to give?

Then ask your heart to have patience.

Do you want to receive?

Then ask your mind to have patience. ```

4091. Your Soulful Patience


Your soulful patience

Is the first rung

Of your fruitful peace-ladder.


4092. Patience Is The Purity Of Hope


Patience is the unmarred purity

Of hope

And the undamaged beauty

Of achievement. ```

4093. Patience Lives At The Root


Patience lives at the root

Of my Lord’s Compassion-Descent

And my own perfection-ascent.


4094. As Rich And Happy


Nothing can make me as rich and happy

Both inwardly and outwardly

As patience.


4095. Patience Is The Soul-Power


Patience is the soul-power


Patience is the heart-tower

Revealed. ```

4096. The Fragrance Of His Life-Flower


With the fragrance of his heart-flower,

He devotedly sat inside the Heart

Of God the universal Beauty.

With the fragrance of his life-flower,

He prayerfully sat at the Feet

Of God the transcendental Power.


4097. My Mind Is Heavy


My mind is heavy

When it is full of desires.

My heart is heavy

When it is empty of aspiration-flames. ```

4098. God Denied Me


God denied me

A tiny desire-leaf,

Only to grant me

A huge and fruitful fulfilment-tree. ```

4099. Do Give Me The Courage


My sweet Lord,

Do give me the courage

To confront vehemently

My suspicious mind


My ferocious vital.

My sweet Lord,

Do give me the courage

To comfort soulfully

My aching soul


My bleeding heart. ```

4100. How Far Can It Take Me?


My Lord,

My love of the world is unconditional,

But how far can it take me?

“My child,

It can easily take you all the way.”


Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the forty-first volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

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His Excellency Mr Salim Ahmed Salim, President of the United Nations General Assembly, receives a special award on 10 December 1979 at a programme commemorating Human Rights Day. Salim, who had worked tirelessly to free the United States hostages in Iran, said, “I must confess that I am extremely moved by this award and the thoughtfulness behind it.”

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 41, Agni Press, 1982
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