Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 54

5301. With equal cheerfulness


My joy shall know no bounds

If God shows me His Compassion-Eye

At this very moment.

But if He wants to show me

His Compassion-Eye

In the very distant future,

With equal cheerfulness

I can and I shall wait. ```

5302. Time's telescope


If you want to own

Time’s telescope

To see the head of the past

And the heart of the future,

Then become inseparably one

With the waves of your heart’s



5303. This same life


Life is tension,

Life is apprehension.

Yet this same life

In the distant future

Will embody God’s Manifestation-Light

And God’s Satisfaction-Delight. ```

5304. What you actually need


What you want

Is an attention-drum.

What you actually need

Is a transformation-flute. ```

5305. Wait for God


If you do not know the truth,

Then wait; wait for the right time.

God will come to you

And smile at your preparation-hour.

If you know the truth,

Then also wait; wait for God

To descend upon you

With His Satisfaction-Shower. ```

5306. The heart is beautiful


The heart is beautiful

Because it breathes in


The soul is fruitful

Because it breathes in



5307. A very difficult subject


My Lord, since spirituality

Is a very difficult subject,

May I start studying it

With a minute-life of surrender


A second-life of gratitude? ```

5308. Our faultless choice


There are two realities:

One is a God-embracing reality,

The other is a satisfaction-destroying


At every moment we have to make

Our faultless choice. ```

5309. An unconditional seeker


The heart of an unconditional seeker

Lives in God’s Promise-World.

The life of an unconditional seeker

Lives in God’s Delight-World. ```

5310. Alarming danger


Your heart will enter into

Alarming danger

If it ever sees eye-to-eye

With the mind’s poison-doubt. ```

5311. Surrender is peace-expansion


Surrender is peace-expansion.

Gratitude is delight-expansion.

Oneness is birthless and deathless

Satisfaction-expansion. ```

5312. Our conscience-light


When we listen to

The whispering dictates

Of our conscience-light,

We can easily escape

The jaws of death.


5313. Inside God's Heart of Pride


God is so pleased

With his heart’s compassion-sky

And his life’s dedication-sun,

That God has asked him to stay

All the time

Inside His Heart of Pride. ```

5314. Before you pray and meditate


Before you pray and meditate,

You must invoke the deer-speed.

While you are praying and meditating,

You must invoke the elephant-confidence.

After you have prayed and meditated,

You must invoke the lion-victory. ```

5315. To love in the aspiration-world


To live in the desire-world

Is to forget how to smile.

To love in the aspiration-world

Is to become an expert

In the art of smiling.


5316. Can you dare to believe?


Can you dare to believe

That God wants your heart

To be His Eternity’s partner

And wants your soul

To be His Immortality’s collaborator?


5317. My illumination-friend


In my desire-life


Is my frustration-friend.

In my aspiration-life


Is my illumination-friend.


5318. As long as you are willing


As long as you are willing

To muster your inner courage

To achieve a perfect life,

God’s Compassion-Flood

Will, without fail,

Wait for you. ```

5319. A special love


My eyes have a special love

For the aspiration-shrine.

My life has a special love

For the dedication-shrine.

My soul has a special love

For the surrender-shrine. ```

5320. Man's service-hands


Man’s service-hands

And God’s Benediction-Eye

And Satisfaction-Heart

Always live together. ```

5321. A life of daring promise


A life of daring promise

Is specially blessed

With an ever-transcending horizon.


5322. Choose to live like an emperor


Remain not

In your beggar-life of desire.

Choose to live like an emperor

In your life of aspiration. ```

5323. If I lose faith


If I lose faith in my Lord Supreme,

He can and He will forgive me.

But if I lose faith in myself,

Who knows,

I may not want to

Or may not be able to

Forgive myself.


5324. If each moment of your life


If each moment of your life

Can be made into a sacrifice,

God’s Perfection-Life and Satisfaction-Heart

Will claim you as their very own. ```

5325. If you want to serve God


If you want to serve God,

As you must,

Then detach yourself

From your unreal self:



5326. Before your mind dares


Before your mind dares

To suspect others,

Can you not dare

To look into your mind’s eye

With greater suspicion?


5327. Perfection-love


The perfection-love

That the divinity of purity attracts

Is bound to last

For Eternity. ```

5328. What we need now


This world is full

Of God-fearing men.

We do not need any more.

What we need now

Is just a few

God-loving and God-serving seekers. ```

5329. The divine hunger


The animal hunger

Tells us that self-indulgence

Is necessary.

The divine hunger

Tells us that God-effulgence

Is indispensable. ```

5330. God invites us all


God invites us all.

Only the self-made men

And self-satisfied men

Proudly and foolishly

Decline His Invitation.


5331. Longing for self-effulgence


Poverty is dying for


Plenty is enjoying


An awakened soul

Is longing for



5332. A negligible distance


The distance between

God’s Grace and God’s Face

Is so negligible

That God does not want us

To measure it.


5333. I take the Heaven-bound train


I take the Heaven-bound train

To see the Face of God,

And then I take the earth-bound train

To sit at the Feet of God. ```

5334. My sincerity is the hyphen


My sincerity is the hyphen,

The golden connecting link,

Between my life’s perfection

And my Lord’s Satisfaction. ```

5335. Powerful practicality


Long have I been

On the mountain peak of hope.

Now I want to stand

On the solid ground of powerful practicality. ```

5336. I shall not mind


Let there be

Countless delays and detours.

I shall not mind as long as I know

That in the process of evolution

I shall one day be able to sit

Consciously, soulfully and unconditionally

At the Feet of my Lord, my Beloved Supreme.


5337. My heart's cry


My heart’s cry is infinitely stronger

Than what I have already done wrong

And what I am going to do wrong

In the near or distant future.

Such being the case,

I can never be doomed

To utter disappointment.


5338. I have tried to please the world


I have tried to please the world

By smiling at the world.

Now I see that this

Is not the right way.

Therefore, I shall try another way:

From now on,

I shall try to please the world

By crying for the world.

I do hope that this way

Will be successful. ```

5339. Three old friends of mine


Three old friends of mine

Are still with me:

My mind’s sincerity,

My heart’s purity


My life’s gratitude. ```

5340. Your powerful nervousness


Your brave determination

May or may not enable you to conquer

Your powerful nervousness,

But your soulful oneness

With God the creation

Will definitely enable you to conquer

Your unthinkably torturing nervousness.


5341. He has implicit faith in himself


The outer world

Doubts his sincerity-mind.

The inner world

Doubts his purity-heart.

But he is not lost at all.

Do you know why?

Because he does not doubt himself.

As long as he has implicit faith in himself,

He need not worry

What the outer world thinks of him

Or what the inner world thinks of him.


5342. My soul powerfully celebrates


On earth

My heart soulfully celebrates

The victory of

God’s Compassion-Height.

In Heaven

My soul powerfully celebrates

The victory of

God’s Justice-Light. ```

5343. My heart's blue-gold hours


There was a time

When I liked my mind’s

Lamb-white days.

But now

I like my heart’s

Blue-gold hours

Infinitely better.


5344. My heart's sleepless complaint


My mind’s constant complaint:

This world is extremely imperfect.

My heart’s sleepless complaint:

Its own perfection

Is still a far cry.


5345. His heart is a cry


His mind is a cry

Of unsatisfied desire.

His heart is a cry

Of soulful and grateful aspiration. ```

5346. God does not mind


God does not mind

If my mind does not think of Him.

But my soul becomes extremely sad.

God does not mind

If my heart does not pray to Him.

But my soul becomes extremely and extremely

Furious. ```

5347. God will give him another chance


When his ignorance-burden increases,

Man thinks that he is lost,

Totally lost.

But he does not know that God,

Out of His infinite Bounty,

Will give him another chance

To be good and to be perfect.


5348. Humanity's victory depends


Humanity’s victory depends on

Humanity’s gratitude and surrender.

Divinity’s Victory depends on

Divinity’s Compassion and Forgiveness. ```

5349. My life's first moment of freedom


I enjoyed the first moment of freedom

In my life

The day I was able to tell my mind,

“Mind, shut up and sit down!”

And to tell my heart,

“Heart, wake up and climb up!” ```

5350. God's quality of fulness


When my mind loves

The quality of freshness,

When my heart loves

The quality of soulfulness

And when my life loves

The quality of newness,

God immediately comes down

With His Quality of Fulness,

And this Fulness is all for me.


5351. When danger threatens you


When danger threatens you mercilessly,

Immediately use a completely new vision.

Feel that God, the Supreme Saviour,

Is fast approaching to rescue you. ```

5352. Your pride's ceaseless errors


Your pride’s ceaseless errors

Will compel you to enter

Into life’s abysmal abyss,

And there you will see

That you are nothing

But a useless creature,

Empty of hope.


5353. A pilgrim of inner beauty


If you soulfully and unreservedly become

A pilgrim of inner beauty,

Then you will without fail

Have an easy road to Heaven. ```

5354. Doomed to constant failure


You are doomed to constant failure.

Do you know why?

Because your mind is controlled

By ceaseless and fruitless greed. ```

5355. My reality-cries


My Beloved Supreme

Lovingly and unreservedly loves

My reality-cries during the day

And my dream-smiles during the night. ```

5356. If your heart has the strength


If your heart has the strength

To transcend and transcend and transcend,

Then the Lord Supreme

Will without fail grant you

His Eternity’s Length,

Infinity’s Length

And Immortality’s Length

To enjoy. ```

5357. When he realised God


When he realised God for himself,

God said to him,

“My son, I may use you

In the distant future.”

When he realised God for others,

God said to him,

“My son, I shall use you

In the near future.”

When he realised God for God,

God said to him,

“My son, I am using you

And I shall use you

Sleeplessly and eternally.”


5358. God loves my life


I cannot perfectly say

Whether I love God or not.

But I can unmistakably

And spontaneously say

That God loves my life.

Something more,

He has made my heart

A fit instrument of His,

So He can choose me.


5359. I serve the Vision-Eye


With my purity-heart

I love the Beauty-Face

Of my Beloved Supreme.

With my purity-body

I serve the Vision-Eye

Of my Beloved Supreme.


5360. God's Way is the only way


If your heart is always soulful,

Then you are ready to go

To the unaspiring souls

And inspire them

To follow your way,

For your way is God’s Way,

And God’s Way is the only way.


5361. Do grant me a heart of plenty


My Lord,

Early in the morning every day

Do grant me a heart of poverty

So that I can be humble.

My Lord,

In the evening every day

Do grant me a heart of plenty

So that I can be grateful

And perfect.


5362. Happiness will follow you


Happiness will follow you

If you follow the footsteps

Of the purity-sages

Who sing sleeplessly

For your heart’s illumination

And your life’s perfection.

Where do they sing?

They sing inside the silence-haunted heart

Of your unconscious universality.


5363. The market-noise of my mind


Only my purity-heart

Can and will silence

The market-noise of my mind.


5364. Man's unparalleled gift


Man’s unparalleled gift

To God

Is his daily gratitude-heart.


5365. A purity-heart is always hungry


A purity-heart is always hungry

Not for worldly possessions

But for Heavenly blessings.

And these blessings

Are God’s constant Compassion.


5366. A seeker's heart is blessed


A seeker’s heart is blessed

With the capacity

To smell the Fragrance

Of God’s Heart of Beauty

Any time it wants to.


5367. Everybody has a life of obedience


Everybody has a life of obedience.

This obedience-life you have to offer

Either to your ignorant, unlit

And limited mind

Or to your beautiful, soulful

And fruitful heart. ```

5368. A man of purity


A man of purity

Does not have to know

How to approach the world,

For his Lord Supreme

Approaches the world

In and through him. ```

5369. The peace of my Beloved Supreme


The Peace of my Beloved Supreme

Will eventually break the pride

Of my mind’s self-imposed turmoil.


5370. I need the freedom to adore


In the morning

I need the freedom to adore

The Beauty of God the creation.

In the evening

I need the freedom to adore

The Responsibility of God the Creator. ```

5371. My humility-life


My humility-life

Is my conscious oneness

With the illumining and fulfilling Universality

Of my Beloved Supreme. ```

5372. I shall surrender


I shall surrender to my Beloved Supreme

What I have:

An uncertain mind.

I shall surrender to my Beloved Supreme

What I am:

An insecure heart.

When I surrender

Both my uncertain mind and my insecure heart,

Then only shall I become

His choice instrument. ```

5373. The beauty of self-giving


The beauty of self-giving

Will eventually be transformed

Into the divinity of God-becoming.


5374. A gratitude-heart


A gratitude-heart

Has the message

Of God’s Manifestation here on earth

And is the fulfilment

Of God’s transcendental Promise to mankind.


5375. My life's only task


My life’s only task

Is to become inseparably one

With my soul’s task,

And this task is to consciously

And unconditionally

Manifest my Lord Supreme

At every moment here on earth.


5376. Spontaneous joy


My heart has to become

Spontaneous joy

Before my mind can see joy

In God’s entire creation. ```

5377. The endless breath


Only a humility-life

Can breathe in the endless breath

From Above

Which not only energises

The seeker’s limited world

But also radiates

Throughout God’s entire world.


5378. An experience and a realisation


To swim every day in the ocean

Of my Lord’s Heart of Delight,

I need only two things:

An experience and a realisation.

The experience is:

“I am for my Beloved Supreme,”

And the realisation is:

“I am of my Beloved Supreme.” ```

5379. I need only one courage


I need only one courage,

And that is the courage to tell the whole world

That I am for God, God alone,

Even if God wants to be for somebody else.

This is the only courage

That accelerates my own progress

And also humanity’s progress

In and through me. ```

5380. Easy to feel security


It is easy

To feel security inside the heart

When the mind enjoys clarity.

It is easier than the easiest

To feel security inside the heart

When the heart unconditionally follows

The soul’s dictates. ```

5381. Your Vision-Satisfaction-Smile


My Lord Supreme,

You have given me now

What You have brought for me:

Your Vision-Satisfaction-Smile.

And I am giving You

What at this moment I am:

My heart of gratitude-cry.


5382. When I establish conscious oneness


When I establish my conscious oneness

With my Beloved Supreme,

I see that my life has become all newness,

And I feel that my Lord’s Fulness

Is delightfully claiming me

As its very own. ```

5383. My oneness-heart


My oneness-heart is my fulness-life

And my Lord’s complete Satisfaction

In His own flowering Vision.


5384. The four great challenges


The four great challenges of a seeker-heart

Are to see beauty’s eyes,

Purity’s heart,

Humility’s life


Divinity’s head. ```

5385. Truth is always self-giving


The Japanese are helpful

Because they are surrounded by beauty.

Beauty is truth,

And truth is always self-giving. ```

5386. When we look at a flower


When we look at a flower,

We get the fragrance of the flower.

Lo, for a few seconds

Our consciousness ascends

And we become self-giving.


5387. My heart knows the truth


As long as my heart

Knows the complete truth,

I do not care whether my mind

Knows the truth

Or even cares

For the truth. ```

5388. I have failed because


I have failed,

Not because I have not attempted.

I have attempted time and again

Soulfully, even sleeplessly.

I have failed

Because I have not made even one attempt

At my Lord Supreme’s choice Hour.

What was I trying to accomplish?

I was trying to reach

The summit-height of Heaven. ```

5389. Faith in myself


Faith in myself

Awakens my heart.

Faith in God

Immortalises my life. ```

5390. God smiles at everything


God smiles at everything and everyone.

But His Smile is most beautiful

And most powerful

When He smiles at a purity-heart. ```

5391. God's inner Family


In God’s inner Family

There are three particular members

Who are very special to God:






5392. With my purity-soul


With my purity-soul

At every moment

I shall manifest God inside my heart.

With my purity-heart

At every moment

I shall live inside my mind.

With my purity-mind

At every moment

I shall energise my vital.

With my purity-vital

At every moment

I shall keep my body awake.


5393. The purity-key


I shall every day soulfully pray

To my Lord Supreme

To grant me the purity-key

Of my body, my vital and my mind

So that at any moment I can open up

My heart’s security-door. ```

5394. Your heart's determination-speed


When my Lord asked me

To enter into the world,

I asked Him only one thing:

“My Lord, what shall I do

And what can I do for You

To please You?”

My Lord said to me:

“My child, try to feed Me

At least once every day

With your heart’s adamantine


If you can do that,

I shall be pleased with you

Far beyond your imagination’s flight.” ```

5395. God's Vision in Reality


God’s Vision in Reality is beautiful.

God’s Reality in Vision is powerful.

God’s Vision-Reality is fruitful.

God’s Reality-Vision is always truthful

To the Creator in Him

And to the creation in Him. ```

5396. A security-heart


A security-heart

Is a beautiful flower,

And that beautiful flower

I now am.

A responsibility-life

Is a most energising fruit,

And that energising fruit

I shall before long become. ```

5397. A life of discipline


Only a life of discipline

Has the capacity to run

Faster than the fastest

To the Infinite.

A life of discipline

Simplifies all the seeker’s human problems

And expedites his Godward journey

Far beyond the seeker’s own imagination. ```

5398. Since You have given me


My Lord, since You have given me

A beauty-mind,

Can You not give me at every moment


My Lord, since You have given me


Can You not show me at every moment

Your Satisfaction-Eye?

My Lord, since You have given me

Your Satisfaction-Eye,

Can you not make my life

A perfection-gratitude

Worthy of Your Satisfaction-Eye?


5399. The Fragrance of his Faith-flower


When I came into the world

And breathed in for the first time,

My Lord Supreme granted me the boon

Of breathing in the Fragrance of His Faith-flower

Inside my heart.

Today He is smelling

The fragrance of my gratitude-flower.

I am happy

Not because He has given me something,

Not because I have given Him something,

But because I see that His Eyes

Are all Light

And feel that His Heart

Is all Delight. ```

5400. Miracles


The whole world is looking for miracles.

Every day it is dying to see miracles.

But can there be any miracle

More challenging, more illumining

And more fulfilling

Than to see and feel the infinite Beauty

Of my Beloved Supreme

Inside this tinier than the tiniest

Gratitude-heart of mine?


Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the fifty-fourth volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Sri Chinmoy meets with H.E. Mr Gurbachan Singh, Ambassador of India to Switzerland, on 16 June 1980 in Geneva. The two discussed world peace and religion.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 54, Agni Press, 1983
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