Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 55

5401. God's life-transforming Hour


My heart-breaking misfortunes

Today shall breathe their last,

For today God’s life-transforming Hour

Has blessingfully touched the breath

Of my heart’s aspiration-cry.


5402. Live inside the Freedom-Palace


O my heart,

Reside not inside the dungeon of despair.

You can easily live inside

The Freedom-Palace of God’s Dream-Beauty.

Try, you shall succeed!


5403. A labyrinth of contradictions


The human life is but

A labyrinth of contradictions.

It does not know how to pray,

Yet it thinks it can easily realise God.

It is always full of problems,

Yet it thinks it is enjoying

Perfect perfection.


5404. God's first Hymn


God’s first Hymn:

“Secretly I shall grow.”

Man’s first hymn:

“Sacredly I shall become.” ```

5405. Something refuses to reveal itself


Something refuses, out of fear,

To reveal itself

Before the all-transforming Heavenly Light.

What is it?

The deathless frown of ignorance-night.


5406. Your devotion to anger


Your devotion to anger

You have already shown to the world

For a very long time.

Now can you not show

Your devotion to self-perfection?

Try, you easily can.

Lo, you have marvellously succeeded!


5407. A soaring citadel


His self-giving heart

Is a soaring citadel.

In it no fear, no doubt breathe.

It is perfect perfection

In God’s stupendous Satisfaction.


5408. The oneness of love and duty


The oneness of love and duty

Is the perfect fulness

Of a seeker’s own inmost divinity.


5409. Heaven said hello to him


Heaven said hello to him

Before he saw

The Face of God

And long before he sat

At the Feet of God.


5410. If confidence is misplaced


If confidence is misplaced,

Man sees not his inner face

And fails to run in God’s

Most precious Divinity-Race. ```

5411. Uncouple the soul-divinity


Uncouple the soul-divinity

From the body-ignorance.

You are bound to be free.

You are bound to be happy.

You are bound to be perfect.


5412. Bravely my mind shall contest


Bravely my mind

Shall contest with doubt.

Sleeplessly my heart

Shall contest with impurity.

Uncompromisingly my soul

Shall contest with ignorance. ```

5413. In the middle of Eternity


In the middle of Eternity

He felt his heart’s sincerity-cry.

In the middle of Infinity

He saw his soul’s divinity-smile. ```

5414. The paradise of self-compliments


If you want to live

In the paradise of self-compliments,

You can.

But do not expect others

To live with you.


Your paradise is too small,

Plus full of dangers. ```

5415. His heart's beauty is starving


His heart’s beauty is starving

For God’s full Manifestation.

His soul’s vision is starving

For God’s absolute Satisfaction. ```

5416. Two old questions


Two old questions:

How can a weakling ever realise God?

How can God care for me

When I am so bad? ```

5417. The dreamlessness of dust


The dreamlessness of dust

Awakens my heart,

Purifies my mind

And illumines my poor little life. ```

5418. O wisdom-sun


O knowledge-flames,

Can you not eclipse ignorance-night?

Try, I am sure you can.

O wisdom-sun,

Do feed my knowledge-flames

And make them exactly like you.

Since you can do it easily,

Will you not do it for me? ```

5419. My sound-life loves


My sound-life loves

God the creation.

My silence-life becomes

God the Creator. ```

5420. His life's scattering smiles


His life’s scattering smiles

And his heart’s streaming tears

Have together made him

A choice and perfect instrument of God. ```

5421. Time's first sunrise


I saw time’s first sunrise.

I could not believe my eyes!

It was the soul-beauty unparalleled.


5422. Where has God gone?


Where has God gone?

He has gone to Heaven

To receive your heart’s

Climbing gratitude-flames. ```

5423. A strange new disease


A strange new disease:

The heart is suspecting

Its own sterling faith in God.


5424. Unmistakably and completely lost


If you think that

In the outer world

Your mind does not need

God’s Forgiveness

And your heart does not need

God’s Compassion,

Then you must realise that

In the inner world

You are unmistakably

And completely lost. ```

5425. Mine is a smiling God


Mine is a sinking mind.

Mine is a rising heart.

Mine is a flying soul.

Mine is a smiling God. ```

5426. God examines every thought


With His Blessing-Eye God examines

Every sick human thought

And then cures it

With His nursing Heart. ```

5427. I can't stand my mind


I can’t stand my mind.

It thinks that it knows

Everything and everyone.

Yet it does not even know

How to discard its useless treasures

Even in an infinitesimal measure. ```

5428. O physical world, stop sleeping


O physical world, stop sleeping.

O vital world, stop pushing.

O mental world, stop doubting.

O psychic world, stop hesitating. ```

5429. My companions


My companions

From the beginningless Beginning:

Eternity’s beautiful cry,

Infinity’s soulful smile,

Immortality’s fruitful silence.


5430. A never-ending celebration


When my mind completely surrenders

To my heart,

And when my heart offers its victory-light

To my soul,

I shall triumphantly enjoy

A never-ending celebration. ```

5431. Heaven's smiles of farewell


Heaven’s smiles of farewell

Gave him the joy

Of fulfilling promise.

Earth’s tears of farewell

Gave him the satisfaction

Of fulfilled promise.


5432. The art of pure perfection


The art of pure perfection

Is not an impossible dream

But an inevitable reality.


5433. Generously erase yourself


Generously erase yourself

If you want to see

The palace of Light and Delight

Inside the depths of your own

Exquisite trance-bound heart.


5434. Every mind is a new question


Every mind is a new question.

Every heart is a perfect answer.

Every soul is a transcendental Vision

And a universal Reality. ```

5435. When love starts ruling my mind


When love starts ruling my mind,

Compassion shall shelter my body

And perfection shall touch my heart.


5436. A secret and sacred passage


A soulful cry and a powerful smile

Together have made

A secret and sacred passage

From my heart’s depth

To my soul’s height.


5437. An all-consuming ego-night


An all-consuming ego-night

Has enveloped his mind.

Therefore, he sees not

His soul-beauty’s gratitude-heart. ```

5438. Heaven and I wept together


Heaven and I wept together

When my mind deliberately

Refused to change

And my heart unconsciously

Forgot to climb.


5439. Nothing can threaten


Nothing can threaten

My soul’s silence-heart.

Nothing can weaken

My life’s gratitude-breath. ```

5440. The permanence of your body


Your desire for the permanence

Of your body

Is rejected by Heaven

And ridiculed by earth. ```

5441. In secrecy's silence-breath


In secrecy’s silence-breath

Heaven slowly descends.

In ecstasy’s sound-life

Earth quickly ascends. ```

5442. Simplicity has deserted him


Simplicity has deserted him.

Therefore, his eye’s beauty

Sings no more.

Sincerity has deserted him.

Therefore, his heart’s purity

Dances no more.


5443. God does not need me


God does not need me,

Not because I do not love Him

But because I feel no need for Him.


5444. Victory never comes too late


A true God-seeker knows

That victory never comes too late.

It always comes unmistakably

At God’s choice Hour. ```

5445. What can I expect from myself?


What can I expect from myself

When I am a bundle of desires?

What can I not expect from myself

When my life becomes

A climbing aspiration-flame?


5446. A spreading wave of anxiety


Because your mind has become

A spreading wave of anxiety,

Your heart is finding it extremely difficult

To maintain its pristine purity. ```

5447. The enlightenment-bird shall come


Reduce your life’s attachments.

The growing and glowing enlightenment-bird

Will come and sit on your heart’s

Soulful and fruitful detachment-tree. ```

5448. A never-slumbering plant


Each divine thought

Is a never-slumbering plant

In God’s Cosmic Vision-Garden.


5449. Only the right to announce


You have no right to announce

What you have.

You have no right to announce

What you renounce.

You have only the right to announce

That God is sleeplessly for you,

Only for you.


5450. God will always be found


God cannot be found,

God will not be found,

In your dark, unlit

And impure mind-cave.

He can be found

And will always be found

In your sunlit, spacious

And precious heart-palace. ```

5451. When I enjoy labour


When I enjoy labour,

I stand close to God.

Between us there is nothing

And nobody.

When I enjoy leisure,

No matter how close I want

To remain to God,

I always see the Satanic smile

Of an undivine force

In between God and me. ```

5452. I am trying to save my friend


What am I doing inside my mind?

I am desperately trying

To save my dying friend:


What am I doing inside my heart?

I am soulfully trying

To save my dying friend:


What am I doing inside my life?

I am sleeplessly trying

To save my dying friend:

Integrity. ```

5453. The chill winds of ingratitude


How can your mind be truly happy

When it proudly and shamelessly enjoys

The chill winds of ingratitude?


5454. To be amazingly perfect


Is sincerity enough?

No, you need determination, too.

With determination are you complete?

No, you need God’s Grace,

Without a shadow of a doubt,

To be amazingly perfect. ```

5455. God always chooses


God always chooses

A self-giving heart

To play His Role on earth

And a death-denying soul

To play His Role in Heaven.


5456. Each auspicious splendour


Each auspicious splendour

In the inner world

Reveals ultimately a precious wonder

In the outer world. ```

5457. Two invaluable gifts


From life’s dawn I have received

Two invaluable gifts:

A soulful love for perfection


A fruitful gratitude for satisfaction.


5458. The rapture of inspiration


Today his heart’s joy

Knows no bounds

Because the rapture of inspiration

Is marching through his silence-mind. ```

5459. The rarest opportunity


His heart is flooded

With immortal memories of Heaven.

Therefore, God is now granting him

The rarest opportunity

To walk closer alongside Him.


5460. Three triumphant conclusions


His mind’s three triumphant conclusions:

He saw God before God saw him.

He taught God how to show

His Compassion-Eye to mankind.

He will never fail God,

Although God has failed him

Time and again.


5461. A momentous test


Today your heart

Has passed a momentous test.

Today you sincerely and unmistakably feel

That delight is another name for self-giving. ```

5462. The army of ignorance-night


Teeming doubts on tip-toe

Entered into his mind

Only to destroy his mind’s silence-light

And forcefully employ him

To serve in the great army of ignorance-night.


5463. A thoughtless evil-doer


The countless deceptions

Of a thoughtless evil-doer

Cannot compel God to lose faith in him.

But his unwillingness to change can,

Unmistakably can.


5464. Why do friendships fail?


Why do friendships fail?

Because of a subtle serpentine


How can friendship ever last?

By becoming only one thing:

A birthless and deathless oneness-love. ```

5465. My conscience-drops


My conscience-drops made me stop.

My faith-flames made me run.

My surrender-gratitude made me win.


5466. My faith looks forward


My faith looks forward

In the morning

To see God’s Face.

My faith looks inward

In the evening

To sit at God’s Feet.


5467. His heart's devotion-stream


His heart’s devotion-stream

Flows sleeplessly and powerfully.

Therefore, he is a choice member

Of his Lord’s inner Family. ```

5468. Self-doubt refuses to rest


Self-doubt refuses to rest.

Self-faith refuses to fear.

Self-giving refuses to deceive.


5469. Ego-protection blocks perfection


Ego-protection blocks perfection.

Perfection missing,

Satisfaction-boat not sailing,

But sinking. ```

5470. To solve every problem


To solve every problem,

Solve your own problems first.

To love each and every human being,

Love God first. ```

5471. Lord, do give me the capacity


Two are the requests

That reach God:

Lord, do give me the capacity

To love You only.

Lord, do give me the necessity

To love You only. ```

5472. Sail beyond the sorrow-river


Sail beyond the secret sorrow-river

To reach the sea

Of Eternity’s infinite Delight.


5473. Awareness is a spiritual power


Awareness is a spiritual power,

And this spiritual power

Loves only one thing:

The Hour of God’s Satisfaction

Inside man’s silver dream-boat.


5474. Life's worst disaster


Life’s worst disaster

Is when life does not awaken

Or cannot awaken

When God’s God-Hour strikes. ```

5475. If I give God only one thing


God says to me

That He will give me three things

If I give Him only one thing.

If I can give Him

Only one gratitude-flame,

Then in return He will give me

His Compassion-Sea,

His Perfection-Sky

And His Satisfaction-Sun.


5476. Chained to an unhappy past


He is chained to an unhappy past,

Yet he thinks that someday, somehow

He will grant the world

A sky-vast delight. ```

5477. Opportunity does not appear


When we do not avail ourselves

Of opportunity,

Opportunity goes away.

Then the time comes when we feel

A desperate need for opportunity,

But opportunity does not appear.

Our deplorable fate

And our earthly existence

Are forced by the higher forces

To remain together and helplessly wait

For death’s hour to arrive.


5478. The most often-asked questions


In the inner world

The most often-asked questions are:

Do you want to see God?

Where is your universal passport? ```

5479. A soulful smile


A soulful smile

Can kindle the universe.

A breathless cry

Can feed the universe. ```

5480. What has experience taught me?


What has experience taught me?

Nobody has to remain unrealised.

What has realisation taught me?

Everybody is an unmanifested God. ```

5481. This sadness will not last


Your vital is puzzling you.

Your mind is baffling you.

Therefore, you are sad.

But this sadness will not last forever.

Wait soulfully for God’s choice Hour.


5482. A precious evolution


If you want to have

A continuous and precious evolution,

Then give up what you do not need,

A helpless cry,

And accept what you do need,

A powerful smile. ```

5483. Inside your flaming love


What you have now

Is a flaming temper.

What you need

Is a flaming love.

Inside your flaming love

One day, to your surprise,

You will see a growing and glowing God.


5484. In perfect silence-hush


In perfect silence-hush

My heart remains loyal

To my soul’s perfection-vision.


5485. You are more than perfect


Since your mind has penetrating

Intuitive vision-light,

Since your heart is a constant


You are perfect,

More than perfect. ```

5486. Love the battlefield of life


Love the battlefield of life,

For joy is always breathing

Secretly and openly

In both your victory and your defeat. ```

5487. When death invades you


When death invades you,

Do you not see

New sparks of wonder,

Extremely illumining,

In that experience?


5488. The flood of his remembrance


He is weeping like a helpless child.

Do you know why?

Precisely because of the flood

Of his remembrance. ```

5489. Consecrate your voyage


If you can consecrate

Your voyage on Beauty’s mystic boat,

Then complete satisfaction

Will be yours. ```

5490. A hopeless journey


I am weary of myself.

My life is but a hopeless journey

With not an iota of ecstasy.


5491. Suspect your choice


If you cannot make the correct choice,

Try at least to suspect your choice.

You will be able to keep yourself

Free from the heavy burden

Of fruitless accomplishments.


5492. Its nearest neighbours


My purity-heart has discovered

The supreme Truth:

My Lord’s Compassion-Eye

And my Lord’s Forgiveness-Heart

Are by far its nearest and dearest

Neighbours. ```

5493. My hesitation


My hesitation is a serious

Imperfection of my mind.

My hesitation is a dangerous

Frustration of my heart.

My hesitation is an utter

Dissatisfaction of my soul. ```

5494. They will die together


My mind’s impurity,

My heart’s insecurity

And my life’s futility

Stay together

And will die together.


5495. Never-ending changes


O my mind,

Be not afraid

Of never-ending changes,

For they will eventually lead you

To Perfection-Satisfaction-Delight.


5496. The world of Heavenly becoming


Let me detach myself completely

From the world of earthly knowing

So that I can grow into

The world of Heavenly becoming. ```

5497. Opportunity knocks


Time and again

Opportunity knocks

At our heart’s door.

Time and again

We do not avail ourselves

Of these opportunities.

Then we blame God

And curse ourselves. ```

5498. If your heart can love


If your heart can love

The lives of the unlovable,

Then you become a revealed jewel

In Heaven’s treasure-safe. ```

5499. An obedience-smile


My Inner Pilot

Can grant me abiding happiness

Only after I have taught myself

How to become an obedience-smile. ```

5500. Switch your loyalty to God


Switch your loyalty to God.

You have given enough,

More than enough,

To this ungrateful world.

Give God one second of your selfless heart,

And He will grant you

His Eternity’s Nectar-Smile.


Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the fifty-fifth volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Sri Chinmoy exchanges greetings with Surjit Singh Barnala, India’s Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation (right), at the University of California at Davis, 29 September 1978, as two aides look on. After attending one of Sri Chinmoy’s meditation concerts, the Indian Minister told the Master, “I felt you bringing down Peace and Grace from Above.”

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 55, Agni Press, 1983
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/ff_55