Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 60

5901. I am desperately trying


I may not know

What God is doing for me now,

But I do know

That I am desperately trying to please God

In God’s own Way.


5902. I am in God's Forgiveness-Boat


I may not know where God is now,

But I do know where I am.

I am now in His Forgiveness-Boat

Sailing towards His Satisfaction-Shore. ```

5903. God's Compassion


I may not love God unconditionally,

But I do know what God’s Compassion

Is doing for my heart sleeplessly

And what God’s Forgiveness

Is doing for my life unconditionally.


5904. Only three swimmers


Only three swimmers are allowed

To swim in the sea of Peace:

A God-lover,

A self-giver


An ignorance-destroyer. ```

5905. I see no difference


I see no difference

Between your thoughtless


And your soulless



5906. Your heart-plant is withering


Because of your suspicion-mind,

Your poor heart-plant is withering

Before it can burst into flower.


5907. Your biography is already written


O Truth-seeker, O God-lover,

You do not have to say

Anything about yourself.

Your whole biography is already written

In golden letters

On the Tablet of God’s own Heart. ```

5908. But I also have


I may have a dry mind,

But I also have a pure heart.

I may have a restless vital,

But I also have a fruitful soul. ```

5909. When are you going to stop?


Earth, O earth,

When are you going to stop

Hoisting the banner

Of ridiculous helplessness?

Heaven, O Heaven,

When are you going to stop

Hoisting the banner

Of cruel indifference? ```

5910. Your aspiration's mountain-cry


Do you know

What has conquered for you

Your vital’s volcano-pride?

Your aspiration’s mountain-cry. ```

5911. Heaven's golden sunshine


The dark forest

Of man’s desire-life

Can never bathe

In Heaven’s golden sunshine. ```

5912. What can you expect?


Your mind is cherishing regrets.

Your heart is fearing misfortunes.

Such being the case,

What can you expect from your life? ```

5913. Invasion


His dreamless heart

Is now invaded

By impurity’s ignorance-sleep.


5914. A purity-heart


A purity-heart

Not only has the necessity

But also is the capacity

To enlarge itself for God’s use. ```

5915. Nothing is more beautiful


On earth nothing is more beautiful

Than God’s Patience-Light.

In Heaven nothing is more beautiful

Than God’s Compassion-Light.

In me nothing is more beautiful

Than God’s Forgiveness-Light. ```

5916. Those choice children


God can play and will play

His Perfection-Manifestation-Game

Only with those choice children of His

Who are always apt to deny themselves. ```

5917. An unoffered life


An unoffered life

Will always be doomed

To an unanswered prayer.


5918. A new message from Heaven


Something divine may be

Beyond your need today,

But it can never remain

Beyond your need forever.

For every day

A new message from Heaven

Is touching the earth-shore.


5919. Only God's Compassion


Only God’s Compassion

Is deeply interested in

And truly concerned with

The perpetual cry of man’s heart. ```

5920. The believer knows


The doubter thinks

That he alone thinks of himself

Since God has no time to think of him.

The believer knows

That God always thinks of him

Even when he thinks of himself.


5921. Sincerity's sweetness


Sincerity’s sweetness and

Humility’s soulfulness

Are of paramount importance

In a seeker’s heavenward journey. ```

5922. What your mind has


What your mind has

Is a pygmy aim.

What your heart is

Is a brittle hope.

How, then, can you expect God

To smile at you,

Sing for you


Dance with you?


5923. A born dreamer


Because you are a born dreamer,

You have a special place

In God’s Heart-Garden.


5924. His sense of perfection


His sense of perfection thunders

When he enters into

The vital world.

His sense of satisfaction whispers

When he enters into

The psychic world.


5925. No difference


I see no difference

Between your mind’s


And your life’s



5926. O man of silence


O man of silence,

My heart needs you desperately.

My heart painfully tells me

That even the best talker

Is the worst possible intruder.


5927. Present regrets, future fears


Present regrets

Are killing his searching mind.

Future fears

Are killing his aspiring heart.

Alas, how can he proceed

In his inner life of aspiration

And how can he succeed

In his outer life of dedication? ```

5928. The unconquerable hope-seed


If you can feed

The unconquerable hope-seed,

Then your success-height

And progress-delight

Will not remain a far cry.


5929. When I touch my heart


When I look at my mind,

I hear a painful cry.

When I touch my heart,

I hear a breathless sigh. ```

5930. My Lord's Beauty



Is my Lord’s Beauty

Inside my heart.


Is my Lord’s Duty

Inside my life.


5931. Man's modern fruits


Man’s ancient roots:

His cries and smiles.

Man’s modern fruits:

His laughter and sighs. ```

5932. God's Perfection-Satisfaction-Home


If you are ready

To live outside the reason-fort,

Then God will grant you

His own Perfection-Satisfaction-Home. ```

5933. Unpardonable attacks


His attacks

On self-styled earth-bound authorities

Are more than justifiable.

Your attacks

On God-ordained authorities

Are absolutely unpardonable.


5934. Your heart's orphan-cries


It is your heart’s orphan-cries

That will help you reach

The heights of God’s Beauty Supreme.


5935. Your forgotten Eternity


Your oneness-life

Is your forgotten Eternity.

Your fulness-heart

Is your forgotten Infinity.

Your vision-eye

Is your forgotten Immortality. ```

5936. At long last


At long last

My heart’s aspiration-cry

And my mind’s inspiration-smile

Are working together

To manifest the Immortal in me.


5937. Your silence


Your silence does not have to

Convert anybody.

Your silence will help man

Invent something

Most precious in his own life.


5938. Himalayan satisfaction


When dark doubts want to assail you,

If your resistance is persistent,

You will without fail

Be able to climb up

The heights of Himalayan Satisfaction.


5939. If you value time


If you value time,

Then you must try to save time.

If you can save time,

Then you are definitely

Bringing to the fore constantly

The newness-reality of a fulness-dream. ```

5940. His life is all happiness


His life is all happiness

Because during the day

He walks along his surrender-bridge

And at night

He walks along his gratitude-bridge.


5941. Self-mastery means


Self-mastery means

The joy of the heart’s

Blossoming rose-petals.


5942. Beauty is the duty


Duty is the purity

Of man’s crying heart.

Beauty is the duty

Of man’s smiling life. ```

5943. The illumination-combination


Only the illumination-combination

Of a perfection-mind

And a satisfaction-heart

Can and will rouse

The sleeping world.


5944. No greater loss


No greater loss

Than to be ignored by God.

No greater gain

Than to be needed by God. ```

5945. God now owns him


Ignorance has disowned him.

Therefore, his life is perfection.

God now owns him.

Therefore, his heart is satisfaction within

And satisfaction without.


5946. Unless his inner life is gracious


To me

The outer life of a seeker

Is not precious

Unless his inner life

Is gracious.


5947. Two lords


Man’s body usually has two lords:



Frustration-lord. ```

5948. God's Hospitality-Invitation


Do not decline God’s Hospitality-Invitation.

Who knows,

He may invite others tomorrow.

Who knows,

He may not invite you any more.


5949. God will teach me to sail


God tells me

That He will teach me

How to sail my own life-boat

Only on two conditions:

My mind must not worry


My vital must not hurry.


5950. What will you do for me?


My Lord Supreme,

What will You do for me

If I give You my heart’s blossoming faith?

“My child,

I shall take away

Your mind’s brooding doubts.” ```

5951. The inner beauty


The outer beauty

Is an expensive frustration-sigh.

The inner beauty

Is an expansive satisfaction-sky. ```

5952. It is not too late


As it is not too late for you to realise

That your mind is doing the wrong thing

By roaming inside a thick thought-forest,

Even so, it is not too late

For God to grant you

His Infinity’s ever-transcending Delight. ```

5953. Silence-songs of the Beyond


You are not allowing

Your soul to sing for you

Its silence-songs of the Beyond.

Therefore, your life is compelled

To dance the dance of utter futility.


5954. A man of prayer


A man of prayer

Becomes the vision-light of a seer

Even without asking.


5955. The wish of my life


The dearest wish of my new-born life

Is to go and sit at the Feet

Of my hopeful Lord Supreme.


5956. Completely lost


He is completely lost

In between his mind’s


And his heart’s



5957. Blindness-game


You know that you enjoy immensely


Why then do you find fault with God

When He plays His own



5958. Your guilty mind


You want your guilty mind to hide,

But God wants to bring

Your guilty mind to light

So that some day He can enjoy

Its transformation-perfection-height.


5959. Now that you have surrendered


Now that you have surrendered,

Nothing that belongs to you is guilty.

No, not even your suspicion-enjoying mind.


5960. My heart has three comrades


My heart has three comrades:

A hopeful prayer,

A soulful meditation


A fruitful surrender.


5961. His is a contradiction-life


His is a contradiction-life:

His mind is a restless fly,

But his heart is a quenchless God-thirst.


5962. I poison my own life-breath


I poison my own life-breath

When I callously criticise

My Lord’s endless Compassion-Length.


5963. A fervent prayer


This morning I offered a fervent prayer

To my Lord Supreme.

I prayed to Him to touch my mind

With His smiling and dancing Sincerity-Heart. ```

5964. With his heart's streaming tears


Yesterday he lived

With his life’s blazing errors.

Today he is living

With his mind’s terrifying terrors.

Tomorrow he will live

With his heart’s streaming tears. ```

5965. If your mind clings to truth


If your mind clings to truth,

Your soul and heart

Will share with your mind

Their sea of perpetual delight. ```

5966. Who says?


Who says that self-giving

Is an expensive pleasure

And not an expansive treasure?


5967. The Beauty of God's Face


The Beauty of God’s Face

Entirely depends on the purity

Of my heart’s rays.


5968. An endless streak of patience-light


My life’s stormy night

Needs nothing other than

An endless streak of patience-light

To see the smile-worlds

Of the Transcendence-Beyond.


5969. My reunion with God


My union with God

Made my pure heart

Extremely happy.

My reunion with God

Is making my sure heart

Extremely happy.


5970. What the searching mind needs


What the searching mind needs

Is a silver trance.

What the aspiring heart needs

Is a golden dance. ```

5971. A blessingful preparation


His heart feels

That his life is nothing but

A blessingful preparation

For God’s arrival. ```

5972. He is enjoying a feast


He is enjoying a feast

With his heart’s ascending sun

And his Lord’s descending Grace.


5973. Immortal friends


Today’s aspiration-man


Tomorrow’s Manifestation-God

Are inseparable

And immortal friends.


5974. He has every hope


Now that his pride is imprisoned,

He has every hope of becoming

A soulful seeker

Of the Absolute Lord Supreme. ```

5975. One message of time


There is only one message of Time:

First become the heart of Light

And then see the face of Truth.


5976. When God thinks of me


When I think of God,

I think of many things

At the same time.

When God thinks of me,

He thinks only of my heart’s

Perfection-cry. ```

5977. Impossible!


How can my weak mind please God?


How can my pure heart displease God?

Impossible! ```

5978. Unchanging and changing


God is at once

My heart’s unchanging cry

And my life’s changing smile.


5979. God's two doors


He who cries for perfection

At God’s outer Door

Will receive illumination

At God’s inner Door. ```

5980. Nothing is more worthwhile


My Lord Supreme,

Why do You love me

Since You know perfectly well

That I shall never be perfect?

“My child, I love you

Since I know perfectly well

That for Me nothing is more worthwhile

Than loving you.” ```

5981. My life of failure-sighs


Indeed, I know many things,

But one thing I do not know.

I do not know how to replace

My life of failure-sighs. ```

5982. Inside a self-giving purity-heart


Inside a self-giving purity-heart

I see always

A thousand smiles shining brightly.


5983. Why?


Why does God

Still need me?

Why do I

Still love God? ```

5984. Totally lost


He is totally lost

In between his mind’s

Lawless confusion-night

And his heart’s

Flawless aspiration-light.


5985. What I need today


What I need today

Is a liberated life.

What I shall need tomorrow

Is my Lord’s manifested Glory. ```

5986. My soul's deathless aspiration


Yesterday I was my mind’s

Utter stupidity.

Today I am my heart’s

Endless insecurity.

Tomorrow I shall be my soul’s

Deathless aspiration. ```

5987. The amazing and lightning speed


Mine is the life

That has the slow and steady speed

Of an earthly tortoise.

Mine is the heart

That has the amazing and lightning speed

Of a Heavenly deer.


5988. My practical God-life


My justice-light

Is my theoretical God-life.

My compassion-light

Is my practical God-life. ```

5989. I do not know


I do not know

How to separate my mind

From confusion-night.

I do not know

How to unite my heart

With perfection-day.


5990. Each individual soul


Each individual soul

Is a harbinger

Of God’s reality-manifesting

Vision-Eye. ```

5991. My mind does not have


Alas, my mind does not have

A nourishing sky.

Alas, my heart does not have

A liberating sun. ```

5992. Belief tells us


Belief tells us

That we have a soul-bird

Inside us.

Faith tells us

That the soul-bird flies and flies

In the illumination-firmament.

Promise tells us

That we are of God’s Divinity

And for God’s Immortality.


5993. Two complementary friends


An unbinding love


An unattached service

Are Eternity’s two complementary friends. ```

5994. God's Satisfaction


Your mind lives

For earth’s admiration.

Your heart lives

For God’s Love.

Your soul lives

For God’s Satisfaction. ```

5995. How can you see the sky?


Since you are the impotence

Of your mind’s brutal rage,

How can you see the sky

Of God’s beautiful and beaming



5996. You are miserable


You are miserable.

Do you know why?

Because your mind refuses

To be with God

And your heart refuses

To be with man. ```

5997. Two failures


Neither you nor God is successful.

You are trying to succeed

In fascinating humanity.

God is trying to succeed

In liberating you from your stupidity.


5998. You are forced to suffer


Because you do not love

The warm heart of the Heavenly sun,

You are forced to suffer

From the cold touch of earthly years. ```

5999. The callousness of the heart


The callousness of the heart

Is completely blind.

The indifference of the mind

Is unthinkably cruel. ```

6000. I am going to God


God came to me

Long before I knew

Who He was.

I am going to God

Knowing unmistakably

That He has given me the capacity

To become another God.


Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the sixtieth volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Sri Chinmoy thanks Mr E. Owono Asagono, Equatorial Guinea’s Ambassador to the United Nations, for his participation in the Meditation Group’s fourth observance of International Thanksgiving at United Nations Headquarters on 20 November 1978.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 60, Agni Press, 1983
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/ff_60