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Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 61

6001. The same road

The Road that my Lord Himself

Walked once upon a time

Is now right before me.

Who else is so divinely fortunate?

Who else has this chance

To be supremely perfect?

6002. One deplorable thing

I most sincerely deplore

Only one thing:

My eternal Now

Still remains unexplored.

6003. The best answer

Many, many times in his life

Silence has proved

Not only to be

The only answer

But also to be

Absolutely the best answer.

6004. I am able to offer

For the betterment of this world,

I am able to offer only three things:

My soul's promise,

My heart's hope


My life's service.

6005. Promise and pray


Eventually you will succeed.


Continuously you will proceed.

6006. Remind me, my Lord

Remind me, my Lord,

From time to time,

That You have taught me

How to love the world unconditionally.

6007. I need God's Love

Once I was blinded by ignorance,

But now I can see

That I desperately need God,

Especially His Love,

Only His Love.

6008. Because your mind is slow

Because your mind is slow

To forgive your past,

God is also slow

To grant your mind

The overwhelming delight

Of the future.

6009. I believe in everything except

Alas, I believe in everything

Except one thing:

My life's unlimited potential.

6010. Helplessness is enveloping me

Helplessness is now

Enveloping my life

Because I have allowed hopelessness

To envelop my heart.

6011. Unfettered freedom-joy

Unfettered freedom-joy

Abides only in

Unconditional love.

6012. Take everything from God

God tells me,

"Take from Me whatever you want.

You do not have to bother the world

For anything."

6013. Oversleeping in ignorance-night

You will never see

The Face of God

In this lifetime

At the rate you have been


In ignorance-night.

6014. He sinks and sinks

His mind schemes,

His life screams,

His heart dreams,

And he sinks and sinks.

6015. Patience does it

Imagination tells him

What he can do.

Patience does it for him.

6016. Entertaining doubt-life

If you entertain your doubt-life,

How can your faith-life

Enlighten your heart?

6017. Magnify and minimise

You may magnify

Your troubles,

But nobody is going to minimise

Your stupidity.

6018. I know whose I am


I do not know

Who I am,

But I do know

Whose I am.

6019. Two open secrets

Two secrets, but open ones:

God loves me infinitely more

Than He needs me.

I need God infinitely more

Than I love Him.

6020. A God-centred man

A self-centred man

Thinks and dreams of a happy life.

A God-centred man

Lives and radiates a happy life.

6021. God made my life

God made my life

To grow lovingly and slowly.

God made my heart

To glow brightly and steadily.

6022. Doomed to barrenness

You are doomed

To barrenness

Because your mind does not

Want newness

And your heart does not

Need oneness.

6023. A perfected individual

Only a perfected individual

Can dare to dream

Of a perfect humanity.

6024. A sincere need

My Lord,

I have a sincere need.

"My son,

I have an abundant supply."

6025. My self-cultivation

What I call

My self-cultivation,

God calls that very thing

His own Self-Revelation.

6026. May my life-boat ply

May my life-boat ply between

My self-mastery


My God-discovery.

6027. Slow me down

Slow me down, my Lord;

I am restless.

Show me quickly, my Lord;

I am doubtless.

6028. When I open my eyes

When I open my eyes,

I see that I am

My fearful incapacity.

When I open my heart,

I see that I am

My Lord's powerful Capacity.

6029. The individual

If aspiration does not begin

With the individual,

Then it does not begin.

The same is true for realisation,

And also for manifestation.

6030. Human life

An immature man

Dealing with mature problems:

This is precisely what human life is.

6031. Incomparable tragedy

"I do not need God."

This tragedy in human life

Is incomparable.

6032. Ultimate goals

The ultimate in human goals

Is to reach the Himalayan heights.

The ultimate in divine goals

Is to become God's choicest instrument.

6033. My confidence-height

What is God's Compassion-Light

If not my own confidence-height

In the world of becoming and transcending

And transcending and becoming?

6034. My surroundings

The Peace, Light and Bliss of Heaven

Surround my heart openly.

The fear, doubt and frustration of earth

Surround my mind secretly.

6035. Forgive the past

The mind has to forgive the past

Before the heart

Can completely obliterate it.

6036. Counteraction and conversion

My Beloved Lord

Has counteracted my stupidity

And converted my impurity

Into purity.

6037. Between me and my past blunders

Between me and my past blunders

God the Compassion cries


God the Forgiveness smiles.

6038. My songs

Yesterday I sang the song

Of renunciation.

Today I am singing the song

Of co-operation.

Tomorrow I shall sing the song

Of perfection.

And the day after I shall sing the song

Of God's complete Satisfaction.

6039. When I love God

When I soulfully and sleeplessly

Love God,

Everything loves me,

Even my ruthless past.

6040. If you dare to believe

You can achieve everything in life

If you can dare to believe

That your soul is having a continual adventure

In the heart of God's

Evolving and transcending universe.

6041. A loving man

I have a heart of love.


I needs must be

A loving man.

6042. Responsible

A procrastination-mind is responsible

For a frustration-heart.

A frustration-heart is responsible

For a destruction-life.

6043. Unswerving as I climb

The bitterness of failure

And the sweetness of success

Shall find me unswerving

As I climb towards

My summit-goal.

6044. The capacity to determine

As my mind has the capacity

To determine my life,

Even so, my heart has the capacity

To determine my mind.

6045. He is so sad

He is so sad that his mind

Is running away from God.

He is so sad that his life

Is running away from his heart.

6046. Do give it again

My Lord Supreme,

You gave Realisation to Sri Krishna.

Do give it again — this time to me.

My Lord Supreme,

You gave Liberation to the Buddha.

Do give it again — this time to me.

My Lord Supreme,

You gave Salvation to the Christ.

Do give it again — this time to me.

6047. I belong to the God-Lover

I belong not to the God-preacher

Who says that he has.

I belong to the God-lover

Who knows that he is.

6048. My life belongs

My life belongs

To humanity's hope.

My heart belongs

To divinity's promise.

6049. Sunset and sunrise

Doubt and impurity are the sunset

Of a seeker's life.

Faith and purity are the sunrise

Of a seeker's heart.

6050. If the heart is receptive

How can the life

Be empty,

If the heart

Is receptive?

6051. A wise man knows

A wise man knows

What to tell,

How to tell


When to tell.

A clever man foolishly tells

More than he knows

Or less than what

He is supposed to tell.

6052. My heart was too slow

Because my heart was too slow

In loving God the creation,

God the Creator has withdrawn

His Beauty's Hope and Purity's Promise

From my heart.

6053. If your life is chained

If your life is chained

To earthly possessions,

How can you expect your heart

To be a Heavenly satisfaction?

6054. Stab your ignorance-pride

If you can stab the heart

Of your ignorance-pride,

Then your life will not meet

With any failure.

6055. Science tells me

Science tells me

What it can do for my life.

Spirituality tells me

What I can do for God's Heart.

6056. If I am available

If I am available,

Then the Supreme is ready to send

The lovable cosmic gods

To play with me.

6057. A heart of beauty and purity

A heart of beauty

And a heart of purity

Can soulfully fall in love

With God's ever-transcending Divinity.

6058. The lighthouse

The lighthouse of a self-giving life

Is a powerhouse of God's

Perfection-Vision and Satisfaction-Reality.

6059. Awareness is ability

Awareness is ability.

Ability is advancement,

In secrecy supreme,

In the inner world.

6060. The Concern-Hand of the Beyond

The pendulum that swings

Between man's tears and man's smiles

Is always guided

By the Concern-Hand of the Beyond.

6061. The race of lions

His life may belong to

The race of timid cats,

But his heart definitely belongs to

The race of powerful lions.

6062. A lavish doubter

If you are a lavish doubter,

You will be compelled to become

A swimmer in life's confusion-sea.

6063. Only a born dreamer

Only a born dreamer

Has the rightful confidence

To announce the transformation-message

Of human life.

6064. You do not dare

Your dry mind

Does not dare to cry.

Your timid heart

Does not dare to smile.

And you

Do not dare to become

The song of self-offering.

6065. Love is at once

Love is at once




6066. They would like to know

My heart would like to know

If God is pleased with it.

God would like to know

If my mind is pleased with Him.

6067. God blows His Victory-Horn

God blows His Victory-Horn

The moment He sees

A climbing cry


A spreading smile.

6068. Your self-aggrandisement-songs

If you continuously sing

Your self-aggrandisement-songs,

Then the world will force you

To enter your ready-made


6069. The mind enjoys

The mind enjoys

Fantasy's might.

The heart enjoys

Ecstasy's height.

6070. The essence of excellence

The perfect evolution

Of possibilities

Is the essence of excellence.

6071. A small suggestion

Just a small suggestion:

Do not allow your hope-joy

To act like a greedy fellow.

6072. As long as the stupid mind

As long as the stupid mind

Enjoys concealment,

The pure heart cannot acquire


6073. The faith of the mind

The faith of the mind

Starts its journey with uncertainty.

The faith of the heart

Speedily runs towards

Its destined goal.

6074. My fondness for God

As I cannot imagine

God's Fondness for me,

Even so, my fondness for God

The world cannot imagine.

6075. To have or to be


I thought it was better

To have than to be.


I feel it is better

To be than to have.


I shall keep the same feeling

As today.

6076. No and yes

When I want God,

I shall immediately say "No"

To myself.

When God wants me,

I shall immediately say "Yes"

To Him.

6077. God's personal property

I am God's personal property.

If you really need me,

Then ask God

And see what He says.

6078. A very special message

I have received a very special message:

"God not only lives inside

Your heart-room,

But also sleeplessly cares for you."

6079. No miracles, please

I do not need miracles, please.

I do not even want

To see miracles, please.

I need and expect only

A crying heart and a smiling life.

6080. Unless

God has no time for me

Unless He is

The only Way for me.

6081. No misuse of faith

My faith is something

That God has created for me

To use inside humanity's heart

Soulfully and carefully,

But never to use

Carelessly and extravagantly.

6082. Compassion-Bud and Satisfaction-Flower

I have to put

God's Compassion-Bud

Inside my heart

If I want to see

God's Satisfaction-Flower

Upon my face.

6083. Do not worry

My poor soul,

Do not worry.

I shall not fail you.

I shall not even disappoint you!

6084. Another name

My concentration is another name

For my fearlessness.

My fearlessness is another name

For my cheerfulness.

My cheerfulness is another name

For my Lord's Closeness,

Fondness and Oneness.

6085. God's Promise and God's Hope

My soul belongs

To God's descending Promise.

My body belongs

To God's ascending Hope.

6086. The give-and-receive game

My Lord says to me:

"My child, I wish to play

The give-and-receive game.

Can you not give Me

Your ever-increasing fears

And ever-multiplying doubts

And receive from Me

My all-conquering Power

And all-illumining Light?"

6087. Loss and gain

My mind's colossal loss

Will lead my life

To an amazing and permanent gain.

6088. My necessity-seeds and ecstasy-plants

My prayers and meditations

Are only my necessity-seeds

That will become my ecstasy-plants

In the near future.

6089. Blessing and obedience

God's Blessing-Waves

And my obedience-drops

Always live together

In stupendous satisfaction-delight.

6090. Forgiveness-seeds and hope-seeds

God is sleeplessly planting

The seeds of forgiveness

Inside my heart,

And I am continuously planting

The seeds of hope

Inside His Heart.

6091. I shall always try to travel

I shall always try to travel

With a soulful heart

And a prayerful life.

6092. Where are we?

I am inside

My Lord's Compassion-Book.

My Lord is inside

His own Vision-Look.

6093. Six words

Six words have changed

My entire life:

"God loves me.

God wants me."

6094. Time took back

Utterly disappointed,

Time took back from him

Its supreme compassion-gift.

6095. No and never

I will take "no" for an answer

From earth.

I will take "no" for an answer

From Heaven.

I will take not only "no"

But also "never" for an answer

From God, only from God.

6096. I talk to God

I talk to God

About His Generosity.

God talks to me

About my receptivity.

6097. Keep your eyes inside your heart

If you can keep your eyes

Inside your heart,

Then God will unreservedly grant you

His own Beauty's Heart.

6098. God-messengers

Am I an out-and-out idiot

That I shall send

God-messengers away


6099. An unconditional gift

Constant aspiration

Is not a thing one can achieve

On the strength of one's own capacity.

It is an unconditional gift from Above.

6100. He will do everything

Am I doing all I can?

The human in me is telling me

That I am doing infinitely more

Than I can.

The divine in me is telling me

That I am doing as much

As I can.

The Supreme in me is telling me

That I have done nothing

And I can do nothing,

But that He has done

And will continue to do

Everything in and through me.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the sixty-first volume in a series of ten thousand "flaming flower-poems" which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity's self-ascending cry and Divinity's God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Sri Chinmoy meditates with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Javier Perez de Cuellar, on 13 January 1983. Moved by the meditation, which took place in the private office of the Secretary-General, Mr Perez de Cuellar told Sri Chinmoy, "You concentrate on the truth and ideals which unite all mankind: the longing for peace, the need for compassion, the search for tolerance and understanding among men and women of all nations."

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 61, Agni Press, 1983
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