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Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 65

6401. A white bird

I am praying

To have a white bird

Flooded with purity

To fly in my heart's blue sky.

6402. I have been unable to manifest

Alas, because of my weak body,

Vital, mind and heart,

I have been unable to manifest

My Beloved Supreme

According to the promise I made Him

Before I came into the world-arena.

Alas, alas!

6403. The divine philosophy

The human philosophy runs:

The mind cannot be separated

From doubt-thorns.

The divine philosophy runs:

God will be satisfied

Only when He can show the mind

That it has the capacity to go beyond

Its own self-styled discoveries —

Doubt, suspicion and frustration —

And sing and dance

With God's perfection-children —

Peace, Light, Delight and Power.

6404. Most precious wealth

My child, I have given you

My most precious Wealth:

My Heart's Satisfaction-Smile.

Will you not give Me

Your most precious wealth:

Your heart's oneness-cry?

6405. Prayers of my mind

My Beloved Supreme

Most sincerely loves me.

Therefore, He does not answer

Quite a few prayers of mine,

Especially prayers of my mind.

6406. Somebody will succeed

I may fail.

You also may fail.

But somebody will definitely succeed

In proving to the world at large

That the Supreme's Message

Is absolutely perfect.

6407. No strong liking

Since I have no strong liking

For my inner cry,

I do not know how my Lord Supreme

Can ever grant me

His Infinity's Perfection-Core.

6408. Uprooted hope-tree

Your mind lives

In the house of negligence.

Your heart lives

In the house of impatience.

Therefore, you do not realise

That you have already uprooted

Your life's hope-tree

For good.

6409. Nobody is safe!

Nobody is safe!

Even excellent instruments

Of the Lord Supreme,

Devoted pilgrims on the spiritual path,

Can become lame and crippled

And be totally devoured

By ignorance-forces.

6410. The ferocious ignorance-tiger

The ferocious ignorance-tiger

Is all around us.

This tiger may not be about to leave us

Right now,

But eventually it has to leave us

For good.

6411. You will be liberated

Now that you have discovered

The incense-purity inside your mind,

You will be liberated from the prison-cell

Of your fast-approaching spiritual death.

6412. Tears are born

Vital tears are born

In the soil of self-deception-night.

Psychic tears are born

In God's God-Eternity's

Self-amorous Delight.

6413. You will ruin your life

Yesterday you disobeyed

Your Inner Pilot.

Today you do not believe in

Your own inner capacity.

Tomorrow you will utterly ruin

Your life.

6414. A smile carries

An outer smile carries

Today's earthly dawn to Heaven.

An inner smile carries

Tomorrow's Heavenly sun to earth.

6415. The joy of the unknown

At long last my mind

Has gone beyond itself

To grant me the joy

Of the unknown.

6416. No escape

Conquer ignorance here and now!

If you think you can go elsewhere

And escape your enemy,

You are totally mistaken.

For even while you are planning

Your escape,

Your enemy will devour you.

6417. Just remind yourself

When ignorance-tiger attacks you,

Just remind yourself who you are:

The supremely chosen instrument

Of your Beloved Supreme

For His divine Manifestation

On earth.

6418. To talk to God

Why do you hesitate

To talk to God?

He never demands

Silence from you.

On the contrary,

He is expecting you

To say something to Him,

Even if it is not something nice.

6419. My love for God will grow

If at every moment

I can convince my mind

That I am of God alone

And I am for God alone,

Then my love for God will grow

And inundate my life

With light and delight.

6420. My Eternity's only Way

My Lord's Heart of Compassion-Beauty

Not only saves my life time and again

But also assures me

That it is my Eternity's only Way

And my Immortality's only Goal.

6421. When you forget

When you forget

Your connection with God,

Ignorance attacks you

Because it sees a yawning gulf

Between your aspiration and God's Compassion.

But if you can strengthen

Your oneness with your Beloved Supreme,

Ignorance is bound to leave you alone.

6422. My own imperfection-spots

What do I see in others?

My own imperfection-spots.

What do I see in God?

My own dissatisfaction-panther.

6423. If your heart is inspired

If your heart is inspired

To cry like an orphan,

Then God the Father and God the Mother

Will definitely come to you

And teach you how to dance with Them

Their own Immortality-Dance.

6424. Pay attention to your own race

As you run along the Path of Eternity,

Pay all attention to your own inner race.

If you try to carry

Your slower brothers and sisters

While running fast, faster, fastest

To your goal,

Your own frustration will come forward

Again and again

And unmistakably delay

Your spiritual progress.

6425. You have your own name

Just because another seeker

Has failed in the spiritual life,

Does that mean you also will fail?

No, you have your own name.

When your Beloved Supreme

Calls you,

No other person will come

And appear before Him.

6426. Every day is your birthday

Every day is your birthday

When you are good.

Every day is your death day

When you are bad.

6427. Today I am appreciating

Yesterday, for the first time,

I appreciated something in myself

That I had never before appreciated,

And that was my thirsty heart.

Today I am appreciating

Something in myself

That I never thought I would appreciate

In this life,

And that is my Lord's

Uninvited Compassion-Tears.

6428. What God looks like

You want to know

What God looks like.

I tell you,

He looks exactly like

The beauty of your hope


The purity of your promise.

6429. God came to me

Yesterday God came to me

With a blue and hungry heart.

Today God has come to me

With a green and nourishing hope.

Tomorrow God will come to me

With a golden and fulfilled promise.

6430. You will be called

If you stay in the Golden Boat,

You will be called.

But if you are no longer in the Boat,

Why should the Boatman call you?

So stay with your Beloved Supreme,

O seeker, stay in His Golden Boat.

6431. He has more than enough

If you have faith in the spiritual Teacher

You have chosen,

Then your sincere devotion to him

Will make you feel

That what he has inwardly and outwardly

Is more than enough for you.

6432. The human in us

The human in us

Wants to know

God's secret Dreams.

The divine in us

Wishes to become one with

God's open Realities.

6433. An inner will

If you have an inner will,

Then use it properly!

Use it to control

Your outer life.

If you have an outer will,

Then use it properly!

Use it to feed and please

Your inner life.

6434. Your inner life will be bankrupt

If you withdraw from your inner bank

All the good qualities

You have put into your spiritual life —

Gratitude, love, devotion, surrender,

Concern and affection —

And do not deposit anything

In their place,

Then your account will become empty

And your inner life

Will be totally bankrupt.

6435. Withdraw and deposit

If you withdraw one dollar

From your inner bank account,

Then the next day, without fail,

You should be sure to deposit

Five dollars in its place.

This will be all your own wealth.

Nobody else can claim it.

6436. Your soul's will

You can unmistakably know

Your soul's will

By discarding once and for all

The messages of your binding

And blinding mind

And by consciously and sleeplessly

Loving and embracing

The messages of your crying

And dreaming heart.

6437. The highest will win

The seeker's highest reality

And his lowest reality

Are all the time fighting against each other.

For the sincere seeker,

The highest is bound to win

In the near future.

For the insincere seeker also,

The highest is bound to win,

But in the far distant future.

6438. Absolutely necessary

It is not necessary

For me to know

What God the Perfection

Does for me.

But it is absolutely necessary

For me to know

What I the imperfection

Do for God.

6439. Your own dream

If your life is your own dream

And not God's Dream,

Then you are bound to live inside

Your own mind's illusion-prison.

6440. How can you survive?

How can you survive

The attacks of ignorance-night

When your mind loves to dance

In darkness

And your heart is too timid and weak

To protest against your mind's behaviour?

6441. All for God

If you know that God

Is all for you,

Then you are also bound to be

All for God,

No matter how much others

Speak ill of God,

No matter how much others

Speak ill of you.

6442. An added opportunity

To have a true friend

Is to have an added opportunity

To increase your spirituality,

For two friends can easily

Offer to each other

What they inwardly receive.

6443. Each good thought

Each good thought is a new Heaven.

Each new Heaven is a new perfection

Of God's Vision

And a new satisfaction

Of God's Reality.

6444. When I look at God

When I look at God,

I see His Eternity's sleepless Eye.

When I look at myself,

I see my insecurity's helpless "I".

6445. Walking with God

If your heart-delight

Is walking with God,

That means your body-consciousness

Also is walking with God.

6446. An unparalleled opportunity

When I live inside my mind,

I offer my Lord Supreme

An unparalleled frustration-prison.

When I live inside my heart,

I grant my Lord Supreme

An unparalleled opportunity

To receive me, shape me,

Mould me and make me

An exact prototype of His own

Heaven-Vision in earth-Reality.

6447. The hope-world

As long as I live in the hope-world,

My Lord Supreme will appear

Time and again.

But when I no longer live in the hope-world,

Not only will my Lord disappear,

But also my own Heaven-free reality

Will disappear.

6448. Frustration and satisfaction

Frustration and satisfaction

Stand before you side by side.

It is up to you to choose.

While you are cherishing frustration,

Satisfaction remains out of reach.

But the moment you cast frustration aside,

Satisfaction is yours.

6449. Your soul suffers

Your mind does not aspire.

Therefore, your heart suffers.

Your heart aspires,

But not to the satisfaction of your soul.

Therefore, your soul suffers.

6450. The wrong road

You are walking

Along the wrong road

Because you are not feeding

Your mind's little thoughts

With your purity-sincerity-flames.

6451. Promotion and protection


This is what my mind demands

From the world.


This is what my heart needs

From Above.

6452. The beggar

In the morning

I am the beggar

Of my Lord's Compassion-Eye.

At noon

I am the beggar

Of my Lord's Oneness-Heart.

In the evening

I am the beggar

Of my Lord's Satisfaction-Breath.

6453. When you love yourself

When you love yourself

And nobody else,

You must know that

Your heart is not,

And perhaps will never be,

As vast as you think.

6454. Two torturers

His clever vital

Is torturing his uncertain mind.

His intelligent mind

Is torturing his loving heart.

6455. Attack the negative forces

If you know that a negative force

Is bound to attack you,

Do not delay!

Attack that force

Before it attacks you.

6456. The hour of battle is now!

If you see the ignorance-tiger

Standing in front of you

About to attack,

Do not run away.

Do not wait for the hour

When Peace, Light, Bliss and Power

Will descend into you in infinite measure.

Do not wait until you have more strength

In your mind and heart.

The hour of battle is now!

Just conquer and destroy the tiger


6457. The manufacturer

Nobody is my enemy

Except my mind,

The manufacturer

Of my restlessness-life.

6458. The prison of impurity

If your mind enjoys

Living inside the prison cell

Of dark impurity,

How can poor God grant you

His Heart's Love-Nectar-Delight?

6459. My life's hesitation

My life's hesitation

Is cleverly beckoned

By my mind's imperfection.

6460. An institution-mind

An imperfect


Is a perfect


6461. I am so glad

I am so glad that my mind

Is now totally blind.

It can no longer see

The falsehood-mountain.

I am so glad that my life

Is now totally blind.

It can no longer see

The deception-volcano.

I am so glad that my heart

Has regained its perfect vision.

It can not only see God once more

But also feel God's Satisfaction-Heart.

6462. A great difference

There may be a great difference

Between the peace

That I receive from within

And the peace

That I offer without.

6463. I love the world

I love the world

Not because the world

Is trying to be perfect.

I love the world

Because my Lord is evolving

Through the world's constant failures

And rare successes.

6464. Now I am looking

I have already found my Lord

Inside my heart-garden,

And now I am looking for Him

In the depths of my mind-forest.

6465. One divine message

One divine message is flowing down

And touching my earth-home:

My Lord Supreme will make my life

His own Illumination-Joy.

6466. The dance of darkness

Because I have not disciplined my life

I am forced not only to see

The dance of darkness

But also to participate in

The dance of destruction.

6467. A special message

The blue bird of my green heart

Has a special message today:

Before long I shall see

The lotus-red Feet of my Lord Supreme

Inside my surrender-life and gratitude-heart.

6468. Man is happy when

Man is happy only when

He has his powerful imagination with him.

God is happy only when

He has His fruitful Satisfaction with Him.

6469. To acquire joy

There are many ways for a seeker

To acquire overwhelming joy

Inside the depths of his heart.

But the easiest and most effective way

Is to tell the world:

"I am in you, true!

But I am for God,

I am of God

And I am with God."

6470. Because of your humility

Because of your flower-fragrance-humility

God enjoys inside you

The Delight of His own Divinity.

6471. My only freedom

My only freedom

Is my constant obedience

To my Inner Pilot.

6472. He has definitely descended

He has definitely descended

Because his mind

Has stabbed his heart.

6473. I do not mind

I sincerely do not mind

Who thinks of you,

So long as you are thought of

Affectionately, sleeplessly

And unconditionally.

6474. My heart's sleepless progress

My heart's sleepless progress

Is my life's

Shadowless destination.

6475. You have to cry

When you lose your outer strength,

You can gain it back again

Almost at once.

But when you lose your inner strength,

Recovery is more difficult.

For that you have to cry and cry to God

With all the sincerity

At your command.

6476. Inner wounds

In the outer life

If you do not eat for two days,

Nothing serious will happen to you.

But in the inner life

If you do not aspire for even one day,

All the world's hostile forces

Can attack you,

And your inner wounds may linger

For many days.

6477. My mind's inspiration

My mind's inspiration

Is divinely beautiful.

My heart's aspiration

Is supremely powerful.

My life's realisation

Is eternally fruitful.

6478. Each man

Each man

Is his yesterday's

Heavenly promise

And his today's

Earthly hope.

6479. My Lord has saved me

My Lord has saved me

By fulfilling my heart's cry.

My Lord has saved me

By refusing to fulfil

My vital demands.

6480. Any change

The mind thinks

That any change

Is painful.

The heart feels

That any change

Is powerful.

6481. A glimpse of reality

A crystal-clear glimpse of reality

Has shown him that each heart

Is a green plant of hope

And each life

Is a blue tree of promise.

6482. The seeds of faith and security

It is the hostile forces

In the inner world —

Not those in the outer world —

That try to take you away

From your spiritual life.

These hostile forces take your faith

And give you doubt,

Take your security

And give you insecurity.

But as long as you are vigilantly cultivating

The seeds of faith and security

In the inner world,

You do not have to worry.

6483. A soulful surrender-smile

The seeker can stop

His yesterday's inner storms

Only if he knows how to smile

A soulful surrender-smile.

6484. His heart is lost

His heart is completely lost

Between Heaven's chilling indifference

And earth's burning attachments.

6485. My mind is demanding

My mind is demanding

A newness-world.

My heart is crying for

A fulness-world.

6486. The coasting of my life

Self-giving is not

The climbing of my heavy body

But the coasting of my light life.

6487. Eagerness for wealth

It is not inevitable

That some people become rich

While others remain poor.

No, it entirely depends on

Their eagerness for wealth.

Even so, your spiritual wealth

Depends on your eagerness

To become spiritually rich.

6488. Your Inner Pilot is not responsible

You may tell the whole world

That your Inner Pilot is not responsible

For your destruction.

You may rightfully blame

Your previous negligence

And present unwillingness.

But do you think that your Inner Pilot

Will be satisfied

Because you are not blaming Him?

On the strength of His Eternity's Oneness

With you,

He feels your failure is unmistakably

His failure too.

6489. If your heart can bask

If your heart can bask

In its own open smile,

Then all the deathless dreams

Inside your heart

Will blossom into perfect realities.

6490. The flute of satisfaction

His mind enjoys

The trumpet of prophecy.

His heart enjoys

The flute of soul-illumining

And life-transforming


6491. You can easily destroy

With your soul's mustered might

You can easily destroy

Your mind's age-long slumber.

6492. Gratitude is an inner flower

Gratitude is an inner flower

That can never die

Once it has blossomed

Inside your heart-garden.

6493. God is your real Friend

Human friends are good

If they inspire and encourage you

On the journey along Eternity's Road,

But God is your only real divine Friend.

6494. My life needs

My life needs only three things:

An emptiness-mind,

A oneness-heart,

A fulness-soul.

6495. His companions

Oppression's volcano-mind

And depression's thunder-vital

Are his inner and outer companions.

6496. If you are ready to suffer

If you are ready to suffer

For other's misery,

Then you are fiercely thirsting

To disperse

The ignorance-clouds

Of humanity's cruelty.

6497. A new light

If you can give the hostile forces

A serious warning,

You are bound to see a new light

Inside your heart,

Rising suddenly like the moon.

6498. Talk to God

If you want to have,

Then talk to others.

But if you want to become,

Then talk to God.

6499. My mind's faithfulness

My mind's faithfulness

Considerably adds to

My heart's soulfulness.

6500. Your mind is learning

Your mind is learning

The language of surrender-light.

Therefore, your Lord Supreme has granted you

His own Flute of Oneness-Delight.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the sixty-fifth volume in a series of ten thousand "flaming flower-poems" which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity's self-ascending cry and Divinity's God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Ambassador Abdel-Rahman Abdalla of the Democratic Republic of the Sudan to the United Nations greets Sri Chinmoy at a special programme marking the twenty-fourth anniversary of Sudan's joining the United Nations on 31 October 1980.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 65, Agni Press, 1983
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