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Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 71

7001. A Single God-Touch

A single God-Touch

From God’s Compassion-Height

Can transform man’s unimaginable

And countless weaknesses

Into God’s own infinite,

Immortal and omnipotent Power.

7002. His Heart Helped Him

His mind failed to help him

Be a God-thinker,

But his heart helped him

Become a God-lover.

7003. Ecstasy-Sky Is Ready

Go beyond yourself.

Ecstasy-sky is all ready

To receive you.

7004. Transcend The Mind

Transcend the mind.

Your life will immediately

Have a new meaning:

Perfect satisfaction.

7005. He Who Fears

Do not fear.

He who fears cannot stay near

God’s Compassion-Eye

And God’s Forgiveness-Feet.

7006. My Success-Light Learns

My success-light learns from me

About the stillness of the mind.

I learn from my progress-delight

About the universal oneness

Of existence-height.

7007. Opinion-Gongs And Liberation-Songs

My mind likes


My heart loves


7008. Your Heart Is Responsible

Your mind is responsible

For your own success-train.

Your heart is responsible

For the world’s progress-boat.

7009. Just Say No

You should say

What you want to say.

You must become

What you want to become.

Just say no

To the ridiculous demands of others.

Just become

A self-giving instrument of God.

7010. By Helping The Undeserving

By helping the undeserving,

You cannot make them worthy

Of Heaven’s Delight.

7011. My Lord Does Not Mind

My Lord Supreme does not mind

My total unfitness.

He cares only for

My cheerful willingness.

7012. Negate And Propagate

Negate what you proudly know.

Propagate what you soulfully are.

You will definitely please God.

7013. A Striking Commencement

Just to say

That you are going to commence

Is itself a striking commencement

Of your life’s very long journey.

7014. The Perfection Of An Old Cry

The perfection of an old cry

In my heart

Is the realisation of a new smile

In my life.

7015. Why Should I Be Embarrassed?

Why should I be embarrassed

To try something new in my life?

Who knows,

My newness may turn out to be

Another name for my universal oneness.

7016. I Am Surrendering Myself

You are not thinking at all.

Therefore, you are not moving.

He is thinking too much.

Therefore, he is moving backward.

I am thinking neither too little

Nor too much.

I am just surrendering myself

To my Inner Pilot.

Therefore, the human in me is succeeding

And the divine in me is progressing.

7017. Do Not Try To Hide

O my mind,

Do anything else you want,

But please do not try

To hide yourself

From my heart’s concern.

7018. Only Two Superior Ways

There are only two superior ways

To realise God:

My life’s surrender-way

And my heart’s gratitude-way.

7019. I Shall Cry For Perfection

I shall not cry for my satisfaction.

That is my Lord’s Task.

I shall cry for my perfection.

Indeed, that is my task,

My only task.

7020. My Frustration's Friend

My outer frustration

Is desperately looking for

Its lost friend:

My inner satisfaction.

7021. My Perfect Action

My closeness-promise

Is my right action.

My oneness-hope

Is my perfect action.

7022. To Feel God's Presence

To feel God’s Presence

Inside your heart

Is to forget the long-sought fulfilment

Of your desire-life.

7023. Two Other Names

Self-examination has two other names:




7024. I Must Become More

As I can see

What I know,

Even so, I must become

More than I know.

7025. Because I Need It


I did not need.

Even then, I had it.


I do need.

And just because I need it

I shall have it.

7026. God Has Already Started

God has already started meditating

On your life’s fulness.

Look, you have not even started thinking

Of your heart’s soulfulness.

7027. Unreality's Dream-Land

Who has instigated you

To immigrate

To unreality’s dream-land?

Not God, but somebody else!

7028. By Seeing, By Becoming

By seeing what you have seen,

I shall see the Compassion-Eye

Of God.

By becoming what you have become,

I shall become the perfection-instrument

Of God.

7029. God's Perfection-Plane

If I can correct

My thought-train,

God will immediately grant me

His own Perfection-Plane

To fly all over

His entire creation.

7030. Tomorrow's Problems

Today’s problems are torturing you


Tomorrow’s problems, do not invite!

Who knows, they may bring with them

The message of your unwanted

But inescapable and premature


7031. Dangerously Contagious Disease

My Lord,

Save my vital and free my mind

From the dangerously contagious disease:


7032. The Soul's Freedom-Game

If you have a beauty-mind

And a purity-heart,

Then you can participate

In the soul’s freedom-game.

7033. In My Mind's Descent-Life

In my mind’s descent-life,

No news is good news.

In my heart’s ascent-life,

No news is sad news.

7034. Hope-News

Every morning in the inner world

I look for and long for

Only one thing:


7035. My Definitions

My definition of man:


My definition of God:


7036. One Book I Shall Never Write

In the inner world

I have written many books.

But one book I shall never write

And that is the book called


7037. Bury The Desire-Prince

Bury the desire-prince

Of your vital

If you want to be really happy

As a perfect satisfaction-king.

7038. Desire-Kites

There is only one thing

We can easily do

Without being taught,

And that is to fly desire-kites.

7039. Two Unavoidable Consequences

Two unavoidable consequences

Of your doubt-life:

You lose your beauty’s eyes;

You lose your purity’s heart.

7040. A Perfect Victim

My Lord,

I wish to tell You that I know,

Beyond the slightest doubt,

That I have become a perfect victim

To my own exhaustion-mind.

7041. A Long-Neglected Letter

At last I have written

A long-neglected letter

To my Lord Supreme

Giving Him this special message:

Mine will soon be the life

Of unconditional surrender.

7042. Infinity's Eternal Soul-Melodies

Infinity’s eternal soul-melodies

Are what I wish to have

Deep within me.

7043. Unless You Are A Dreamer

Unless you are first a dreamer,

How can you become a darer?


7044. Today's Teeming Demands

Today’s teeming demands

Are simply killing you.

Why do you have to think

Of tomorrow’s countless demands,

You abysmal fool?

7045. No Desire-Bound Outer Hope

No desire-bound outer hope

Can be forbidden.

No aspiration-free inner hope

Can be smitten.

7046. A Weeping Defeat

My outer world does not know

What I inwardly wanted,

But it does know what I now have:

A weeping defeat.

7047. Defeated Dreams

My heart

Cannot and will not stay

With defeated dreams.

7048. With Mortal Hopes

Each human being pines

For an immortal life

But, alas, is forced to live

With mortal hopes.

7049. Great Liars

Fears are great liars.

Do not allow them

To lead your eyes

And guide your life.

7050. Make Your Life's Choice

Since you can enjoy

Either ignorance-sleep

Or wisdom-awakening,

Make your life’s choice

Here and now!

7051. Beauty's Song In The Morning Sun


I am fond of many things.

But I am extremely fond of

Beauty’s song in the morning sun

And purity’s dance in the evening sky.

7052. The Ladder Of Illumination

Unless you stop climbing

The ladder of earth’s ambition,

You will not be able to climb

The ladder of Heaven’s illumination.

7053. God Only Wants

God does not want you to die.

He only wants your depression-night

To die.

7054. Satisfaction-Lion And Aspiration-Deer


Will postpone its visit

Because aspiration-deer

Has not yet started its journey.

7055. Stop And Start

Intruding thoughts, stop!

Interfering mind, stop!

Fearful heart, stop!

Illumining soul, start!

7056. Transcendental Heights

Transcendental heights

Are always founded upon

God’s indispensable

Vision-spreading Depths.

7057. God Will Hurry It

You do not have to hurry

God’s Hour.

God Himself will hurry it.

You just make your aspiration

More intense

And your dedication

More immense.

7058. Premature Introductions

Frequent visits

Of depression-night

Are nothing other than

Premature introductions to death.

7059. The Path Of The Unillumined

The path of the unillumined

Is so narrow

That the illumined cannot proceed along it

To spread the light

Of aspiration-flames.

7060. I Have Not Forgotten You

My Lord,

I have not forgotten You

Even for the first time.

Will You not for all time

Remember me?

7061. Enjoying God's Fellowship

There was a time

When I wanted to enjoy God’s Fellowship

Only to become

An extremely important member

Of God’s cosmic Society.

Now I enjoy God’s Fellowship

Only to unlearn

What the ignorant world

Has taught me forcefully

Over the years.

There shall come a time

When I shall enjoy God’s Fellowship

Only to offer to the world at large

One message in supreme silence:

Just because God knows

What we truly are,

He needs us infinitely more

Than we need Him.

7062. A Difficult Task

My Lord Supreme

Has liberated my soul.

My soul is trying

To liberate my heart.

But because of my heart’s

Fear of vastness and oneness,

My soul is finding it

An extremely difficult task.

7063. My Heart Knows

My heart knows

It is not liberated.

Therefore, it does not try

To liberate my mind.

But my clever mind

Wants to liberate my restless vital,

In spite of knowing

That it is not liberated itself.

7064. My Vital Wants To Liberate

My vital, like my mind,

Is far, far away from liberation.

Yet it shamelessly and falsely feels

That its restless and destructive qualities

Are the signs of liberation.

Therefore it wants to liberate my body,

Which is also enveloped by inconscience.

7065. Necessity

Before, I felt the human necessity

Of solving my problems

All by myself.

Now I feel the divine necessity

Of invoking God’s Compassion,

Forgiveness and Concern

To solve all my problems for me.

There shall come a time

When I shall feel the supreme necessity

Of bringing to the fore

My unreserved surrender-life

And my unconditional gratitude-heart

While simultaneously invoking

The Presence of my Beloved Supreme

To solve all my life’s teeming problems.

7066. The Only Peace

To me, earthly power

Is no peace.

To me, Heavenly joy

Is no peace.

To me, my Lord’s daily Satisfaction-Smile

Is the only peace.

7067. The Victory

God’s Smile is the victory

Of today’s man.

Man’s smile is the Victory

Of Eternity’s God.

7068. The Sanctuary

My vision-eye is the sanctuary

Of the unborn creation

Of my Lord Supreme.

My realisation-reality is the sanctuary

Of the Perfection-Satisfaction-Message

Of my Lord’s ever-transcending

Light and Delight of the Beyond.

7069. Two Inherited Disasters

Two disasters he has inherited

From his many ignorance-lives:

A doubting mind


An unaspiring heart.

7070. Your Purity-Dawn

How can you break

Your impurity-enemy’s resistance?

Just imagine your heart

Bathing in the soul-light

Of your purity-dawn.

7071. I See All Around Me

When I live inside my hurtful mind,

I see all around me

Nothing but bitterness.

When I live inside my prayerful heart,

I see all around me

Nothing but sweetness.

When I live inside my blossoming soul,

I see all around me

Nothing but God’s continuous Fondness

For me.

When I live inside my Lord Supreme,

I see and feel all around me

Only one thing:

God’s sleepless Oneness with me.

7072. God Creates

God creates.

My heart discovers.

My mind distrusts.

7073. Immediate Neighbours

Enthusiasm and success

Are immediate neighbours.

Aspiration and perfection

Are immediate neighbours.

7074. Each Time You Fall

Each time you fall

It is a human experience.

Each time you rise

It is a divine realisation.

7075. No Need To Hide

For your true self

There is no need to hide.

For your false self

There is no place to hide.

7076. Apostles Of Perfection

Those who know the truth

And those who distribute the truth

Are apostles of earth’s perfection

And Heaven’s satisfaction.

7077. First Try To Know God

First try to know God,

And then try to know your mind.

First try to silence your mind,

And then think of feeling my heart.

7078. If Your Heart Becomes

If your heart becomes

The beauty’s morn,

Then God will become

Your victory’s horn.

7079. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm has success

In it.

Enthusiasm is progress

In itself.

7080. A God-Climbing Heart

What I need is

A God-climbing heart

And not

A God-manufacturing mind.

7081. I Shall No More Roam

I shall no more roam

In my mind’s unlit jungle.

I now clearly see

And soulfully admire

The blossoming of my heart-flower.

7082. Heaven's Will-Power-Door

Each good and inspiring thought

Easily unlocks

Heaven’s will-power-door.

7083. Wrong Thoughts

If your mind continues

To harbour wrong thoughts,

You cannot reclaim

Your life’s divinity.

7084. My Prayer Unheard

My prayer unheard

Is a soulful dream.

My prayer heard

Is a powerful reality.

7085. The Heart Of Mankind

The sunshine-hope

In man’s aspiration-heart

Will last for a very long time,

For the heart of mankind

Is a deep, conscious and

Promise-treasuring core.

7086. The Higher Nature Commands

The higher nature commands

The birth of

A very new life.

The lower nature demands

The revival of

A very, very old life.

7087. Heaven Immediately Descends

When and where

Soulful qualities are unreservedly valued,

Heaven immediately descends.

7088. He Who Is

He who has

At times may be alone.

But he who is

Can never be alone.

7089. Only Two Reality-Lovers

There are only two reality-lovers:

One is God

The immortal Singer,

The other is God

The eternal Listener.

7090. His Mind Is Lost

His mind is helplessly

And completely lost

In the crowd of contradictory thoughts.

7091. What I Need From You

O my mind,

What I need from you

Is just a little determination

And nothing more.

O my heart,

What I need from you

Is just a little aspiration

And nothing more.

O my life,

What I need from you

Is just a little dedication

And nothing more.

7092. Painful And Destructive

The sudden joy

Of the aspiring heart

Is quite often painful and destructive

To the doubting mind.

7093. Mental Clouds Appear

Mental clouds appear

From time to time

To challenge and strengthen

My psychic sun.

7094. Preserve The Precious Moments

Preserve the precious moments

In your life


So that God can invite you

Into His Life


7095. Three Strangers

His mind is a stranger

To stillness.

His heart is a stranger

To soulfulness.

His soul is a stranger

To happiness.

7096. I Really Feel Sorry For Him

When I encounter an intellectual giant,

I really feel sorry for him,

For he has everything

Except the divinity of sweetness

In his heart.

7097. Right Person, Wrong Person

You are the right person

To ask your mind

If God needs it.

You are the wrong person

To ask God

If He needs your heart.

7098. Your Treasure-House

Your treasure-house

Is inside your own heart’s cry

And not inside the world’s frown.

7099. Please Warn Me

My Lord,

Please warn me before You come.

Otherwise, You may come unrecognised

And go back unloved.

7100. My Silence-Heart

Alas, how is it I did not know

For such a long time

That my silence-heart is so special

To my Lord Supreme?

Alas, how is it I did not know

That it is inside my silence-heart

That my Lord’s Victory-Drum

Will herald the new dawn

Of His perfect creation?

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the seventy-first volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Artist Peter Max visits Sri Chinmoy’s Jharna-Kala Art Gallery on 28 April 1975, commenting, “He should just continue to draw and paint and flourish like he has been forever.”

Editor's note

Some poems in this first edition were later selected by the author for a special collection of 207 Flower-Flames (FFP). The author also chose to revise some of his original poems for this anthology: FF-7054: FFP 175 (revised version).

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 71, Agni Press, 1983
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/ff_71