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Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 77

7601. God Touches My Heart

God touches my heart

So that I can fly on the wings

Of His ever-ascending Vision-Smile.

7602. Be Brave, Be Sincere

Be brave

Where your heart is concerned.

Be sincere

Where your mind is concerned.

Then you will see how easy it is

To live your life

In a supremely better consciousness.

7603. For God's Satisfaction

My will was made

For God’s Satisfaction.

God’s Will was made

For my perfection.

7604. Curb Your Negative Feelings

Curb your negative feelings.

Otherwise, before long,

You will have to retreat

From the world’s heart-garden.

7605. I Cry Because

I cry because

I am so imperfect.

I smile because

My Lord tells me

That I am not a hopeless case.

7606. God The Compassion

God the Compassion

Is before my eyes.

God the Satisfaction

Is within my heart.

God the Perfection

Is inside my aspiration-cry.

7607. Always Willing To Try

I must not forget

To tell Heaven

That poor earth

Is always willing to try.

7608. There Is No Difference

There is no difference

Between collecting and storing garbage

And identifying with the impure thoughts

Of the human mind.

7609. Look At Yourself Soulfully

Look at yourself soulfully sometimes

So that you do not exaggerate

Your imperfection-cry.

7610. A Diplomatic Death

Since each thought

Is an atomic power,

You can give each thought

A diplomatic death.

7611. If My Heart Knows You Well

If my heart

Knows you well,

I shall not keep

My mouth shut

When the world does not value

Your aspiration-heart

And dedication-life.

7612. The Tug-Of-War

The unaspiring human mind

Is forced to enjoy

The tug-of-war

Between strangling doubt

And embracing faith.

7613. No Matter What You Say

No matter what you say,

No matter what you do,

God will not discredit your talents,

For His Heart of Satisfaction

He has already placed inside you.

7614. My Aspiring Heart Is Familiar

My aspiring heart is familiar

With sincerity-seekers.

My undivine mind is familiar

With anxiety-mongers.

7615. I Desperately Need You

My Lord Supreme,

I desperately need You

Early in the morning

To tell me that my heart

Can be as pure

As Your Vision-Eye.

My Lord Supreme,

I desperately need You

Late in the evening

To tell me that my life

Can be as perfect

As Your Compassion-Heart.

7616. Simplification Is Unification

Simplification is nothing other

Than unification.

When I simplify my complex

And complicated mind,

I unify my earth-bound life

With my Lord’s eternally free Life.

7617. Citizenship In Heaven

There can be no iota of doubt

Inside your illumined mind.

Such being the case,

Your heart is now in a position

To enjoy citizenship in Heaven.

7618. Veil And Unveil

If you can cheerfully veil

Your spiritual greatness,

God will quickly unveil

Your spiritual goodness,

Plus tell the whole world

That you are His unparalleled instrument.

7619. God Dreams Of His Satisfaction

God is his life’s unwritten compassion.

God is his mind’s mystic inspiration.

God is his heart’s psychic aspiration.


God dreams of His own perfect Satisfaction

In and through him.

7620. Truth And Falsehood

What is the difference

Between falsehood and truth?

Falsehood is not afraid

Of earth’s ignorance-night,

But it is afraid

Of Heaven’s wisdom-light and delight.

Truth is not afraid

Of earth’s ignorance-night

Or of Heaven’s wisdom-light and delight.

Therefore the omnipotent Supreme,

Omniscient Supreme

And omnipresent Supreme

Loves truth and not falsehood.

7621. During His Sunset Years

Even during the sunset years

Of his life,

His heart longed for solid security

And his mind longed for bright hopes.

7622. His Days Die With Sombre Sleep

His days die with sombre sleep.

His nights die with giant groans.

What can you expect

From such an ill-fated

And Heaven-denied man?

7623. We Imitate

We imitate a person

For our self-glorification.

We imitate God

For our life-liberation.

7624. Creativity-Power

Just because you have

The opportunity-hour,

You cannot say you are going to use

Your creativity-power.

But if you have creativity-power,

Someday, somehow,

You will discover

Your opportunity-hour.

7625. Remain In Your Child-Heart

If you remain in your child-heart,

No matter how many mistakes you make,

You will try to rectify them

And not repeat them.

If you remain in your adult-mind,

You will not even try to rectify

Your mistakes.

You will only prepare yourself

For your coffin.

7626. When The Hour Strikes

When the hour strikes,

Nobody is going to look for you.

You have to remain wide awake

And respond immediately.

7627. Silence Speaks

Silence speaks soulfully and powerfully.

Everybody loves to hear it speak,

And so do I.

Sound speaks loudly and foolishly.

Nobody understands a word it says.

Everybody laughs,

And so do I.

7628. The Beauty Of Hope

The satisfaction of life

May not be ours,

But the beauty of hope

Is all ours.

7629. Where Is My Receptivity?

God is more than willing

To grant me the beauty

Of perfection-blossoms.

But alas, where is my receptivity?

Where is it?

7630. My Heart's Silence-Sky

Where can I announce my Lord’s Victory?

Not inside my mind’s sound-sea,

But inside my heart’s silence-sky.

7631. No Sincere Heart-Cries

No sincere heart-cries

Will give birth

To devastating frustrations

And heart-breaking realisations.

7632. Shelter Me And Mine

My Lord,

I pray to You to shelter me

And everything of mine,

Except two things which I have created:

My fearful vital and my doubtful mind.

7633. Two Ancient Universal Questions

Two ancient universal questions:

How can I realise God


Is unconditional surrender

Ever possible?

7634. The Perils Of Your Temptation-Life

You will be able to outlast

The perils of your temptation-life

If your aspiration is intense

And your dedication is immense.

7635. Because You Do Not Believe

Because you do not believe

In the mind’s search,

Because you do not believe

In the heart’s cry,

Your joy is speeding

Towards death.

7636. A Long Stride Towards God

O chosen son of God,

Yours is not the life of empty hopes.

Therefore, for you

Every hour is a long stride

Towards God.

7637. The Silver Mountain

Cherish not, even unconsciously,

The cave of despair.

Only then will you be able

To sing and dance

On the silver mountain

Of satisfaction-delight.

7638. His Heart's Light-Giving Lamp

His heart’s light-giving lamp

God lovingly takes

As His own unveiling


7639. Two Thoughts

“I love God.”

This thought starts from my heart

And runs and runs towards God.

“I do not love God.”

This thought starts from my mind

And carries me away from God.

7640. Futile Human Opinions

Since you immensely enjoy

Dry intellectual jargon,

You are blessed with

A mercilessly perplexing labyrinth

Of futile human opinions.

7641. What Have I To Conceal?

What have I to conceal?

My ignorance-night?

No, I shall not conceal it.

The sooner I reveal it,

The sooner my Lord’s Compassion-Eye

Will be able to transform it

Into wisdom-delight.

7642. God Laughs And Laughs

God laughs and laughs

When He sees that I am not at all anxious

To come out of my failure-night,

That on the contrary,

I am quite comfortably sleeping there.

7643. To See My Pride Weep

Nothing gives me greater joy

Than to see my exorbitant pride

Weeping bitterly.

7644. Soon You Will Hear God Knocking

Dedicate your life divinely

And dare to smile soulfully.

Soon you will hear

God knocking at your heart’s door.

Once He comes in,

He will stay there forever and forever.

7645. Walk Along The Inner Road

Every day you can walk along

The inner road

With your life of prayer

And your heart of meditation.

7646. The Heaven-Born Music

Purity is the Heaven-born music,

And this Heaven-born music

Can be heard only by those

Who are spiritually strong.

7647. An Infinitely Superior Goal

Silence was my goal.

But my Lord Supreme tells me

That He will take me far beyond silence

To an infinitely superior goal.

7648. The Same God

As an individual

Often dresses in different clothes,

Even so, Krishna, the Buddha, the Christ

And many others

Are the same God

Clothed in different garb.

7649. His Truth-Life Has Begun

If you see a hungry heart

Inside someone,

That means his truth-life

Has already begun.

7650. Lost Between Heaven And Earth

He is totally lost

Between his happy dream of Heaven

And his sad existence on earth.

7651. O My Mind's Suspicion-Night

O my mind’s suspicion-night,

Do you not realise

That you are nothing other than

A joy-devouring beast?

7652. Among The Immortals

My gratitude-heart

And my surrender-life

Are already stationed

Among the immortals.

7653. God Has Promised Me

Everything is imperfect.

Everyone is imperfect.

But God has promised me

That He will definitely make

His entire creation perfect,

And it will be done quite soon.

7654. Only One Necessity

A seeker of the supreme Truth

Has only one necessity,

And that necessity is

The earth-liberating

And Heaven-manifesting God.

7655. The Correct Answer

Do you want to know

How close you are to God?

Then dive deep within,

To the inmost region of your inner life.

Only there will you find

The correct answer.

7656. Your Sweet Violin-Heart

Your thunder-vital will never be able

To conquer the heart of the world.

It is your sweet violin-heart

That will conquer —

In fact, has already conquered —

The heart of the world.

7657. Because Of My Surrender-Light

Because of my surrender-light

Of today,

My Lord Supreme has forgiven

My neglected aspiration of the past.

7658. Time Is Illumining

The stupid mind thinks

That time is sleeping.

The wise heart knows

That time is perishing.

And I know

That time is illumining.

7659. The Frowns Of Dissolution-Night

If you cling desperately

To your desire-life,

You will never be able to deny

The stark frowns of dissolution-night.

7660. Your Heart Of Promise-Light

Neglect not

Your heart of promise-light.

If you neglect it,

Yours will be, before long,

The destruction-doom.

7661. You Want Your Mind To Wither

You want your mind to wither.

But how can it wither

As long as you allow it

To nourish itself with false imaginings?

7662. God's Unchanging Decision

Man speaks ill of God.

Man revolts against God.

Yet God does not change His decision

That man will be His chosen instrument

To manifest Him here on earth.

7663. Doubt Can Easily Destroy

What can doubt do?

It can easily destroy

The beauty and purity

Of oneness-friendship-joy.

7664. If You Want Enlightenment

Remove resentment

From your entire being

If you want enlightenment

Within and without.

7665. How Can Your Heart Be Happy?

Unless you sever yourself

From the obscurity

Of your suspicion-mind,

How can your heart

Ever be happy?

7666. Happiness


Will follow you

If your heart remains

Undisturbed by trifles.

7667. Man's First Disobedience-Night

Man’s first disobedience-night


Heaven’s first indifference-torture

Are inseparable.

7668. A Truly Great Seeker

As a tree that has countless leaves,

Flowers and fruits

Bows down to offer them

To the world at large,

Even so, a truly great seeker

Humbly bows down

To offer the fruits of his inner life

To mankind.

7669. Unless We Invoke

Unless we invoke today

The presence of tomorrow’s

All-illumining dawn,

Our life may sadly end

In a heart-breaking,

All-important failure.

7670. First-Born Child

Heaven’s first-born child:


Earth’s first-born child:


7671. Your Monstrous Anger

Your monstrous anger

Heralds the fast-approaching hour

Of your life’s

Total destruction.

7672. The Forest Of Uncomely Thoughts

Alas, the forest of uncomely thoughts

In your mind

Is threatening and frightening

Your heart’s climbing cry.

7673. Blossoms Of Enlightenment

Soulfully try to accept

God’s timeless Compassion-Height.

Your heart-cries will be transformed

Into blossoms of enlightenment.

7674. To Feed A Seeker's Heart

To feed a seeker’s heart,

Heaven, in its infinite beauty,

Every day smilingly, lovingly

And compassionately descends.

7675. Your Craving For World Praise

Your constant craving

For world praise

Has forced your heart’s aspiration-cry

To cease speedily.

7676. A Loneliness-Heart

A defective and contagious


Sleeplessly breeds

Hidden fears.

7677. God's Whispers

Your inner wound is deepening

And will continue to deepen

Unless you stop obeying

Your mind’s loud voice

And listen only to God’s

Secret and sacred Whispers.

7678. A Slave To Your Fate

It is you who have allowed yourself

To become a slave

To your stark fate.

How then can you enter

Into the delight-palace

Of silence-kingdom?

7679. A Succession Of Calamities

A succession of calamities

Shall without fail

Mark the reign

Of your wild desire-life.

7680. Opportunity Is Precious

We think that opportunity leads us

To something precious:


But opportunity not only leads us

To something precious.

Opportunity itself is precious.

7681. You Cannot Enjoy

Because your mind is a slave

To teeming doubts,

You cannot enjoy

The beauty and satisfaction

Of a perfect reality.

7682. The Crown Of My Efforts

My heart’s

Shadowless satisfaction-cry

Is the crown of my life’s

Soulful efforts.

7683. Can You Believe?

Can you believe that your mind

Is not missing God right now?

Can you believe that your heart

Is not loving God any more?

7684. That Is Why

God needs manifestation.

That is why He is touching our feet.

We need realisation.

That is why we are breaking God’s Head.

7685. When He Was In Heaven

When he was in Heaven,

His heart-flower opened

And he compassionately said:

“Let me go down and help

The suffering earth.”

Alas, when he came to earth,

He immediately said:

“Is there anybody in God’s universe

As stupid as I?

Let me go back to Heaven!”

7686. When Heaven And Earth Are United

A sense of incompleteness even God has.

He has divided Himself

Into two realities:

Heaven and earth.

These two realities need each other

And fulfil each other.

Only when Heaven and earth are united

Will God feel complete.

7687. Our Goal Is Not Fixed

Our goal is not fixed;

It is always transcending itself.

When we are about to reach

Our long-awaited goal,

We immediately see a new goal

In front of us.

To reach this new goal

Is not a one-inch journey.

It is also a very long distance away.

7688. Three Goals

Our first goal in meditation

Is not to have undivine, ordinary thoughts.

Our second goal

Is to have divine, progressive thoughts.

Our third goal

Is to have no thoughts at all.

Consciously or unconsciously,

We must always strive for a new goal.

7689. A New Promise

God always keeps His Promises to man.

If He does not fulfil one of His Promises,

We have to know

That He will fulfil a new and better Promise.

7690. God Grabbed Your Soul

You were waiting for

A phone call from God.

But poor God was exhausted

And could not dial

His Heavenly telephone.

Instead, God just grabbed your soul

And fed it,

Giving it divine and supreme joy

Far beyond your expectations.

7691. A Mature Seeker

An immature seeker may believe

That the faster he chants the names

Of the cosmic gods and goddesses,

The faster will be

His inner progress.

A mature seeker knows

That the more soulfully

He prays and meditates,

The more fruitful will be

His inner progress.

7692. Beautiful God-Dreams

Since during the day

He sings soulful God-songs,

At night God allows him

To have beautiful God-dreams.

7693. His Childlike Consciousness

A true spiritual Master must shoulder

The countless responsibilities

Of his spiritual family.

But still he remains

In a childlike consciousness

To fill his seeker-children

With the joy and delight

Of God the eternal Child.

7694. If You Feel Young

If you feel you are young,

Then you will see each moment

As an opportunity to grow.

If you feel you are old,

You may not be able to see

Any opportunities at all

In your life.

7695. Millions Of Ways

Opportunities appear before us

In millions of ways.


To lose these opportunities

We have also found

Millions of ways.

7696. Light Is Never Lost

If you are unable to reveal

The light you have received

During your meditation,

Do not worry.

You will not lose it.

It will only remain dormant

Until God’s Hour,

When you will have the inner wisdom

To use it in the right way

For the right purpose.

7697. A New Message

Every new year

The Supreme gives us a new Message.

If we take His Message seriously,

Our progress can be great,

Greater and greatest.

7698. Never Enough

In the inner world

You can never say

You have received enough.

While God’s Love is entering

Into your heart,

It is creating even more hunger

For His Love.

While God’s Compassion is descending

Into you,

It is creating an even larger vessel

To hold His Compassion.

7699. Our Heavenly Hunger

Our earthly hunger can be fed

With a limited amount of earthly food

And then be satisfied.

Our Heavenly hunger can be fed

With Peace, Light and Delight

In infinite measure

And still cry for more.

7700. Three Prayers

Give me, give me.

This was the prayer

I offered to God yesterday.

Receive me, receive me.

This is the prayer

I am offering to my Lord today.

Transform me, transform me

And make me Your very own.

This is the prayer

I shall offer to my Lord Supreme tomorrow.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the seventy-seventh volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Sri Chinmoy soulfully dedicates this book to his beloved brother Chitta. The photo on the cover, taken more than 40 years ago in India, shows young Chinmoy with his dearest Chitta.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 77, Agni Press, 1983
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/ff_77