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Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 81

8001. Yesterday I Prayed To God

Yesterday I prayed to God

To let me know who I really am.

Today I am praying to God

To make me feel that my heart

Really loves Him

And that my life

Really needs Him.

8002. Why Do I Cry?

Why do I cry?

I cry because

My clever mind

Has betrayed my soulful heart.

8003. You Have The Hidden Capacity

No matter where you are,

You do have the hidden capacity

To climb higher and dive deeper,

Even if it is just an inch.

8004. Self-Examination Means

Self-examination means


Self-perfection means


God-satisfaction means


8005. The Art Of Inner Deafness

If you are suffering

From world-doubts,

Then learn the art of inner deafness.

You will be happy

And your life will be amazingly progressive.

8006. Your Life's Ceaseless Pangs

Your mind’s blind restlessness

And your vital’s dark attachment

Cause your life’s ceaseless pangs.

8007. The Smile Of Your Heart

Walk along the path of purity.

Easily and effectively

The smile of your heart

Will be able to eradicate

Your imperfection-life.

8008. If You Become A Prayerful Seeker

If you become a prayerful seeker

Of God’s Love-World,

God will grant you His Vision-Delight

To treasure always.

8009. In The Heart Of Life

In the heart of life

There is only one thing: hope.

In the heart of death

There is only one thing: peace.

8010. Love Is The Quickest

Not your mind’s restless

And incessant calling

But your heart’s love

Is the quickest fulfiller

Of your dreams.

8011. My Eternity's Nectar-Food

The Silence-Blessing

Of my Lord’s Vision-Eye

Is my Eternity’s Nectar-Food.

8012. What Can Force You To Improve?

What can force you to improve?

Not the expectations of others.

No, not even your own desires.

Then what can?

Only your constant love of God.

8013. Satisfaction-Delight

When my consciousness lives on earth,

I see and become frustration-night.

When my consciousness lives in Heaven,

I become Heaven’s illumination-flight

And satisfaction-delight.

8014. Burn The Incense Of Your Heart

If your life is swimming

In the river of sorrow,

Then burn the incense of your heart

And inundate your entire being

With Eternity’s Light and Infinity’s Delight.

8015. A Ceaseless Flow Of Love

If you can make your heart become

A ceaseless flow of love,

Then the waters of liberation

Will not remain a distant goal.

8016. When I Dive Deep Within

When I dive deep within,

I see no imperfection-jungle

Or even difficulty-fern,

But only the smile of perfection

And the dance of satisfaction-delight.

8017. If I Listen To The Sweet Melody

I can conquer my body’s pitiful poverty

And make my life happy

If I listen to the sweet melody

Of my divinely wealthy heart.

8018. The Road Of Light

Who asks you to walk

Through an endless darkness-tunnel?

Do you not see that the road of light

Can easily be part and parcel

Of your life’s treasure-trove?

8019. If You Love Your Heart's Journey

If you love your heart’s journey,

Then rest assured the nectar-goal

Will not be able to forget you

Or ignore your life.

8020. A Life Of Dreams

If you have a life of dreams

And want your dreams to be fulfilled,

Then be as pure as the dew of the dawn

And play on your heart-violin every day.

8021. Your Supportive Listeners

If you truly have

An illumined mind-life,

Then my heart and I are more than ready

To be your regular supportive listeners.

8022. God's Smile Of Vision-Plenitude

You have shattered all earthly bondage.

Therefore, the doors of Heaven

Are wide open for you

To see God’s Smile of Vision-Plenitude.

8023. The Supreme Cause Of Life-Perfection

Rest assured, I never see

The heavy weight of your imperfection-plight.

What I always see is

The crown-glory of your self-offering

To the supreme cause of life-perfection.

8024. God Is His Compassion-Flow

If God is His


Then I am my


8025. If You Cry With Hope

If you cry with hope,

Your liberated heart will one day

Be able to experience the silence-delight

Of God’s Transcendental Heights.

8026. End Your Friendship

How long can you continue

With your false hope-dreams?

Do you not realise that your life

Is as useless as dust?

Is it not high time for you

To end your friendship

With self-deception-night?

8027. My Tenebrous Mind

My tenebrous mind

Is enveloped in the black shadow

Of my world of sorrow

And desperate self-destruction.

8028. If You Want To Throw Away

If you want to throw away

Something from your life,

Then throw away

Your fear-arrow and your doubt-spear.

8029. He Embodies The Eternal

His right eye embodies

The eternal sun of power.

His left eye embodies

The eternal moon of love.

His outer heart embodies


His inner heart embodies


8030. Ask Your Mind To Create Something

Ask your mind to create something

That is infinitely faster than thought.

Then ask your heart to purify it,

Your soul to liberate it

And God to play with it.

8031. As Long As You Love

As long as you love

Your questioning mind,

How can you expect a smile

From your illumining soul

And a dance

From your loving heart?

8032. I See Your Smile-River

My Lord, I see Your Smile-River

Flowing across my eyes.

Can I not show You

Soulfully and unconditionally

My heart’s dance of flame-delight?

8033. A New Dream

My Lord,

When I tell You that I am a hopeless case,

What do You think of me?

“My child,

I think of giving you immediately

A new dream:

The dream of God-Satisfaction

In your giant mind.”

8034. What The World Needs

What the world needs

Is an all-loving God-Hour,

But what the world is running after

Is an all-devouring giant power.

8035. A Satisfied Heaven-Father

If you can think of yourself

As a true earth-child,

Then God will definitely think of you

All the time

As a satisfied Heaven-Father.

8036. Your Heart-Fountain

If you keep your heart-fountain flowing,

Your body and vital

Will be able to play sleeplessly

In the fields of Immortality.

8037. Your Unconscious Incapacity

Today your heart is

Your unconscious incapacity.

Tomorrow your life will be

Your fulfilled capacity.

8038. The Beauty Of His Soul

The beauty of his soul

Has penetrated his outer life.

The confidence of his outer life

Has satisfied his Inner Pilot.

8039. This World

Since my body

Lives in this world,

Can my heart not be

For this world?

8040. A Blessing-Gift In Disguise

Failure is at times

A blessing-gift in disguise.

Even then, nobody likes

To accept this gift.

8041. Those Who Want To Destroy

Those who want to destroy the world

Have already become prey

To their own suicidal commitment.

8042. If You Want To Protest

If you want to protest,

Then protest against your own

Hidden inner crimes

By virtue of your own

Sterling faith in God.

8043. Bury Your Mental Education

Bury all your mental education

If necessity demands,

But never bury the beauty,

Purity and divinity

Of your intuition-flames.

8044. Your Prayerful Life

The prayerful life you now lead

Has the powerful capacity

And the fruitful necessity

To disown your deplorable past.

8045. His Life Is All Happiness

His life is all happiness

Because sincerity-inevitability

Always holds his heart

In its adamantine embrace.

8046. Every Divine Thought

By nature

Each and every earth-bound thought

Is inhospitable.

By nature

Each and every divine thought

Is not only cordially hospitable

But also astonishingly adorable.

8047. Each Special Prayer To God

Each special prayer to God

Is a green hope

And a blue promise

To emancipate the human in us

From the binding shackles

Of the animal in us.

8048. A Seeker's Soulful Smile

A seeker’s soulful smile

Is an everlasting flower

In the Heart-Garden

Of his Beloved Supreme.

8049. Any Purpose In Thinking

If there is any purpose in thinking,

It is so the thinking process itself

Can try to transcend

Its own extremely limited existence-reality.

8050. Each Sorrow Tells Us

Each preceding sorrow

Tells us that life is a journey

Into the unknowable.

Each succeeding sorrow

Tells us that everything

Has its own preordained

Earth-limited finality.

8051. Never Surrender Your Hope-Heart

Even if you fail time and again,

Never surrender your precious hope-heart

To eyeless, life-denying despair.

8052. With Your Heart's Loving Gratitude

With your heart’s loving gratitude

You can easily gain

God’s Transcendental Beatitude.

8053. The Heart-Beauty Of Humanity

Your breath of cunning

And intoxicating malice

Has lowered the climbing

Heart-beauty of humanity.

8054. A Foolish Hope

Each stupid man

Thinks he is entertaining a foolish hope

When he thinks of the transformation

Of his own nature.

8055. Ripples Of Energy-Light

My heart’s gratitude-breath

Is constantly blessed

With the beautiful ripples

Of dynamic energy-light.

8056. Be Careful Of Undivine Thoughts

Be careful of your mind’s

Undivine thoughts.

Not only do they increase and multiply,

But also they can force you

To die a million deaths

Before your life’s final hour strikes.

8057. Your Mind's Maladies

You talk so much

About your mind’s maladies.

When will you start talking

About your heart’s remedies?

8058. Unless Your Mind Cares

Unless your mind cares

To be useful to your heart,

How can anyone

Make your life fruitful?

8059. A Frustration-Lion

The human life

Is like a frustration-lion

Loving a frustration-tiger.

8060. Do Not Try To Interpret

If you want to understand a thing

Sooner than the soonest,

Then do not try to interpret it.

Just love it

And become inseparably one with it.

8061. Poison-Food


Is the poison-food

Prepared by the weak

For the weak.

8062. What You Have Inside You

What you have inside you

Is a heart of beauty’s dawn

And a soul of divinity’s day.

8063. The Human Mind Does Not Progress

The human mind does not progress

Because it wants to have

An independent life

In the heart of a dependent life.

8064. If You Love The World

If you love the world,

Then why do you hide from it?

If you hate the world,

Then why do you live in it?

8065. Do Not Think!

If you want your mind

To understand the world,

If you want your heart

To be loved by the world

And if you want your life

To be treasured by God Himself,

Then do not think!

8066. A Life Of Silence

A life of silence

Is always an inner challenge.

Its goal:

To hasten the choice Hour of God.

8067. They Never Want To Listen

Fear and doubt

Never want to listen to anybody

Even though they are tortured

Not only by others

But also by themselves.

8068. The Time That God Has Given You

What have you done with

The time that God has given you

To love the beauty of His creation

And inspire the world

With the purity of your inner vision?

8069. A Song Of Service

If you want to know more

About God the Creator,

Then become a song of service

To God the creation.

8070. I Believe

I believe,

Therefore I see.

I believe,

Therefore I become.

I believe,

Therefore I eternally am.

8071. Each Uninspired Day

Each uninspired day

Marks the beginning

Of a painful failure

That ends in an inner death.

8072. Unless It Means Everything To You

Do not accept the spiritual life

Unless it means everything to you

Now and from now on.

8073. His Heart's Sincerity

In the morning

His heart’s sincerity

Makes him soulful.

During the rest of the day

His life’s purity

Keeps him soulful.

8074. An Unparalleled Blessing

If your aspiration-heart

Spreads the beauty and purity

Of sunshine,

Then your life becomes

An unparalleled blessing

To yourself and to others.

8075. Nothing To Do With Failure

I have nothing to do

With failure.

I run my life’s business always

With success

Just by virtue of my heart’s

Inner surrender-light.

8076. A Soul Of Beauty

A soul of beauty

Is the perfection-search

For a life of duty.

8077. A Heart Of Tranquillity

A heart of tranquillity

Is the beauty of the Beyond

That nourishes the hunger

Of unawakened humanity.

8078. Your Love For God

Your love for God

Can make your life beautiful,

But it is God’s Love for you

That can make your life fruitful.

8079. An Endless And Useless Task

Do not try to satiate

The wild vital.

It is undoubtedly

An endless and useless task.

8080. God Usually Does Not Hide

God usually does not hide from me

Except when I search for Him

Inside my doubtful mind.

8081. Listen To Only One Prayer

My Lord,

I am grateful to You

Because yesterday You did not listen

To my prayer for desire-fulfilment.

My Lord,

Tomorrow I shall be grateful to You

If You do not listen

To my prayer for life-satisfaction.

My Lord,

I beg You to listen

To only one prayer of mine:

“Let Thy Will be done.”

8082. You Do Not Have To Advertise

Your heart’s excellence

You do not have to advertise.

That is God’s job,

And He does not want you

To take it away from Him.

8083. God's Compassion-Patrol

Self-control in the outer life

Is another name for

God’s Compassion-Patrol

In the inner life.

8084. Constantly Self-Transcendent

His mind’s love of God’s creation

Is very limited.

His heart’s love of God’s creation

Is unlimited.

His soul’s love of God’s creation

Is not only unlimited

But constantly self-transcendent.

8085. As Imagination Runs

As imagination runs

Before reality,

Even so, aspiration can run

Before imagination.

8086. Unwilling To Be Brave

You are unwilling to be brave.

Indeed, you are a fool!

You are unwilling to accept the light

From others who are already brave.

That means you are

Worse than a fool!

8087. Only One Reality

There can be only one reality

In my life, not two:

Either my daily God-appointment

Or my daily sad disappointment.

8088. If You Rely On God Alone

If you rely on your friends,

You are clever.

If you rely on yourself,

You are wise.

But if you rely on God alone,

You are perfect

Both inwardly and outwardly.

8089. Only One Urgent Duty

When I look up to Heaven,

I have only one urgent duty:

My surrender-duty.

When I look at the world,

I have only one urgent duty:

My gratitude-duty.

8090. Sailing In Two Directions

You are sailing

Your mind-boat and your heart-boat

In two directions at the same time.

What can poor God do?

He wants to be a passenger

In only one boat,

For the Goal cannot be

Here, there and everywhere.

8091. If You Have A Pure Heart

If you have a pure heart,

Definitely it will add

To others’ happiness.

If you have a clever mind,

Definitely it will subtract

From others’ happiness.

8092. God Wants You To Love

God does not want you

To criticise your mind all the time.

He only wants you

To love your heart

More, ever more.

8093. O Dark World-Ignorance

O dark world-ignorance,

I am not afraid of you.

You will soon see my soul’s smiles

Even inside your wildest frowns.

8094. Dear And Sweet Death

He was tired of life.

Therefore he was constantly looking

For something that would

Lovingly and convincingly lure him

Towards dear and sweet death.

8095. Pleasure-Thoughts

Pleasure-thoughts before long

Will be shrouded

With abysmal torture-experiences.

8096. To Know The Difference

I shall have to know the difference

Between the sacred happiness

Of the heart

And the secret happiness

Of the mind

So that I can perfect my life

In God’s own Way.

8097. A Soulful Song

A soulful song

Can easily soothe the tortures

Of any cruel day.

8098. If You Can Sing Soulfully

If you can sing soulfully

And love the world unconditionally,

Then you are bound to hear

The soul-illumining music

Of the trance-world.

8099. Inner Beauty Has To Penetrate

Inner beauty has to penetrate

The outer world.

Outer surrender has to penetrate

The inner world.

8100. The Capacity To Be Happy

I love God,

Not because one day

He will make me perfect

But because He has given me,

Out of His infinite Bounty,

The capacity to be happy

All the time.

Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the eighty-first volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Sri Chinmoy meets with Olympic running coach Arthur Lydiard in New York on 7 June 1981.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 81, Agni Press, 1983
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/ff_81