Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 89

8801. A Special Chance


God is giving you a special chance

To please Him.

You have only to sleeplessly feel

That He loves you most. ```

8802. He Lives With The Hope


He lives with the hope

That someday, somehow,

Someone will realise the Supreme in him

So he can fulfil his Lord

Here on earth.


8803. Aspire Constantly!


O truth-seeker, aspire,

Aspire constantly!

Otherwise, you will be fooling

Not your Lord Supreme

But only yourself.


8804. The Fate Of God's creation


Alas, it often happens

That the good souls must suffer

Because of the bad ones.

Such is the fate

Of God’s creation.


8805. He Pretended To Be Full Of Light


In his Master’s presence

He pretended to be full of light,

But out of his Master’s sight,

He became the darkest possible night. ```

8806. To Know What Is Happening


One does not have to be

A God-realised soul

To know what is happening

Inside others’ hearts.

Just raise your consciousness high enough

And you will be able to know

What others are feeling.


8807. My Mind Makes Me Feel


My mind quite often makes me feel

That it is drinking nectar

Even while it is drinking

Doubt-poison. ```

8808. Only Heart-Power Pleases God


No other power on earth

Will be able to please God

Except your heart-power.

It is heart-power alone

That God will always treasure.


8809. An Exception


When God says

That He is not completely satisfied

With any human being,

Each individual thinks

That he is an exception.

When God changes His opinion

And says that He is pleased

With each and every human being,

Each individual thinks

That God is infinitely more pleased with him

Than with the rest of the world. ```

8810. A Gift Worth Receiving


Only a gift

That has been offered

With the heart’s oneness-power

Is worth receiving. ```

8811. God's Supreme Satisfaction


Your Beloved Supreme is ready to give you

Something infinitely more significant

Than God-realisation,

And that is His supreme Satisfaction



8812. The Message Of Pride


God is far more satisfied

With a blade of grass

Embodying the message of humility

Than with a highly advanced seeker

Who still embodies the message of pride.


8813. Not In The Supreme's Way


Alas, most seekers love the Supreme,

Manifest the Supreme

And please the Supreme

In their own way

And not in His Way.


8814. Your Soul Wants To Be Proud


Your soul wants to be proud of you

At every moment.

Therefore, sleeplessly your soul

Encourages you,

Inspires you

And energises you

To become a most perfect instrument

Of your Beloved Supreme. ```

8815. To Lead The Life Of A God


If you want to lead the life

Of a god or goddess on earth,

Love your Beloved Lord

In His own Way. ```

8816. The Same Blessing


When your Lord Supreme blesses someone,

If you expand your consciousness,

You can receive the same blessing.


8817. All God Wants From You


Widen your vision-eye,

Intensify your aspiration-heart,

Enlarge your dedication-life.

This is all God wants from you,

And it will always remain so.


8818. Do Not Wait For Tomorrow


Do not wait for tomorrow

To listen to God’s blessingful Requests,

For that tomorrow may never dawn

In your aspiration-life. ```

8819. His Lord Finally Lost Faith In Him


When his Lord Supreme

Finally lost faith in him,

His own soul, out of bitter disgust,

Weakened his spiritual capacity

And diminished his inner receptivity.


8820. When A Soul Enters Into A Body


When a soul enters into a body,

The Lord Supreme dreams the Dream

Of His Manifestation-Light.

When a body becomes the soul-consciousness,

The Lord Supreme smiles the Smile

Of His Satisfaction-Delight.


8821. Think Of Doing It Tomorrow


If there is something divine

That you are planning to do,

Do it immediately.

If there is something undivine

That you are planning to do,

Think of doing it tomorrow.


8822. When God Blows His Whistle


When God the Captain

Blows His divine whistle,

He wants His team to run

And cheerfully do the needful. ```

8823. The Cosmic Gods Never Sleep


The cosmic gods never sleep.

At every moment they serve the Supreme

Both here on earth and there in Heaven.


8824. Work Is A Joy


For an unaspiring man,

Work is punishment,

Work is torture.

For an aspiring man,

Work is a blessing,

Work is a joy. ```

8825. Flower And Petals


The spiritual Master is a flower

And his students are the petals.

Without the flower,

There can be no petals.

Again, if the petals have fallen away,

Who will appreciate the flower? ```

8826. He Endured Humanity's Physical Pain


He endured humanity’s physical pain

Because he saw the Absolute

Not only inside the smile of Heaven

But also inside the cry of earth. ```

8827. Your Goal Does Not Exist


True, he is an unfortunate seeker

Because he wants to reach his goal

By false means.

But, alas, you are no better.

You are so complacent

That your goal does not even exist! ```

8828. The Energising Power


The energising power

Of your own climbing aspiration

Can prevent those who are still

Wallowing in the pleasures of ignorance-night

From making deplorable mistakes.


8829. Because Of His Disobedience


Because of his disobedience,

He was unable to progress.

Because he could not progress,

He fell far behind in the inner race. ```

8830. God Will Exercise His Authority


As long as your heart compels you

To remain in God’s Boat,

God will exercise His divine Authority,

Which is nothing other than

His inseparable oneness with you.


8831. You Have Achieved That Very Thing


You feel that your Master

Has achieved something

Which you have not yet achieved.

But can you not feel

That just because you are

His spiritual child,

You also have achieved that very thing

In and through Him? ```

8832. Their Beliefs Are Perfect


The heart believes that purity

Is the beginning of the spiritual life.

The mind believes that sincerity

Is the beginning of the spiritual life.

The vital believes that obedience

Is the beginning of the spiritual life.

The body believes that wakefulness

Is the beginning of the spiritual life.

And I must say

That their beliefs are perfect. ```

8833. God's Own Talent


Talent is not unattainable.

If you aspire,

God’s Grace will descend

And God’s own Talent will develop

In and through you.


8834. Use And Increase Your Talent


If you have been blessed with talent

In any field,

Take the golden opportunity

Not only to use it

But also to increase it

As quickly as possible. ```

8835. A Heart That Is Pure


A heart that is pure

Is Heaven’s perpetual Bliss.

A mind that is impure

Is hell’s dragon-frown. ```

8836. Tremendous Success


Tremendous success,

If it is to last,

Must always be followed

By continuous progress

Both inner and outer.


8837. Meditate More Soulfully


To meditate longer

Will be of no avail to you.

What you must do

Is meditate more soulfully. ```

8838. Your Soul Will Not Be Satisfied


Your Beloved Supreme may forgive you

If you want to please Him

In your own way,

But your own soul will not be satisfied,



8839. Earthly Poison, Heavenly Nectar


At every second you may give God

Earthly poison,

But God will always offer you

Only Heavenly Nectar. ```

8840. Sweet And Pure


Sweeter than the sweetest

And purer than the purest

Is our gratitude

To our Beloved Lord Supreme. ```

8841. Compassion And Receptivity


God’s Compassion and your receptivity

Together make it possible

For God to keep you safely

Inside His Golden Boat. ```

8842. If You Live In Your Heart


Only if you live in your heart

Will your soul be able to offer you

Its divine messages.


8843. God Was Ashamed


When he told God

That he didn’t want to serve

God’s divine Mission on earth,

God appreciated his sincerity

But was totally ashamed

Of his lack of dedication. ```

8844. We Are Surrendering


At each moment we are surrendering,

But it is up to us

Whether we surrender to the undivine forces

Or to the Will of our Beloved Supreme. ```

8845. If You Want To Take God's Side


If you want to take God’s side,

At every moment you have to be

Alert, aspiring and self-giving.


8846. An Emblem Of Sincerity


If you make your life

An emblem of sincerity,

God will definitely give you

An invaluable gift in the inner world. ```

8847. One Undeniable Truth


If you see where you are

And where you once stood,

You will realise one undeniable truth:

There is no one who more deserves

Your constant gratitude-heart

Than your Beloved Supreme. ```

8848. When Gratitude Is Absent


When gratitude is absent,

There is only inner destruction.

When gratitude is present,

There is continuous inner progress. ```

8849. Because Of Your Obedience


Because of your obedience,

Both inner and outer,

You are everything to God

And He is everything to you. ```

8850. No Matter How Tiny


Each wrong thought,

No matter how tiny,

Can easily become as destructive

As an atom bomb. ```

8851. Your Pure Oneness-Heart


Everything in your life

Can and will desert you,

Except your pure oneness-heart

With your Beloved Supreme. ```

8852. If God Sees His Children Aspiring


If God sees His children aspiring,

He gets tremendous joy.

If He sees them not aspiring,

A sharp, pointed arrow

Enters into His Heart.


8853. There Is Someone In Heaven


There is Someone in Heaven

Who loves you infinitely more

Than you can ever love any human being,

Including yourself,

And that Person is none other than

Your Beloved Supreme. ```

8854. Because He Failed To Please His Soul


Because he failed to please his soul,

There came a time when his soul

Became indifferent to him,

And totally withdrew

From his false aspiration-dedication-life.


8855. Work Devotedly


Work devotedly.

Lo, you are meditating soulfully.

Meditate soulfully.

Lo, you are serving devotedly. ```

8856. On The Strength Of His Oneness


On the strength of his oneness with God,

He is all security

Within and without.


8857. You Are A Child Of The Supreme


No one expects a child to carry

Too heavy a load.

Since you are a child of the Supreme,

Do you think He will ask you to do something

Without giving you

More than the necessary capacity? ```

8858. Gratitude That Starts In The Mind


Gratitude that starts in the mind

Cannot last.

Each time an unhealthy,

Contradictory thought arises,

Sooner than at once

Mental gratitude disappears. ```

8859. His Blessingful Smile


If you feel that your Beloved Supreme

Is disappointed with your inner life,

Then bring back your determination

And aspiration,

And again do the right thing.

Lo, His blessingful Smile

Will once more be yours.


8860. You Are Trying To Make God Feel


O foolish seeker,

You have developed your ego

To such an extent

That you are trying to make God feel

As you yourself already feel:

That you are indispensable. ```

8861. Why Do You Worry?


Why do you worry?

You worry simply because

The physical reality in you

Is hopelessly attached

To the earth-consciousness.


8862. The Earth-Magnet Pulls


The earth-magnet pulls

Our body-reality.

The Heaven-magnet pulls

Our soul-reality. ```

8863. Identify With The Highest Reality


Always identify with the highest reality

In yourself, your soul-bird,

Which flies above and beyond

All the worries of the earth-plane. ```

8864. Two Spiritual Legs


Devotion and gratitude

Are like two spiritual legs.

Both should be equally strong

If we are to run the fastest. ```

8865. The Desire-World Craves


The desire-world unconsciously craves

And seeks satisfaction from excitement.

The aspiration-world consciously strives for

And finds satisfaction in enlightenment. ```

8866. How Can God Be Happy?


How can God be happy

If your lack of oneness with others

Is making them sad?

How can you be happy

If your lack of oneness with others

Is making God sad?


8867. The Divine In Us Says


The human in us says,

“His misconduct is intolerable.

I will punish him

So he will change.”

The divine in us says,

“Perhaps I would have done the same

In his position.

Therefore, let me cultivate

Compassion and forgiveness

To illumine both him and myself.” ```

8868. If I Cannot Have Compassion-Power


If I cannot have compassion-power,

Let me have forgiveness-power.

If I cannot have forgiveness-power,

Let me have tolerance-power.

If I cannot have tolerance-power,

Let me at least delay

My judgement-power.


8869. Because He Contained His Anger


Because he contained his anger,

The divine forces had the opportunity

To act in and through him

And finally to illumine him. ```

8870. One Thing I Know For Sure


My Lord Supreme,

One thing I know for sure:

I can be truly happy

Only when You replace my anger

With forgiveness,

Then with compassion

And finally with oneness.


8871. The Vision-Light


The vision-light of America’s creators

Is not being accepted by America today,

But a day will dawn when a new generation

Will manifest the divine vision

Of America’s immortal founders.


8872. If You Do Something Right


If you do something right,

You will see God’s Smile.

If you do something wrong,

You will feel God’s Sadness. ```

8873. He Lived In The World Of Jealousy


He lived in the world of jealousy,

Insecurity, impurity and ingratitude.

But he smiled at his Master

Just to get a smile in return,

So he could fool himself into thinking

That everything was all right. ```

8874. Those Were Not Fantasy-Days


You say your present-day problems

Are killing you.

But do you not remember

That once upon a time

Peace, Light and Bliss

Were absolute realities for you?

Those were not your fantasy-days!

They were as real as today.

If you want to have them back,

Nothing on earth can prevent you. ```

8875. The Only Way To Be Happy


To be well-established

In the spiritual life

Is to be happy in the only way

One can really be happy. ```

8876. Their Presence Transforms


When advanced seekers lead

A pure spiritual life,

Their very presence transforms

Their younger brother-seekers. ```

8877. Beauty Is Enrichment


Beauty is the enrichment

Of the aspirant’s heart.

Beauty is the enlightenment

Of the heart’s cry. ```

8878. When The Soul Comes Forward


When the soul comes forward,

The heart very often offers

Its special gratitude to the Supreme

Through human tears.

Remember those tears and treasure them,

For they are something most precious. ```

8879. Your Own True Mirror


If you want to study yourself,

Remember that your heart

Is your own true mirror.


8880. His Are The Tears


His are not the tears

Of disappointed expectation.

His are the tears

Of unexpected inner joy. ```

8881. Comfortable But Not Soulful


Do you not see

That you are comfortable

But not soulful

When you ask God for His Forgiveness-Light?

Such being the case,

God and His Forgiveness-Light

Will never knock at your heart’s door.


8882. Always For Their Own Good


When God remains

In His highest Heights

And ignores the demands

Of His earth-bound children,

You can be sure

It is always for their own good. ```

8883. Your Service To Others


If your outer sincerity

Is based on inner insincerity,

Then your service to others

Has no real value. ```

8884. A Most Difficult Task


To see a glimpse of the highest Truth

Is an easy task.

But to be absolutely obedient and faithful

To that highest Truth

Is a most difficult task.


8885. Today You May Think Of God


Today you may think of God

And feel God,

But tomorrow, without fail,

You must become

Another God.


8886. If Your Suffering Can Reach God


If your suffering, frustration

And undivine qualities can reach God,

Do you not think that your love,

Devotion and surrender can also reach Him? ```

8887. Try To Live A Life


Try to live a life

That breathes an everlasting hope

Which can never be subdued

By frustration-dragon. ```

8888. Even God Cannot Believe It!


You are forcing your heart

To become an exact duplicate

Of your mind.

Even God cannot believe it! ```

8889. If You Weigh Your Faults


If you mercilessly weigh

Your faults,

Then God will cheerfully weigh

Your heart’s mountain-faith. ```

8890. Three Dreams I Have


People have many dreams,

But I have only three:

Perfect peace between

The soul and the body,

The total transformation

Of my nature,

And complete satisfaction

In God’s entire creation. ```

8891. The World Can Tell You


The world can tell you

Where to go unmistakably.

But the world can never tell you

How to go,

Even slowly,

Not to speak of speedily. ```

8892. What My Lord Wants


I want my animal life

To become totally extinct,

But my Lord says this is wrong.

What He wants from me

And for me

Is the transformation of my animal life

Into an illumined and manifested divine life.


8893. He Is Grateful


Because he did not want

Satan in him,

He started praying to God.

Because he did not like

The impurity in him,

He started meditating on God.

Therefore, he is grateful

Even to the undivine

For helping him on his spiritual journey.


8894. Each Human Being


I was wrong and you were right!

Each human being

In God’s creation

Is the World-Creator

In complete disguise.


8895. Doubt Is Extremely Poisonous


Doubt is extremely poisonous.

Don’t mix with doubt,

And don’t mix your dark doubts

With your bright faith.

Otherwise, your faith, too,

Will become poisoned. ```

8896. Direct Your Vision-Eye


Direct your vision-eye

In every conceivable direction.

You will be able to illumine

Even the world’s division-eye. ```

8897. His Existence Is In Chains


Because his earthly existence

Is in stark bondage-chains,

His heart is compelled to live

In the deserts

Of birthless and deathless frustration.


8898. If You Are Searching


If you are restlessly

And blindly searching

For the beauty and fragrance

Of nectar-delight,

How can God’s Hour

Knock at your heart’s peace-door? ```

8899. Only A God-Throne


What he wants to see

Is only a God-Throne

And nothing else

Inside the aspiration-cry

Of his surrendering heart.


8900. An Absolutely Divine Soldier


You alone and nobody else

Can be an absolutely divine soldier,

The world’s most remarkable,

Powerful and beautiful

Chosen child of God.


Editor's introduction to the first edition

This is the eighty-ninth volume in a series of ten thousand “flaming flower-poems” which Sri Chinmoy is placing devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally at the Compassion-Feet of God, our Beloved Supreme. They stand as a supreme offering from the unfolding beauty of his flower-heart and the flaming heights of his realisation-sun. Indeed, a treasure-tower which will at once be claimed by humanity’s self-ascending cry and Divinity’s God-descending Smile.

Editor's note to cover photo

Queensborough President Donald Manes presents Sri Chinmoy with a proclamation declaring 13 April 1980 as “Sri Chinmoy Day” in the Borough of Queens, New York.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, part 89, Agni Press, 1983
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