Part VIII — Questions and answers: University of Wisconsin

Question: My aspiration seems very feeble, and I'm worried it won't get any stronger in the future.

Sri Chinmoy: Let us not worry over the future. Let us think of the present. As you sow, so you reap. In the past perhaps you have not sown the proper seed. Let us say your inner cry was not intense in the past and that is why your aspiration is not strong right now. You are not crying for God all the time; you do not have the feeling that without God you cannot exist. You feel that as long as there is the world, as long as you have friends, as long as there is food, you can go on. But when you feel that you can exist without water, without air, without everything, but not without God, at that time you can be certain that you will find fulfilment in the near future or in the future that is growing within you. If you sow a seed now, it will germinate and become a plant and eventually grow into a giant banyan tree. So if we sow the proper seed — that is to say, aspiration — then the aspiration-tree will bear fruit, which we call realisation. But if we do not sow the proper seed inside ourselves, then how can we get the proper fruit? So let us not worry about the future. Let us only do the right thing today, at this moment, here and now. Try to aspire now, today, and let the future take care of itself.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Fifty Freedom-Boats to One Golden Shore, part 2, Sri Chinmoy Centre, New York, 1974
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