Question: What should our attitude be in regard to the competitive spirit?

Sri Chinmoy: In the spiritual life, progress is of paramount importance. Always we will try to transcend our capacities. If we lose to someone, it is immaterial. The results of the competitions we offer at the Feet of the Supreme. As long as we have tried our best, even if we stand last, we have to feel that that is what the Supreme wants from us. But if we don't make progress here on the physical plane, on every plane, then we won't try to make progress on the spiritual plane. We will say, "Oh, what can I do? Let me get up at seven o'clock or eight o'clock. If I meditate once in a blue moon, who is going to see or feel the difference?" So, if we are sincere, we can start our sincerity with the physical; then we can go to the vital, the mind and the heart. When there is a feeling of oneness, there can be no competition. There should be no competitive spirit; only there are rules and regulations. Two persons cannot throw at the same time. There should be some discipline. You and somebody else cannot throw the javelin at the same time. You will throw right after him, or he will throw right after you. Then there will be a result. You may throw much farther than the other person. So, that is your progress. And his progress also you will see.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Four intimate friends: insincerity, impurity, doubt and self-indulgence, Agni Press, 1977
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