Father and son


"Father, are You great or good?"

"Unfortunately, betwixt and between.

Son, are you great or good?"

"Fortunately, I am both."


"Father, when I meditate on You, You give me prolonged applause. When You meditate on me, should I also give You a big hand?" "No, you mustn't. When I meditate on you, you must maintain all silence to receive and achieve Me."


"Father, it is a blooming shame that I have to live in an ignorant world."

"Son, don't be a blooming fool. It is you who have created the world around you. I have created only the world within you, My son."


"Father, I was not born yesterday, hence I know much about Your Divinity." "Son, I am glad that you know it. Since I was born before you, not only do I know much about Divinity, but also about humanity."


"Father, do You get joy when You boss us around?"

"No son, I get joy only when I do not have to bother My children."


"Father, will You please give me a brain-wave so that I can get some inspiration to be really spiritual?" "Son, you want to have a brain-wave. Good! But you want the wrong wave. Try to grow love-waves and devotion-waves, you will automatically become spiritual."


"Father, perhaps by this time You know that my love for You is strong." "Son, perhaps by this time you have felt that My love for you is strong too. Something more, My love for you is constant."


"Father, I am sorry to tell You that You always defeat me in everything." "Son, My poor son, don't you know that you have been defeating Me all the time in stark stupidity?"


"Father, tell me frankly, do my spiritual children really love me?"

"Son, tell Me secretly, do you unreservedly love them?"

"Yes, Father, I do. If not, I would have begged You, and forced You in Your unconditional Compassion to take me to the other world."

"Son, you are right, you are absolutely right. Now, tell me, when you are in a cheerful frame of mind, what do you think of your children? What do you think of their love?"

"Father, I think they are trying, I feel they are trying."

"Son, I know they are succeeding. I assure you they are succeeding."


"Father, how is it that I am acting like a beggar? Why do I need my children's love? Is Your Divine Love Infinite not enough for me?"

"Certainly, My son, My Divine Love Infinite is more than enough for you. Unfortunately, you and I are suffering from the same disease, eternally old disease. We want to be loved by our nearest and dearest ones. We want to be loved by our creations."

"Father, please tell me in a few words what love actually means."

"Son, love means complete and perfect oneness and fulfilled reality."


"Father, I want to be independent." "That's fine, My son, that's fine with Me. Only don't forget to make Me constantly dependent on your joyous love and gracious concern."


"Father, You are most compassionate. Why?"

"Son, you are most affectionate. Why?"


"Father, I want to understand You." "Son, then allow Me to surround you."


"Father, I love to travel."

"Son, I travel to love."


"Father, when I am angry in my outer life, I criticise You. When I am hungry in my inner life, I invoke You." "Son, when you are angry, I forgive you, I bless you, and when you are hungry, I love you and feed you."


"Father, I need Your mightiest ability."

"Son, I need your deepest necessity."


"Father, I am old. Don't expect much from me."

"Son, since you are My son, I am older than you. Why then do you expect everything from Me?"

"Father, why do You forget that You are God, the Lord Supreme?"

"Son, why do you forget that you are My son, you are My very own?"


"Father, do You have the same responsibility as I have?"

"Son, what is your responsibility?"

"I have to speak to so many children."

"Son, you know that I have infinitely more children than you have. Naturally I have to shoulder a little more responsibility than you do."


"Father, women are careless, and men are insincere. What about Yourself?" "Son, I am forgiving, all-forgiving."


"Father, a poet-brother of mine said something very beautiful."

"What has he said?"

"He said, 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever'."

"Wonderful. Now son, I am going to tell you something more beautiful: A thing of beauty is the mother and father of Divinity's Light and Reality's Height."


"Father, yesterday the whole day I suffered from a serious headache. I prayed and prayed to You to cure me, but You did not listen to my prayer." "Son, I am sorry. But son, you will be happy to know that I have spent the whole of yesterday in curing your malignant cancer, Doubt, which I have discovered in your mind. An aspirin can take care of your headache, but I am the only one who can take care of your mind."


"Father, I really wish to worship You everyday with flowers, but unfortunately nowadays flowers are very expensive."

"Son, I find your surrender infinitely more expensive. I have practically spent all my savings — love, concern and compassion — to buy surrender from you daily."


"Father, I have the capacity to read Your mind. You are now thinking of my life's bitter frustration." "Son, I have the necessity to read your mind. You need my constant consolation."


"Father, are You not proud of me when I speak to so many people all about You?"

"Son, I am proud of you because so many gods and goddesses listen to you."

"But Father, sometimes unlike the divine gods and goddesses, the human gods and goddesses look ugly and dirty."

"But son, you have the capacity to make them clean, tidy, beautiful and soulful."

"Father, You have told me all about my capacities. Now tell me something about Your own capacities."

"Son, I have only one capacity. Everyday I empty your Ignorance-Sea and fill it with My Knowledge-Light."

"Father, I am glad and sorry to tell You that Your one capacity surpasses all my proud capacities."


"Father, why are You so kind to me?"

"Son, why are you so blind to me?"

"Father, where is Your home?"

"Son, where do you roam?"

"Father, how high do You soar?"

"Son, how often do you roar?"

"Father, I roar when I offer You to humanity."

"Son, I soar when I offer you to Immortality."


"Father, You are telling me that still there is plenty of time, and I must not give up. Father, You are fooling me, it is already too late."


"Father, I wanted to be a great poet."

"My child, go and make friends with hope. It is not too bad to hope against hope."


"Father, why do You want me to be a singer?" "Son, I want you to be a singer because I feel that if you can sing, then My entire creation will not hesitate to sing."


"Father, why don't You want me to be a dancer?"

"Son, there are two reasons why I don't want you to be a dancer: your body's dance will ruin the aspiring mankind; your soul's dance will never be appreciated by the desiring mankind."


"Father, why don't You want me to be a scientist?" "Son, I have already many scientists. I do not need your contribution to add to the lofty discoveries of My scientist-children."


"Father, my human ancestors of the hoary past are afraid of my Knowledge-Sun. My divine ancestors of the hoary past are afraid of the Ignorance-Night in front of me. My human ancestors are proud of me because they feel that I am really great. My divine ancestors are proud of me because I am surpassing them."

"Son, I am afraid of you because, on rare occasions, you get angry with Me, and I am proud of you because you always listen to Me."


"Father, my predecessors are simply amazed at my Perfection-Dawn. My successors are totally amazed at my Imperfection-Thorn." "Son, I am silently amazed at your glowing illumination and brooding frustration."


"Father, meditation is the most complicated word. Please let me hear from Your lips what meditation is."

"Son, meditation is at first the end of death, and then the breath of death."


"Father, I am surprised to see that Your Goal is everywhere." "Son, no wonder why your Goal is nowhere to be found."


"Father, please tell me, when do I actually act like a fool?"

"Son, you act like a great fool when you say that you have no need for Me. You act like a greater fool when you think that I am all Justice. You act like the greatest fool when you think that I am all occupied and have no time to think of you."


"Father, please tell me something about the occultists. To be frank with You, I do not care for them. Anyway, I am curious to know from You something about them." "Son, there are three types of occultists: amateur, professional, and God-realised. An amateur occultist feeds the sleeping and snoring mankind. A professional occultist feeds the curious and unaspiring mankind. A really spiritual and God-realised occultist feeds the sincere and aspiring mankind."


"Father, excuse me. After all, You have no other choice."

"Excuse Me, son. After all, I am trying to help you."


"Father, Light and Darkness are mutually separable. Space and Time are mutually inseparable. The outer fear and the inner courage are always separable." "Son, I wish to add that your Father and His Compassion are eternally inseparable."


"Father, I am sorry to tell You that my fear has already bought my coffin."

"Son, I am sorry to tell you that your doubt is digging your grave."


"Father, I am happy to tell You that my aspiration is crying for my Goal." "Son, I am happy to tell you that your realisation is your only Goal."


"Father, You govern my life, that's all. But I not only govern Your Compassionate Indulgence, but also shamelessly demand Your Illumining Forgiveness. At least in the matter of eyeless autocracy I have long surpassed You."

"Son, I don't dare to deny it."


"Father, the height of Truth, the height of Love and the height of Compassion, please let me know where they exist." "Son, the height of Truth is at My Feet. The height of Love is inside My Heart. The height of Compassion is inside My Crown."


"Father, when I am Your partner I have all admiration for my will-power."

"Son, and when you are Death's partner, Death has all admiration for your child-like innocence."


"Father, when You command me to make a promise, and then You command me again to break the same promise, each time I please You. But my critics, not knowing the real reason, sneer at me. My enemies mock at me, my well-wishers pity me and my friends avoid me." "But son, I not only console you, but extol your surrendered heart to My Transcendental Height."


"Father, what is wrong with You? Why are You so miserly? Why can't You out of Your Infinite Bounty, empty a little bit of Your Ability into my receptivity's rejection-box?"

"Son, what else have I been doing all along?"


"Sisters and brothers, attention please! My Father is coming to replace me, my ignorance!" "Children, attention please! My son's impulsive role of explosive ignorance is just over!"


"Father, is there anything I can do to please You constantly?"

"Son, if you can realise that you are of Me in Heaven and for Me on Earth, then you will please Me constantly."

From:Sri Chinmoy,Father and son, Chinmoy Publishing Co, 1971
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/fs