Leonard Bernstein: Oh, dear man, how wonderful of you to come! [Sri Chinmoy offers Leonard Bernstein a bouquet of flowers.] Thank you so much for the gift.

Sri Chinmoy: It is so kind of you to invite me.

Leonard Bernstein: I am sorry to keep you waiting. You are an important man. Are you all alone?

Sri Chinmoy: I am here alone, but my students are downstairs.

Leonard Bernstein: Your students? How many?

Sri Chinmoy: There are about twenty or so. I have composed a song in honour of you and I would be very grateful if you would kindly allow us to sing the song.

Leonard Bernstein: But of course. Do you want to bring them up?

Sri Chinmoy: Here we could have a few minutes of silence, and then we could call them.

Leonard Bernstein: How wonderful!

From:Sri Chinmoy,Four Summit-Height-Melodies meet with Sri Chinmoy, Agni Press, 1995
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