Russia and India

Sri Chinmoy: You are of Russian origin. I come from India. A few years ago I composed a Bengali song about the oneness of Russia and India. May I sing the song? The literal translation is: "Russia and India, India and Russia, walk side by side, smiling and smiling. They have one inner feeling and one forward, upward and inward movement. To make the fastest progress, they are flying together in their oneness-heart-sky."

Mr Menuhin: Of course, there are no people who are more different than the Russians and the Indians.

Sri Chinmoy: But in the depths of our heart we are all one. We have deepest appreciation and admiration for you and vice versa. Outwardly we may differ, but inwardly we always see eye to eye with each other because of our oneness.

Mr Menuhin: Yes, yes!

[Sri Chinmoy sings.]

Mr Menuhin: Very, very wonderful thought.

Sri Chinmoy: Would you permit my students to sing one more song in Bengali? It means, "My Lord Supreme, do not allow us to forget You."

[Singers perform "Bhulite diyona."]

Mr Menuhin: Lovely.

Sri Chinmoy: May I offer this to you? These are the songs that I have composed for you.

[Sri Chinmoy presents the printed music to the songs.]

Mr Menuhin: That's very kind. Really, you must have been up all night! I am very touched that you should have all come and sung for me and given me a part of your heart. I am very grateful.

Sri Chinmoy: Together we are trying to lift up the world with a oneness-heart. This is our "Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart" Award. [Gives medallion.]

Mr Menuhin: Thank you so much. I am very grateful. It's very, very sweet of you. Thank you.

[A representative for the Singers presents Mr Menuhin with a cake which has his portrait etched in icing.]

Mr Menuhin: Oh no! You must take it and eat it.

Singer: The portrait is on cardboard so you can save it.

Singer: These are some recordings of Sri Chinmoy playing on the keyboard and other instruments. He plays many instruments, but he has a very unique and powerful keyboard style.

Mr Menuhin: That's very kind of you. [To Sri Chinmoy] Thank you. I'll never forget this. It's very sweet of you. After so many years, we have finally met.

Sri Chinmoy: Both inwardly and outwardly I feel our oneness-oneness in thought, oneness in action, oneness in selfless service to humanity.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Four Summit-Height-Melodies meet with Sri Chinmoy, Agni Press, 1995
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