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The Golden Boat, part 13

1. My examiners

My heart of sincerity

Has examined my previous years.

My mind of clarity

Examines my present years.

My life of dedication

Shall examine my earthbound years.

My goal of realisation

Shall examine my Heaven-free years.

2. They are beyond

Her soul is beyond


Her heart is beyond

Beauty’s life.

Her mind is beyond


Her vital is beyond

Purity’s goal.

Her body is beyond

Humanity’s soul.

3. How can it be otherwise?

Nothing to complain,

Nothing to criticise.

God’s world is nice;

How can it be otherwise?

Nothing to suffer,

Nothing to compromise.

God’s world is another paradise;

How can it be otherwise?

4. I love the feet of morning

I love the feet of morning

Because of their supernal purity.

I love the feet of noon

Because of their habitual surety.

I love the feet of evening

Because of their perpetual duty.

I love the feet of night

Because of their eternal beauty.

5. Your soul's splendour

Your soul’s ancient splendour

Of God-revelation

Has sunk.

Yet you are quite cheerful.

Your body’s modern splendour

Of ignorance-manifestation

Has arisen.

Yet you are not doleful.

6. In my dreams

In my old dream

I saw the face of beauty.

In my new dream

I feel the arms of duty.

In my forthcoming dream

I shall achieve the pride of Divinity.

7. Look at them!

Two greedy eyes

Want to devour

God’s infinite Love.

Look at their stupid audacity!

Two speedy feet

Want to reach

God’s endless Goal.

Look at their deplorable stupidity!

One needy heart

Wants to feel God’s


Look at its miserable incapacity!

8. We have failed

You have tried to break

Death’s control.

Alas, you have badly failed.

He has tried to fathom

A love-sea.

Alas, he has sadly failed.

I have tried to build

A gratitude-cottage.

Alas, I have hopelessly failed.

9. Yesterday, today, tomorrow

O greedy yesterday,

Do not follow me, please.

It is not nice to follow someone

Without his permission.

O speedy today,

Do not be a deer, please.

Please be a tortoise.

Have you forgotten the unforgettable maxim:

“Slow and steady wins the race”?

O my tardy tomorrow,

How long do you want me to wait for you?

“Time and tide wait for no man”.

Hasten your arrival, please,

If your compassion-breath at all

cares for my life.

10. God and His daughter

My sincerity speaks:

God, I need You.

God’s sincerity speaks:

“Daughter, I need you

More than you need Me.”

Father, why?

Why do You need me

More than I need You?


My daughter,

I need you more than you need Me

Because I know what you really are:

On earth you are My only hope,

In Heaven you are My only promise.”

11. Come, my friends

Faith, my quiet friend,

Come, let me feel your flower-heart.

Courage, my secret friend,

Come, let me see your determination.

Love, my sacred friend,

Come, let me see your perfection-goal.

12. What God can make of me

I saw what I could be:


I see what I cannot be:


I shall see what God can make of me:

A deserted soul


A perfected God.

13. Three questions

Answer me three questions.

This is a cruel question:

How is it that you are not

Another God?

This is a friendly question:

How have you pleased God

So quickly and so completely?

This is an unanswerable question,

But I wish you to try:

Did God tell you

When He is going to make me

The first perfect man and

Another perfect God?

14. Nobody needs him

He is in a vast desert;

Nobody needs him.

He is in a dense forest;

Nobody needs him.

He is in a shoreless sea;

Nobody needs him.

He is in high Heaven;

Ah, everybody needs him


At least wants him.

15. I shall maintain my love

With humanity’s cry

I shall maintain

My inseparable love.

With divinity’s smile

I shall maintain

My undivided love.

With God’s Dream

I shall maintain

My constant love.

16. No peace


Earth has no peace


I am restless.


Heaven has no peace


I am listless.


God has no peace


I am faithless.

17. Yes, I have one

Yes, I have a soul,

But right now

It is all shattered.

Yes, I have a heart,

But right now

It is all battered.

Yes, I have a life,

But right now

It is worse than a sheep.

Yes, I have a God,

But right now

He is fast asleep.

18. Good friends

Expectation and I

Were once good friends.

Surrender and I

Have become good friends.

Eternity’s Infinity,

Infinity’s Immortality

And I

Are soon going to be good friends.

Who says so?


Who believes it?

The God in Heaven,

The God in my heart.

19. God has descended

God the Compassion

Has descended

To rescue my soul-flow.

God the illumination

Has descended

To rescue my heart-river.

God the Perfection

Has descended

To rescue my life-boat.

20. A brief oblivion

My earth-life:

A brief oblivion.

My Heaven-life:

A brief oblivion, too.

My earth-oblivion

Prevents me from seeing

The Face of God.

My Heaven-oblivion

Prevents me from touching

The Feet of God.

21. No ordinary human being

You are no ordinary

Human being.

In you I see

A star of illumination blue.

He is no ordinary

Human being.

In him I see

A moon of compassion green.


I am no ordinary

Human being.

In myself I see

A sun of perfection gold.

22. We were not prepared

You were not prepared

To meet life’s shoreless sea.

He was not prepared

To meet the boat without the pilot.


I was not prepared

To touch the goalless shore.

23. False and true


What is false?

A power-hungry life.


Who is false?

A love-demanding man.


What is true?

A self-giving life.


Who is true?

A God-becoming man.

24. Inseparable

Madness and fearlessness

Are inseparable

In the physical world.

Goodness and selflessness

Are inseparable

In the inner world.

Oneness in many-ness,

Perfection in all-ness

Are inseparable

In God’s highest world.

25. One day

Your thunder-pride,

God will one day break.

Your jealousy-tree,

God will one day fell.

Your doubt-sky,

God will one day rend.

Your insecurity-sea,

God will one day devour.

26. They long to follow you

O tears and beggars,

Where are you going?

My heart-life


My love-soul

Long to follow you.

O joys and kings,

Where are you going?

My earth-renunciation


My Heaven-determination

Long to follow you.

27. How can I love Him?

I have always

Longed to love.


Whom to love?


Not worth loving!


Where is He?

How can I love Him

If He denies me

His Presence supreme?

28. Perhaps my old friend can

I have always

Longed to live.

But where?

On earth?

It is not worth living there!

In Heaven?

Where is it?

Does it really exist?

Who can tell me

Where Heaven is?


My old friend,



29. Captured

My earth-life

Is captured

By the ugly anger of the world


By the wild hunger of the world.

My Heaven-dream

Is captured

By the bitter frustration of the world


By the dire destruction of the world.

30. Remove me

Lord, that I may near You,

Remove me from my fears.

Lord, that I may love You,

Remove me from my tears.

Lord, that I may please You,

Remove me from my desire-life.

Lord, that I may manifest You,

Remove me from my self-love.

31. They need silence

Soothing silence

My body needs.

Striving silence

My vital needs.

Searching silence

My mind needs.

Illumining silence

My heart needs.

Fulfilling silence

My soul needs.

32. Light and faith

Darkness has vanished


Where is light?

O where is light?

Light is in self-giving.

Doubt has vanished


Where is faith?

O where is faith?

Faith is in love-becoming.

33. When he hurled defiance

When he hurled defiance

At ignorance,

Ignorance refused to surrender.

When he hurled defiance

At darkness,

Darkness hesitated to surrender.

When he hurled defiance

At falsehood,

Falsehood ran away.

When he hurled defiance

At death,

Death immediately surrendered.

34. I need

Lord, I need

The Infinity of Thy Love.

I need

To feed my hungry heart.

Lord, I need

The Eternity of Thy Silence.

I need

To quench my thirsty mind.

Lord, I need

The Immortality of Thy Life.

I need

To free my world from ignorance-dream.

35. Flower-songs of morning

Flower-songs of morning

Make my life pure.

Fire-songs of noon

Make my life sure.

Rainbow-songs of evening

Make my life leap.

Star-songs of night

Make my life fly.

36. I Love my servant

I love my silence-servant.

Devotedly he feeds my mind.

I love my sound-servant.

Dauntlessly he feeds my vital.

I love my Heaven-servant.

Carefully he feeds my heart.

I love my earth-servant.

Unconditionally he feeds my body.

37. God's birthless Song

My life started

With God’s birthless Song.

My life shall end

With God’s endless Dance.

In God’s Song

I saw man the future God.

In God’s Dance

I saw God the eternal man.

38. I long to be silence

Great is truth;


I long to be truth.

Good is love;


I long to be love.

Divine is sound;


I long to be sound.

Supreme is silence;


I long to be silence.

39. The beginning of earth-emancipation

Your inner life

Is the island of light.

Your outer life

Is the sunshine of smile.

Your God-life

Is the beginning

Of earth-emancipation



40. A king of perfection-love

You were a king

Of aspiration-flames;


You were a king

Of renunciation-life;


You were great.


Now you have become a king

Of Perfection-love;


You are good.

41. Your flatterers


Flatters you, your body.


Flatters you, your vital.


Flatters you, your mind.


Flatters you, your heart.


Flatters you, your soul.

42. How they differ

The difference


My heart and my mind:

My heart is creation-light;

My mind is confusion-night.

The difference


My vital and my body:

My vital wants to roar;

My body wants to snore.

The difference


My God and my soul:

My God wanders;

My soul wonders.

43. A real surprise

His earth-life

Is a real surprise.

He has made himself

Smaller than atom-life.

His Heaven-life

Is a real surprise.

He has become

The best God-dreamer.

His God-life

Is a real surprise.

He and God

Sit on the same throne;

He and God

Complement each other.

44. They have found themselves

Beauty has found herself

In love.

Love has found herself

In duty.

Duty has found herself

In necessity.

Necessity has found herself

In reality.

Reality has found herself

In perfection.

Perfection has found herself

In satisfaction.

Satisfaction has found herself

In aspiration.

45. Morning and evening

In the morning

I am an undying hope.

In the evening

I am a broken heart.

In the morning,

Short is my road.

In the evening,

Endless is my road.

In the morning

God is within my vision’s range.

In the evening

God is nowhere to be found.


I am in the flow

Of contradiction-confusion sea.

46. O tears of earth

O tears of earth,

I am for you,

Always for you.

O smiles of Heaven,

I think of you,

Always think of you.

O hate of man,

I am not with you,

And shall never be with you.

O love of God,

I am of you,

Always of you.

47. Never and ever

God has chosen me.

I shall not fail Him.


Man has chosen me.

I shall love him.


Heaven has chosen me.

I shall never speak ill of Heaven.


Earth has chosen me.

I shall carry earth’s burden.


48. In his outer life

In his outer life

He is a useless abundance.

In his inner life

He is a careless abundance.

In his earth-life

He is a soulless sound.

In his Heaven-life

He is a goalless silence.

49. I need the shore

Body, what do you need?

I need the shore of inspiration.

Vital, what do you need?

I need the shore of determination.

Mind, what do you need?

I need the shore of illumination.

Heart, what do you need?

I need the shore of liberation.

Soul, what do you need?

I need the shore of perfect perfection.

50. God alone knows

The joy of faith,

God alone knows.

The faith of joy,

Man tries to learn.

The beauty of spirit,

God alone knows.

The spirit of beauty,

Man tries to learn.

From:Sri Chinmoy,The Golden Boat, part 13, Agni Press, 1974
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/gb_13