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The Golden Boat, part 15

1. Warriors

Life is a battle






Does not want


To win


They want to dominate

The world.


Desperately wants


To win


They want to liberate

The world.

2. My happiness


My happiness

Was my God-acceptance.


My happiness

Is my life-transformation.


My happiness

Shall be my God-manifestation

In the core of perfection.

3. I am grateful


I am grateful to You

Not because all my needs

Are supplied by You,

But because You have chosen me

To love You and cry to You,

To reveal You and manifest You,

To claim You and treasure You.

4. Stay with the present

Do not dig into the past


You have something nice

To say about your past.

Do not peep into the future


You are sure that

You will welcome your future

Unreservedly and unconditionally.

Stay with the present.

Stay with your eternal Now.

5. So what

Just laugh!

If the world has disappointed you,

So what?

Just laugh!

If your best friend has deserted you,

So what?

Why do you need the world?

Why do you need a friend?

Is God not enough for you?

God can never disappoint you;

God can never desert you.

6. Look for the good

Look for the good:

Everything is God,

Everyone is God.

Look for God:

Everything is good,

Everyone is good.

Look for the good in me;

I shall not confuse you.

Look for the God in me;

I shall not disappoint you.

7. Patience


Is my confidence-light

In God's choice Hour.


Is my perfection-life

To reveal God-tower.


Is my Immortality-smile

On earth to flower.

8. Ready

I was ready;


God-Compassion accepted me.

I am ready;


God-Concentration accepts me.

I shall be ready;


God-Perfection shall accept me.

9. Renunciation


You renounced

Your wild animosity;


Heaven is unmistakably proud of you.


You have renounced

Your blind stupidity;


Earth is divinely proud of you.


You will renounce

Your proud necessity;


Both God and I

Will be supremely proud of you.

10. Congratulations!

Congratulations, my brave Heaven!

You have at last loved earth

Once in your entire life.

Congratulations, my brave earth!

You have at last smiled at Heaven

Once in your entire life.

Congratulations, my wise God!

You have at last liberated me

Once in Your birthless and deathless creation.

11. My only reality

In Heaven

My only reality is Light.

On earth

My only reality is might.

In God

My only reality is Love.

In me

My only reality is surrender.

12. Appointments

Accept God lovingly.

He will surely give you

An appointment some day.

Accept God devotedly.

He will surely give you

An appointment tomorrow.

Accept God unconditionally.

Lo, you have already had

The most significant interview with Him.

13. Try

Try to see God

In every human being.

Indeed, that will be your supreme invention.

If you cannot do that,

Try to see God

In yourself, at least.

Indeed, that will be your supreme discovery.

If even that you cannot do,

Then try to feel

That you are for God

And God alone.

Indeed, that will be your supreme choice.

14. Union and re-union

You want to know

The difference





The difference is very simple:

Man-realisation is the union

Of illumining Light


Devouring darkness

In your mind-search.

God-realisation is the re-union

Of Universal Love


Transcendental Truth

In your heart-cry.

15. Donkey, monkey and lion

Are you a donkey?

No, you are not.

Are you a monkey?

No, you are not.

Are you a lion?

Yes, you are.

Why are you not a donkey?

You are not a donkey


You and dark ignorance-life

Are perfect strangers.

Why are you not a monkey?

You are not a monkey


You and restless sound-life

Are perfect strangers.

Why are you a lion?

You are a lion


You are roaming divinely and supremely.

For what?

Earth-transformation and God-manifestation.

16. No begging

No begging, no pleading,

But dreaming and achieving.

Your Lord Supreme

Treasures this adventure of yours

Far beyond the vision

Of your imagination's flight.

17. What is faith?

What is faith?

Your divinity within you.

What is faith?

God's supreme Pride in you.

What is faith?

Your eternal Immortality in God.

18. You don't believe

You say you don't believe

In the liberating God-goal.

To me, it is quite unimportant.

You say you don't believe

In the searching world-soul.

To me, it is quite unimportant.

But when

You say you don't believe

In your loving heart-cry,

To me, it is a serious matter.

Utter destruction is going to embrace you

Sooner than at once.

19. Ready to wait

Since my purity

Needs God's Heart,

It is ready to wait

For God's choice Hour.

Since my patience

Needs God's Smile,

It is ready to wait

For God's choice Hour.

Since my perseverance

Needs God's Blessing,

It is ready to wait

For God's choice Hour.

20. He is still alive

His life is based on hope-joy;


He is still alive.

His mind is based on plan-might;


He is still alive.

His heart is based on surrender-light;


He is still alive.

21. Always slow

His body is slow,

Always slow,

In serving.

His vital is slow,

Always slow,

In striving.

His mind is slow,

Always slow,

In learning.

His heart is slow,

Always slow,

In loving.

His soul is slow,

Always slow,

In manifesting.

22. Promises and hopes

My past promises

Are important.

My future hopes

Are more important.

My present cries

Are infinitely more important

Than my unfed promises


My hungry hopes.

23. When

When she concentrates,

The Sun-king gives her

Power infinite.

When she meditates,

The Moon-queen gives her

Love immortal.

When she contemplates,

The Sky-princess gives her

Concern eternal.

24. Leave me alone

O world,

Leave me alone

With my searching mind.

My mind is my Immortality's friend.

O world,

Leave me alone

With my aspiring heart.

My heart is my Eternity's All.

25. Silence

Silence is God's Vision.

My heart knows it


Silence is Heaven's illumination.

My mind sees it


Silence is earth's perfection.

My life discovers it


26. Can and cannot

He who can, does.

God is a shining example.

He who cannot, preaches

Plus barks.

Alas, I am that deplorable example.

27. Therefore

I love;

Therefore, I have:

I have Eternity's Peace.

I serve;

Therefore, I am:

I am Infinity's Bliss.

28. Humanity misunderstood


Misunderstood me


I stood an inch higher.


Misunderstood me


I stood an inch lower.


Misunderstood me


I stood parallel.


My frustration-life

Is pining to enter

Into the world-chasm of nowhere.

29. A peerless mastery


Is a helpless slavery.

My mind knows it.


Is a shadowless discovery.

My heart knows it.


Is a peerless mastery.

My soul knows it.

30. I appreciate

I appreciate

Prayers without words.

I admire

Meditations without thoughts.

I adore

Realisation without sound.

I love

Perfection without expectation.

31. Pass it on


Has shown you Heaven's compassion.

Pass it on.


Has shown you earth's patience.

Pass it on.


Has shown you God's Confidence.

Pass it on.

32. I need you only

O morning of beauty!

I love you.

I always love you.

O evening of silence!

I love you.

I always love you.

O time of Compassion-perfection!

I need you.

I always need you.

I need you only.

33. Discoveries

My body's discovery:

Death is strong.

My heart's discovery:

Love is stronger.

My soul's discovery:

Smile is stronger than the strongest.

34. We stumble

Who has never stumbled?


Let your sincerity speak.

Who has never stumbled?


Let his sincerity speak.

Who has never stumbled?


Let my sincerity speak.

Why do we stumble?

We stumble


God in us is experiencing

An ever-transcending-Reality.

35. Because God

You are beautiful

Not because

You love God sincerely,

But because

God loves you unconditionally.

You are divine

Not because

You need God desperately,

But because

God needs you eternally.

36. Alas! Alas!

Your insincerity-drop

Has poisoned

Your spirituality-sea.



Your insecurity-second

Has eclipsed

Your reality-sun.



37. Hungry

You were hungry

For earth-beauty.

It was necessary then.

You are hungry

For Heaven-duty.

It is customary now.

You shall be hungry

For God-necessity.

It will be compulsory then.

38. No medicine, no enemy



No medicine

To cure my self-deception.

Lo and behold!

No enemy

To obstruct my God-realisation.

39. God will give you


God will give you more love.


God will give you more light.


God will give you

Not only more perfection

But all His Perfection.

40. Sky and sun


Shelters all souls together

Under its canopy.


Embraces one soul at a time

On ecstasy's blue-gold heights.

41. Joy-fruit

The fear-cat in him


The doubt-dog in him

Were disputing over

Their claims to Joy-fruit.

The faith-deer in him

Smiled and carried away

The Joy-fruit.

42. He who gives

He who obeys,


He who teaches,


He who gives,

Not only has

But eternally is.

43. His invocations

His sickness needed God;


He invoked God.

His cleverness needed Satan;


He invoked Satan.

His insecurity needs ego;


He invokes his ego.

44. The seed and the tree

The soul

Is the seed.

The body

Is the tree.

Love the tree

For its all-spreading beauty.

Serve the seed

For its all-illumining duty.

45. Money-power

You must know

What you can buy


What you cannot buy

With your money-power.

With your money-power

You can buy physical strength,

You can buy vital strength,

You can buy mental strength.


You cannot buy psychic strength.

What is psychic strength?

Love, Infinity's Love.

Oneness, Eternity's Oneness.

46. Complaints

You complain


Your greatness

Is not acknowledged.

He complains


His smallness

Is well exposed.

God complains


His goodness

Is not claimed by humanity.


I know not what to do

With you people.

47. I know God

My love knows

Where God is.

My devotion knows

Who God is.

My surrender knows

Why God is.

Where is God?

Inside my heart-cry.

Who is God?

God is my Life-Lover.

Why is God?

God is for my satisfaction-smile.

48. I speak

I speak to God


God understands me.

I speak to Heaven


Heaven appreciates me.

I speak not to man


Man neither understands me

Nor appreciates me.

To my wide surprise,

He does not even recognise me.

49. Call nobody your own

Call nobody your own.

Look, your own doubt-son

Has deserted you.

Look, your own jealousy-daughter

Has strangled you.

Look, your own impurity-husband

Has buried you.

Only call God your own:

Look, He has resurrected you:

He is feeding you,

He is energising you,

He is immortalising you.

50. I

I was defeated


I stayed with my little I,


I am defeated


I do not feed

My big I,

Universal I.

I shall succeed


I shall claim God-I

As my only I.

From:Sri Chinmoy,The Golden Boat, part 15, Agni Press, 1974
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/gb_15