God-Compassion and God-Justice

1. Aspiration





Is tomorrow's



2. Surrender



Of one's oneness with one's own omnipotence

Compels man's forced surrender

To God's Will. ```

3. Compassion



Is man's


Opportunity-satisfaction. ```

4. Devotion



To God

Is the liberation

Of the human

In us.


5. Gratitude



Is the only aspiration-soul

In our life of








6. Charity



Is the perfect clarity

Of the mind-existence.


Is the oneness-luminosity

In the heart-consciousness.


Is the satisfaction-unity

In God's Life of fulfilling multiplicity.


7. Sweetness



Is sweetness embodied.


Is sweetness revealed.


Is sweetness manifested. ```

8. Oneness



With the earth-consciousness

Shows me what I am not:

I am not God's chosen son.


With the Heaven-consciousness

Shows me what I eternally am:

I am God's chosen son.


With God

Shows me what I am and who I am:

I am man and I am God —

Man preparing for realisation,

God preparing for manifestation. ```

9. Satisfaction


Possession is not satisfaction.

Renunciation is not satisfaction.

Liberation from possession


Liberation from renunciation

Are indeed satisfaction-perfection

In our life of aspiration.


10. Absolute


The Absolute in us remains mute

Because He does not want to be involved

In our sound-life —

The life that does not want to construct,

But wants to destroy.

The Absolute tells us He is in us and for us

Only when we sing the song

Of constant construction,

Not destruction.


11. Boundless


The moment you discover

That you are boundless Reality,

You will in no time realise

That your life was never,


A groundless experience

Of Mother-Earth and Father-Heaven.


12. Silence




The God-man

In us. ```

13. Complete


A complete man is he

Who longs for

Silence-perfection within


Sound-satisfaction without.


14. Harmony


Look in the mirror

And what you see in yourself,

Try to see in others.

If you see perfection in your life,

Then see perfection in others.

If you see imperfection in yourself

And forgive yourself for your imperfection,

Then try also to forgive others

Who have the same imperfection.

The experience of oneness

In darkness or light

Brings about harmony. ```

15. Willingness


Human willingness

Is nothing

But God-cheerfulness

In man's life

Of self-transcendence.


16. Power


The power that says

"I have"

Is not the power divine.

The power that says

"God is"

Is the power divine. ```

17. Compassion



In the seeker

Is God unrecognised.


In the seeker

Is God recognised.


18. Balance


A life of balance

You discover within yourself

The moment you tell Mother-Earth:

"I am for you,"

And the moment you tell Father-Heaven:

"I am of you."

When you tell Earth

That you are for Earth

And when you tell Heaven

That you are of Heaven

Then you ensure a life of balance.


19. Wisdom


Because of its lack of wisdom,

A snake drinks milk

And emits poison.

Because of his vast wisdom,

A saint drinks poison

And offers milk.

This is wisdom in oneness,

Wisdom in perfection,

Wisdom in God-satisfaction.

All of us must act like a saint. ```

20. Gentleness



Is one of the roads

That leads us far,

Very far,

Towards our self-perfection.


21. Happiness


If we can cry with the human in us

When the human in us cries,

Then there is happiness.

If we can smile with the divine in us

When the divine in us smiles,

Then there is happiness.

Happiness is in identification;

Happiness is in oneness-reality. ```

22. Persistence


True persistence is not and cannot be

The quality of a stubborn human being.

In the spiritual life,

Persistence is the aspiration

Of one's continuous patience-light.

And in this patience-light

Man eventually realises

That he is the Truth supreme. ```

23. Spirituality


The zenith

Of spirituality


In the equanimity

Of the seeker's searching mind.


24. Guru


A Guru is he

Who asks God

For only one favour,

And that favour

Is for God to give him time,

Endless time,

Before God examines

The Guru’s expansion-reality:

His spiritual children.


25. Grace


Do you want to see God's Face?

If so, then right from today

Call yourself,

And tell others to call you,

God's unconditional Grace.


26. Humility


What is humility?

Humility is our oneness-purity

In the heart

Of the absolute Reality. ```

27. Certainty



Is not in the sleeping body.


Is not in the demanding vital.


Is not in the hesitating mind.


Is not in the worrying heart.


Is in the self-giving soul. ```

28. Goal


If you know what you truly are,

Then your goal does not remain

A far cry.

Your goal runs towards you

To offer its infinite wealth.

And what is it you truly are?

Your are of God-Life


You are for God-Love.


29. Friend


With my human friend,

I tried to build a cottage.

Alas, we failed.

With my divine friend, eternal friend,

I don't build;

We just live here,

There, everywhere,

For our oneness is our omnipresence.

And our omnipresence is

What God eternally has


What God eternally is. ```

30. Yogi


A Yogi is he

Who consciously knows

What God has already done for him


What God will always do for him.


31. Dynamism



Is the fulfilment

Of inspiration


The progress

Of aspiration. ```

32. Progress



Is what we always



Is what we always

Need. ```

33. Father


A spiritual father

Is he who kindles

Our inner hunger,

And at the same time

Feeds us,

Nourishes us,

And immortalises us,

The divine in us. ```

34. Selflessness


Human selflessness

Is nothing short of

God's all-fulfilling goodness

For God-Satisfaction

Here on earth

And there in Heaven. ```

35. Freedom


Inner freedom

Is as beautiful

And as fruitful

As our conscious and constant

Unconditional obedience

To God's Will. ```

36. Life



My own animal life frightens me.


My own human life weakens me.

But there shall unmistakably come a time

When my own divine life

Will illumine not only me,

But will illumine

The length and breadth

Of the entire world. ```

37. Truth


To see the body of truth,

I shall have to run and run.

But to see the heart of truth,

I shall have to live inside

My self-giving breath.


38. Necessity


For a sincere seeker,

A genuine seeker,

There is and there can be

Only one necessity,

And that necessity

Is God-Satisfaction

Before the day dawns

And after the evening sets in. ```

39. Purity



Is the divine safe in us

In which God's



And immortal Reality



40. Discipline


The life of discipline

Is God-assurance

In our nature's cry for

Absolute perfection. ```

41. Sincerity



Is the revelation

Of our inner

Purity. ```

42. Dependence



On one's own personal effort

Is a dance with futility.


On God's Grace and Oneness

And the seeker's surrendered effort,

Is the assurance of God-Victory

In the seeker. ```

43. Transformation



Of the physical consciousness

Is by far the most difficult task

For us.

Once the physical consciousness

Is transformed,

There is nothing,

Either on earth

Or in Heaven,

That one has to acquire. ```

44. Faith


Belief tells you

What you can become.

Faith tells you

What you have always been:

A conscious search

For God-realisation. ```

45. Unity



Is the trunk

Of the reality-tree.


Is the essence

And substance

Of the reality-tree. ```

46. Security


Do not grasp.

If you do not grasp



Will run

And grasp you. ```

47. Beauty


The beauty of the soul in us

Is crying for its revelation,

But we are crying

For the manifestation

Of our body's beauty.

The day we stop crying

For the revelation

Of our body's beauty,

The beauty of our soul

Will play its role

In and through us.

When this beauty of our soul

Plays its role satisfactorily,

The beauty of the physical

Becomes divine, perfect and immortal.


48. God's Face


In order to see God's Face,

I have to participate in

Self-giving love-race,

Self-giving devotion-race


Self-giving surrender-race. ```

49. Heart's door


The moment I open

My heart's door,

I see God's Infinity-Shore

Smiling at me. ```

50. Tomorrow



I touched God's Feet

And pleased Him;


God became preparation for me.


I feel God's Heart;


God has become

My only indispensable necessity.


I shall smile at God;


God will be all-Satisfaction

In my life of inner aspiration,

In my life of outer dedication. ```

50. Editor's preface to first edition

During a meeting of his Connecticut Centre on 11 August 1975, Sri Chinmoy asked each of his disciples to give him a spiritual word, and he then extemporaneously composed a poem based on the word. The words, and Sri Chinmoy's poem are published here.

From:Sri Chinmoy,God-Compassion and God-Justice, Agni Press, 1975
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/gc