Krishna's outer blessing is his inner gratitude9

There was once a terrible King named Kangsa. Kangsa was the worst possible human being, the worst hostile force, an evil force incarnate. He had killed so many people mercilessly. There was no human being as undivine as he was. His very name used to create unimaginable fear in his subjects.

One day Kangsa and his minister had a secret meeting. “Everybody is appreciating Krishna,” Kangsa said. “We must kill Krishna immediately, and also his brother Balarama.”

“How can we kill them?” asked the minister.

“Only by inviting both of them here. Otherwise, we will not be able to kill them,” said Kangsa.

“But under what pretext should we send for them?” asked the minister.

“We will say that we wish to honour them because they are so great and good,” Kangsa said, “and we will ask Krishna’s uncle, Akrura, to bring them.”

Akrura was in the palace at that time, and he happened to overhear their conversation. So when Kangsa told him to invite Krishna and Balarama to the palace, Akrura said, “Yes, certainly I will go and invite Krishna and his brother to come here.” But when Akrura went to visit Krishna he said, “I have come to invite you to the palace, but I must warn you that Kangsa and his minister will arrest you and kill you if you go. I know that your spiritual power can easily destroy people. You are the Lord incarnate. But it is my heart’s desire to tell you what they are going to try to do. If you are prepared, it will be easier for you. I am so glad that I have been able to be of service to you.”

Krishna was very pleased with Akrura. “We are all gratitude for your loyalty and truthfulness. Since you have come to invite us, we shall come. I will be prepared and Balarama will also be prepared. As you know, he is a great warrior; he is an expert in the use of the mace. He taught the powerful Pandava brother, Bhima, and the head of the Kaurava brothers, Duryodhana, how to use the mace.” 10

When Krishna and Balarama went to the King’s palace, they were ready for the attack and successfully destroyed Kangsa, the evil force incarnate.

GIM 109. 27 January 1979

GIM 109,8. In the first edition, there was possible misprint ‘He taught the head of the Pandava brothers, Duryodhana

From:Sri Chinmoy,Great Indian meals: divinely delicious and supremely nourishing, part 6, Agni Press, 1979
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