Question: Because so many violent things are happening in the world today, and because the world is so full of imperfection and quarrellings, many people say that God is angry with the world. Do you think that God is angry or is satisfied with the world?

Sri Chinmoy: When we think of God as Compassion, as Love, we immediately feel that God is satisfied with us. But when we think of God as Justice, we feel that God is dissatisfied with us for our imperfection, our quarrelling, fighting and so forth. If we go a bit deeper we feel that God is all Love and that His Love is everywhere: it is all-pervading. It is His Love that pervades Heaven and earth and everywhere.

There is a famous chant in the Hindu scriptures wherein we observe that God is Delight. It says that from Delight the creation has come into existence, in Delight this creation, this world abides, and into Delight each individual soul will retire. So if God is all Delight, if He is in Delight, then He cannot be angry with the creation. When somebody is in joy, in true joy, he does not find fault with anything or anybody.

Finally we come to see that it is not we who are actually doing anything. It is God who is the doer and who is the action, and it is He who is having the experiences that we are seeing all around us. So God the Compassion is not angry with us. God the Love is not dissatisfied with us, for it is He who is acting in and through us. He is the experience and He is the experiencer.

From:Sri Chinmoy,God-Life: is it a far cry?, Agni Press, 1974
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