Shanti Shanti Hridaye Shanti

Shanti shanti hridaye shanti parane shanti raje

Chira manohar Kanur banshari dyuloke bhuloke baje

Ghor danaber hingshar chhaya

Andhar nishar agyana-maya

Hariye phelechhi amar e tanu mana prana antare

Akuti amar taba kripa nire nirabadhi santare


Peace, Peace,

Peace within my heart reigns supreme.

The soul-stirring flute of Lord Krishna

is being played

In my Heaven and on my earth.

The destruction-shadows of dark demons

And the ignorance-delusion of sombre night

Lie long-buried in the depths of my

body, mind, heart and life.

My aspiration-flames ever swim across

the expanse of Your compassion-waters.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Garden of love-light, part 1, 1974
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