Question: Is it necessary to have any particular background before following your path?

Sri Chinmoy: In our path, one does not need a background. If one has gone to various spiritual groups and then comes to our path, it can create problems for that person. If one is sincere, that is more than enough. If one is ready to reach the highest goal at God's choice Hour, then that is more than enough.

If you have meditated for five or six or ten years at home or under some spiritual Master, or if you have read a few books, this background may help, true. Again, if many people have thrust knowledge or wisdom upon you, then it may only create confusion. Each Master has his own way of teaching. Each one is right, absolutely right, in his own way, but if a particular Master is not the Master who is meant for you, then some confusion may arise. This has happened in many cases. So if you get your own Master right at the beginning, if you are very fresh in the beginning and have not been influenced by other seekers or Masters, then it is much easier for you.

So I say that the only background you need is sincerity, your feeling that you want to follow our path. We start with a cry, an inner cry. A child is not taught by the mother how to cry. The mother does not tell the child that he has to cry. She does not teach the little baby, "If you cry, then I will give you candy. If you cry, I will give you milk." No, it comes spontaneously. When he needs a piece of candy or milk or something, he cries. In the spiritual life also, when the seeker enters onto a path, if he cries most sincerely and soulfully, then that is more than enough. At that time, the Inner Pilot, the Supreme, who is my Guru, your Guru and everybody's Guru, listens to this cry. Then He illumines the seeker in His own Way. At every moment, the Inner Pilot will guide you if you follow a specific path most sincerely and devotedly.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Great Masters and the Cosmic Gods, Agni Press, 1977
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