Many kinds of manifestation9

Recently in New York I have been giving importance to one particular aphorism:


“I have come to learn

Something very new:


God gives to very few.”10


That message should be ingrained in your heart. I would like you to recite it quite a few times, so that you will value God-manifestation.

God-manifestation can take place even inside your own physical body. Let us say that your body is undisciplined, or you have a disease. If you can bring down light, peace, bliss or any other divine quality into the physical, that is a great manifestation.

Again, if you can be sincerely nice and kind to your brother and sister disciples, that is also an aspect of our manifestation.

The manifestation that disciples are doing here and there, you all know. But there are many, many other kinds of manifestation that you may not be consciously aware of.

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