Gorbachev: the Master-Key of the Universal Heart

Part I — Soulful tributes



You are the most beloved

Of the chosen few

To be garlanded

By Father-God in Heaven

And Mother-God on earth

For your supremely unparalleled contributions

Towards changing the face and fate

Of the suffering world-community. ```



You are your soul's

Transcendental summit.

You are your heart's

Universal door.

You are your mind's

Invincible courage.

You are your life's

Sleepless sacrifice. ```



Two Germanys have emptied

Their streaming tears

And blinding fears

Inside your vastness-oneness-heart. ```



You are a supreme optimist.

Quite often you take the risk of losing.

But your Inner Pilot

Every day helps you win the victory-banner

In the battlefield of life.




There comes a time

When you desperately need everybody.

But do they all come?

Unfortunately not!

Only your confidence comes.

It comes to the fore,

And it guides and leads you

To the Golden Shore. ```



Not one but many

Most significant lessons

All human beings

Are learning from you.

To name only a few:

Never too late

To do the right thing;

Never too late

To be the right person;

Never too late

For the transformation of the mind,

For the satisfaction of the heart

And for the perfection of human life.




Yours is the mind

That never suffers

From determination-decay.

Yours is the heart

That refuses to hear

The whispers of failure-night.

Yours is the life

That never falls

Into the abysmal abyss of self-pity.





Is your inner name.


Is your outer name. ```



You are telling

Each and every citizen

Of the world

That what we desperately need

Is inner grace

And not limitless space. ```



In God's supreme


Your compassion-height

And justice-light

Are listed first.




You are the tallest pillar

Of earth-transformation.

You are the brightest light

Of Heaven-manifestation. ```



The crying heart of humanity

Desperately needs you.

The smiling eye of Heaven

Proudly blesses you. ```



Every day

You sail your confidence-boat

Across your life-river.




Every day

The seeker-sprinter-heart in you

Speedily and gloriously

Crosses the delight-finish-line. ```



Every day

You tell the world,

"When it comes to self-giving,

Never hesitate!" ```



Every day

You tell the world

That confidence blossoms

Only in oneness-garden. ```



Every day

Your adversaries ruthlessly

Criticise you.

Do you know why?

Because their hope-progress-life

Has come to a virtual halt. ```



Every day

Your own faith-umbrella

Saves you

From the doubt-poison-shower

Of your foes.




Every day

The earth-aspiration-climber

In you journeys

To an uncharted horizon. ```



Every day

Your mountain-summit wisdom-light

Illumines all the corners

Of the globe. ```



Every day

The questioning world

Likes to have you available

For your perfect answers

To its teeming problems.




Every day

Your luminosity-soul

Is eager to save the world

From the sharp dagger of despair,

And also to clear away

The world's thickest ignorance-fog. ```



Every day in the inner world

You are a pioneer world-society-builder,

And in the outer world

You are a most convincing satisfaction-enhancer. ```



Every day

Your heart-song-fragrance

Is inimitably illumining humanity's mind,

Inspiring humanity's heart

And fulfilling humanity's life.




There is not a day

When negativity-thief

Dares to steal away

Your sincerity-purity-joy. ```



What each and every human being

Needs on earth

Is a confidence-fulfilment-rainbow-heart

Like yours. ```



You are your heart's

Perpetually fathomless poise.

Therefore, the storms of disappointment

Cannot prevent you

From piloting your life-boat

To the Golden Shore of the Beyond. ```



The sacredness

Of your sleepless willingness-promise

To bring about a new world,

A world of long-lost trust,

Is high Heaven's peerless boon to mankind

Through you. ```



Crushed hopes of past generations

You are deleting

From the tablets

Of the human mind.

Beauty's hope,

Duty's promise,

Divinity's fulfilment

You at once embody and reveal

To the world at large.




You are telling the world

Never to give up.

The transformation of the human mind

Is definitely taking place —

Slowly, steadily and unerringly.

Your own compassion-eye and compassion-heart

Are radiant witnesses.




Two are the never-failing

Benefactors of humanity:

Your mind's wisdom-light

And your heart's oneness-height. ```



The superb dancer in you

Most delicately dances

The intricate dance of diplomacy.




You are telling the whole world

That there is no yawning gulf

Between the mind's willingness

And the heart's capacity. ```



In your inner life

You are indeed a giant step

In the evolution of

Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. ```



Secretly and sacredly

You wiped the ceaseless tears

Of two German worlds.

You are destiny's individual farmer,

Harvesting a bumper crop

For the collective world.




You have most gloriously exhibited

The teamwork between

A truth-searching mind

And a love-manifesting heart. ```



You are teaching the world

How to say good-bye

To the mind's lingering sighs

And the heart's anguished sobs. ```



You are hope-aspiration-cries

Of the inner world.

You are promise-fulfilment-smiles

Of the outer world. ```



Your heart cradles


Your mind cradles


Your life cradles

Manifestation. ```



You have transformed

Humanity's smallest hopes

Into divinity's widest scopes.




Your mind is always receptive to new ideas,

Your heart to new ideals

And your life to new goals.

The most significant

Of all your goals

Is a universal oneness-heart-home. ```



Your heart's inner silence-patience-seeds

Have silenced the outer pride-sound

Of many world figures.

Needless to say,

Their defeat is no humiliation,

But an illumination —

Not only for them,

But for all nations. ```



You tell the world:

Progress, progress, progress!

Progress within, progress without.

That progress is not and cannot be

A prisoner of time.




The Pilot Supreme

Of the Soviet Union

Tiptoes and whispers:

Perestroika —

To see the world with a new mind,

To be the world with a new heart,

To serve the world with a new breath.




While green in age,

You began to launch

Your aspiration-rocket;

You began to explore

Your vision-reality-frontier.




You tell the world

That as the human mind

Tends to be a problem-maker,

Even so, the divine heart

Is a problem-solver.




Berlin Wall collapse:

Your compassion-heart

Was the cause;

The German smile

Was the effect.




Eternity's silence:

This is indeed

Your aspiration-heart.

Infinity's sound:

This is indeed

Your dedication-life.




You have just one simple

And spontaneous question:

O world of my heart and soul,

Are you feeding your need

Or are you feeding your greed?





An aspiration-flower grows

In every thought of yours.


A dedication-fragrance spreads

In every action of yours. ```



The world-transformation-capacity

Lies in the climbing heart-cries

Of each human being.

Indeed, you are a radiant example. ```



Your compassion-heart

Leans towards the loser

To console,

And then soon, very soon,

To extol.




Unwavering sincerity

Is not the order of the day.

Therefore, hard is it

For all and sundry

To swim along with you

In your sincerity-flowing





Fast you think.

Faster you act.

Fastest you become.

Therefore, you are never

Battered and tossed

By the waves of self-doubt. ```



Smilingly you touch

The head of impossibility.

Carefully you feel

The heart of impossibility.

Powerfully you transform

The life of impossibility

Into definite practicality.




Again and again you fly

The banner of peace-victory,

Even in hopelessly irreconcilable

Hours of hostility. ```



Unreservedly you please

The inner world of aspiration.


Eventually the outer world of dedication

Will lovingly and adoringly accept you.




In the inner world

Your Lord is

God the Compassion-Height.

In the outer world

Your Lord is

God the Justice-Light.




A sleepless sufferer

Of Eternity's ceaseless cries

You were.

And now a fathomless


You are. ```



The oneness-lover in you

Tells the citizens of the world

That indifference subtracts

And criticism divides,

But concern adds

And self-giving multiplies. ```




Is not only continuous,

But also dangerous

To the extreme.

How to stop it?

Confidently you appear

With the following solution:

From now on let us live

In our affection-compassion-flooded


And not in our division-suspicion-intoxicated





Alas, while you want to do away with

The armour of destruction,

Some countries enjoy being laden with

The armour of suspicion. ```



Your mind

Is inspiring the world

To run a non-stop


Your heart

Is inspiring the world

To run a non-stop


Your life

Is inspiring the world

To run a non-stop

Interdependence-marathon. ```



Indifference is the beginning

Of the inner war.

Suspicion is the beginning

Of the outer war.

With your wisdom-flooded mind

And compassion-flooded heart,

You are sending inner war

And outer war

Into exile.




Before you became

The pilot of the world-peace-boat,

This world of ours

Was sinking deeper and deeper into despair.

And now, what do we see?

A most powerful hope-light-dance!

Long live, long live,

The fondness-child of Stavropol! ```

Part II — You are your heart's wisdom-light

"My heart is in your hearts"

My heart is in your hearts. My life is in your lives. You see in me your own growing confidence and the end of separation-night. I see in you my soaring fulfilment and the perfection of our oneness-fulness.


> "I don't think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday."

> — Abraham Lincoln

Similarly, the perfection-lover in the wise President Gorbachev says: "Well, suppose we made mistakes. So what? It is better to rectify them than sit and wait."

> "Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?"

> — Abraham Lincoln President Gorbachev illumines his adversaries instead of destroying them. In this inimitable way, he and his friends, both new and old, walk, march and run towards the same destination: a oneness-peace-world.

"Two Mahatmas"

Two Mahatmas: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi of India and Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev of Russia.

India's freedom-champion Mahatma Gandhi teaches, "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."

Many world figures over the years have ruthlessly spoken ill of President Gorbachev. With his indomitable mind and his compassionate heart, the supreme Pilot of the Soviet Union has smilingly forgiven them. Slowly and steadily a peaceful life of harmony is blossoming in the heart-garden of Mother-Earth.

"The ideal of communism"

The ideal of communism is to work according to your capacity and to receive according to your necessity. Can this theory have any equal? The Vedic seers of the hoary past had this kind of unparalleled vision for world-harmony, world-peace and world-fulfilment.

Theory is one thing, but practice can be completely different. It is the practice that affects human life. Alas, alas, Stalin's practices destroyed the beauty and fragrance of the communism-flower. But President Gorbachev reminds us with his direct and to-the-point statement that the very idea of communism is not something to be feared or hated:

> "I am a communist. I'm sure that answer doesn't make you too enthusiastic, but it shouldn't make you panic either. It's quite normal."


Some blame you because you do not want them to remain where they are: inside pitch-dark caves. Others blame you for not wholeheartedly helping them run at their fastest dream-speed. Those who do not want to budge an inch are fervently requested by you to move forward and bathe in the beauty and purity of tomorrow's dawn. Those who are over-eager but have no capacity to run the fastest along the world-progress-road, are compassionately and powerfully cautioned by you to stop indulging in meaningless fantasies.


Dauntlessly you have been wrestling with the unwillingness of your relentless adversaries. To our great joy and satisfaction, their doubting minds are disappearing. Needless to say, your heart of magnanimity will help them bury their deplorable mistakes in oblivion. And then illumining understanding and fulfilling interdependence shall reign supreme.


Each individual wants to be the boss. You tell them there is an easy way to accomplish that objective — to double and redouble their heart's aspiration-cries and their life's dedication-smiles. Your inspiration-heart consoles the needy sooner than the soonest. You tell those who fall that they do not have to fall any more. You tell those who are pushed that they will not be pushed any more. You tell those who are eyeless that they do not have to remain visionless any more. You tell all people that their aspiration-purity, dedication-duty and satisfaction-prosperity are unmistakably interdependent.


As ill luck would have it, some world-figures still want to enjoy the supremacy of their nuclear power in the peace-dreaming age. And what do you want? You want sincerely, sleeplessly, plus immediately, the unmistakable and final end of the arms race.


I am keeping my heart-door completely open. O world-citizens, do come in and claim me as your own. I am for you, sleeplessly for you.

Part III — Raisa Maximovna Gorbachev

Raisa, O rainbow-queen


Raisa, O rainbow-queen

Of culture-light,

The soul-wisdom-giver

Of summit-height.

Indeed, a thunder-roar

And flower-fragrance,

An effulgence-glow,

Empty of ignorance.

Russia's seed, Raisa,

A cosmos-tree,

Snow-white fondness, oneness

And fulness free.


My Soviet sisters


My Soviet sisters,

Come to the fore!

Hide not, hide not;

Run to the shore!

Lag not behind,

Lag not behind!

Treasures in us

The world must find.


Not in front, not behind


Not in front, not behind,

But always side by side,

You two enjoy oneness

And complete fulness-ride.





In inspiration-light

To the President.


In aspiration-height

With the President.


In encouragement-might

For the President.


In fulfilment-delight

With the President.


Russian child

Admired, adored and loved

By the four corners

Of the globe.


"I respect all faiths"

Raisa Maximovna Gorbachev, O Sister of the Soviet Union, your momentous utterance runs:

> "I am an atheist, but I know the church, and I respect all faiths. It is, after all, a personal matter. I believe in the natural goodness of people, and I firmly believe that no one wants war."

She who respects all faiths is a supreme seeker. To believe in the natural goodness of people is in itself a high attainment. Each human being has to have faith in something. Without faith one cannot exist. Your faith is in the goodness of human beings. For us that very thing is God, for God is all Goodness. Therefore, you do believe in God.

Now President Gorbachev comes to our assistance with a confident step forward, inward and upward to raise the consciousness of humanity. Compellingly, he declares:

> "Let each live by his own convictions and worship his own God."

"I am casting the vote"

I am casting the vote for the one whose mind is justice-light. I am casting the vote for the one whose life is dedication-delight. Who is he? Who else, if not my husband-partner?

"Fathomless compassion-heart"

The measureless earthquake-destruction-sufferer is being consoled by the fathomless compassion-heart.

"This is what we should be doing."

On seeing a display of restored watches and clocks in Geneva in 1985, Raisa Gorbachev noted, "This is what we should be doing, restoring things instead of destroying things."

With your enlightened mind and compassionate heart, you are teaching the world how to swim in the sea of wisdom-light.

Part IV — First meeting


At his first meeting with the author, President Gorbachev warmly tells him, "I have heard so much about you and your work. We must work together for world peace." The meeting took place on 29 May 1990 at the Canadian Governor-General's Residence in Ottawa.

Sri Chinmoy offers his utmost gratitude to President Gorbachev, stating, "You are the master-key of the global heart. You have liberated the world from bondage-night, and you have brought to the fore the inner freedom which we need so desperately. Before, people were in darkness, and now you have brought light to them."

Sri Chinmoy reads the words to the song he has composed for President Gorbachev. Visible on the back of the pamphlet is a photograph of the President with Mrs. Gorbachev, which the President later noticed with great joy. Looking on is President Gorbachev's interpreter.

At the same meeting, R. David Hamilton, a student of Sri Chinmoy, presents President Gorbachev with a book of letters from prominent Canadians expressing their deepest appreciation for the Soviet leader's work for world peace.

"O master-key of the global heart"

The following are introductory words on a tape recording of songs dedicated to President Gorbachev, sent to him the evening of his first meeting with the author.

29 May 1990

Dear President Gorbachev,

O master-key of the global heart, this evening you bestowed upon me and my two Canadian student friends your blessingful affection, compassion and oneness. For that, our hearts are all gratitude to you.

With my soulful gratitude-heart I am offering these songs to you. The first one is written by me, and the subsequent ones are from your own momentous utterances.

Dear President, your heart of compassion and affection I shall most devotedly treasure. Indeed, as I wrote in my song, "Gorbachev, Gorbachev, all-where the peace-blossom-tree," you have brought to the fore the inner freedom of humanity. You have liberated much of the world from bondage-division-night. Therefore, both the ascending cries of humanity and the descending smiles of divinity you embody.

May the Soviet Union and Canada, in your oneness-heart, divinely grow and supremely glow.

Yours in the Almighty Father

in Heaven, Sri Chinmoy

Politics and spirituality1



Can enter into politics.


Does not dismiss politics.

Politics can claim spirituality.


Spirituality can claim politics.

Politics and spirituality

Are branches of the same life-tree,

And this life-tree

Is all oneness-peace.

Spirituality is the heart.

Politics is the body.

These two are at once


And indispensable to each other.

The body is the flower.

The heart is the fragrance.

The flower charmingly reminds us

Of our universal beauty.

The fragrance breathlessly reminds us

Of our transcendental divinity.

Gorbachev the flower

Our outer world unsurpassably loves.

Gorbachev the fragrance

Our inner world unreservedly treasures.


GMK 85. This essay was written by the author and sent to President Gorbachev on 11 June 1990.

Part V — Song-offerings

The master-key of the global heart


Freedom-grower, Freedom-giver, Freedom-delight!

The liberator-sun of the world's division-night.

Love-peace-fountain, Mikhail,

Earth and Heaven's oneness-thrill.

Gorbachev, Gorbachev, all-where the peace-blossom-tree.

The master-key of the global heart, bondage-world free.


Songs composed to quotes by President Gorbachev


"We can either climb together or fall into the abyss."

— President Mikhail Gorbachev


"Act according to the truth. This is the most difficult science."

— President Mikhail Gorbachev


"We have cast off many fetters, and like a bird set free, we won't return to our cage."

— President Mikhail Gorbachev


"Man is beginning to explore the galaxy. But how much remains undone on earth?"

— President Mikhail Gorbachev

Rastrapati Gorbachev

/Rastrapati Gorbachev Gorbachev Gorbachev/

/Dyuloker bhuloker tumi mahananda rab/

/Himaloy netabir paramer jayamala/

/Duniyar sabakar pantha kariyacho ala/


President Gorbachev, Gorbachev, Gorbachev,

You are the supreme nectar-delight-sound

Of Heaven and earth.

You are the Himalayan hero-leader,

And God's Victory-garland you are.

You have illumined humanity's road

Leading towards the Goal supreme.


Russia Bharat

/Russia Bharat Bharat Russia/

/Sathe sathe chale hasiya hasiya/

/Ek bhab ek mati ek gati/

/Chidakashe ati druta unnati/


Russia-India, India-Russia,

Smiling and smiling,

Together they are marching forward,

Together they are flying upward,

Together they are diving inward.

With oneness in willingness,

With oneness in inspiration,

With oneness in one goal,

With faster than the fastest


They are flying

In their oneness-heart-sky.


"An Indian saying"

President Gorbachev said, "An Indian saying has it that a road on which people meet each other halfway is the shortest road.

Our two peoples have been following exactly such a road for decades."


Beloved President unparalleled,

The Indian heart loves your vastness-heart

The Indian mind needs your illumination-mind.

The Indian life treasures your magnanimity-life.




Moscow, Moscow, Moscow, Moscow!

Power within, above, below;

World-charm, world-sound, world-attention;

Pilgrim-souls' sweet, fond affection.



/Russia Russia Russia Russia/

/Uthecho jagiya timir nashiya/

/Punorai bishwas bhagabane/

/Nijere ditecho tar jaya gane/


Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia!

You are awakened,

Having destroyed darkness-night.

Once more you have regained

Your complete faith in God,

The Lord Absolute Supreme.

And now you are sleeplessly

Offering your very existence,

Singing and singing

His Victory-Songs.


East Germany no more!

To President Gorbachev: the liberator of East Germany.


East Germany no more!

West Germany no more!

Division-night has bowed

To oneness-fulness-core.


No more the Berlin Wall


No more the Berlin Wall.



Long twenty-eight years


Long twenty-eight years

Of suffering-nights,

And now the German sky enjoys

Ecstasy's flights.


Behold, nowhere barrier


Behold, nowhere barrier,

Nowhere barrier!

A German soul

Is a oneness-warrior.


Gan geye ekatar hath


/Gan geye ekatar hath dhare sabakar/

/German Germany chale aji/

/Sathe ache abanir alomoy taranir/

/Paramananda kripamoy majhi/

Clasping hands,

Today the Germans and Germanys

Are singing their oneness-song.

The Boatman of infinite Compassion

And infinite Delight

Has given them shelter

In His Heart's

Illumination-Boat Supreme.


One life became two lives


One life became two lives.

One hive became two hives.

One life, one hive again,

Silenced division-pain.


Part VI — Inspiring luminaries

Well-wishers of the Soviet Union

Many are the well-wishers of the Soviet Union. Some are sincere, while others are not. But the Holy Father, whose heart is pure sincerity and whose life is blessingful concern, offers these words of encouragement and appreciation to President Gorbachev:

> "The Holy See follows with great interest the process of renewal which you have set in motion in the Soviet Union. It wishes you success and declares itself ready to support every initiative that will better protect and integrate the rights and duties of individuals and peoples, so that peace may be insured in Europe and the world."

President Gorbachev, the universal oneness-light-seeker and the universal oneness-might-inspirer, responds:

> "People of many faiths, including Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and others, live in the Soviet Union. All of them have a right to satisfy their spiritual needs."


Together we shall sail.

Together we shall weather the storm.

Together we shall reach

The Golden Shore of the Beyond.

United Nations


O body of the world,

O soul of the world,

In you the silence-nest

Of cosmic oneness-rest.

Yours is the nectar-role

To end earth's sombre dole.

Our souls desire to flow

In your duty's vision-glow.


The present Pilot of the United Nations-boat, Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar, called President Gorbachev's historic U.N. speech of 7 December 1988 "remarkable for its vision and far-reaching ideas."

In his turn, President Gorbachev spoke about the U.N. with glowing admiration. Unfortunately, not many have highly appreciated the United Nations. But President Gorbachev said about the U.N. and its Secretary-General, "God is on your side at the United Nations."

These few precious words will forever shine in the heart-history of the United Nations. Only a supreme seeker can feel the necessity of spirituality and God at the United Nations. From his aspiration-heart and dedication-life, President Gorbachev reveals to the entire world what the United Nations actually stands for in the annals of history.

Prime Minister Thatcher of Great Britain

Prime Minister Thatcher of Great Britain describes President Gorbachev as the first Soviet leader to speak openly and freely about almost any subject. In a gesture of confidence rarely seen in the political world, she says, "If he told me he was going to do something, I would implicitly accept his word." When Prime Minister Thatcher returned to Great Britain from her trip to Russia in the Spring of 1987, she stated, "This has been the most fascinating and invigorating visit I have ever made abroad as Prime Minister." She called President Gorbachev "a man of destiny."

Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney

Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney's high intuition and deep conviction are supremely significant as he speaks of President Gorbachev: "He's clearly in command, and I think it augurs well for the future. I was very impressed."

Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany

The magnanimity of President Gorbachev's heart shines not only in the world of aspiration, but also in the world of manifestation. The supreme Pilot of the Soviet Union not only says the right thing, but also does the right thing at the opportune time. To Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany, he is a heart of consolation-assurance. To quote Chancellor Kohl, "Mr. Gorbachev assured me unmistakably that the Soviet Union would respect the right of the German people to decide to live in one state."

The President of France, Francois Mitterrand

The President of France, Francois Mitterrand, courageously shares his luminous inner conviction about President Gorbachev with the rest of the world: "You are the first leader from the Soviet Union to have recognised a political entity within this European Community."

One Europe

One Europe. The supreme visionary in President Gorbachev brings to the fore the uncharted brightness and fulness of tomorrow's Europe:

> "Europeans can meet the challenge of the coming century only by pooling their efforts. We are convinced that what they need is one Europe, peaceful and democratic — a Europe that maintains all its diversity and common humanistic ideas, a prosperous Europe that extends its hand to the rest of the world, a Europe that confidently advances into the future."

Strasbourg, France

6 July 1989

1990 Nobel Peace Prize

President Gorbachev smiles powerfully upon hearing the news of winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his foreign policy.

Telegram from Sri Chinmoy

October 15, 1990

President Gorbachev

The Kremlin

Soviet Union

Our beloved President Gorbachev,

Today the soul of the world is swimming in the sea of delight. You deserve the Nobel Peace Prize infinitely more than anybody else has ever deserved or will ever deserve. In your oneness-heart the peace-loving world feels its supreme security.

A humble admirer of yours,

Sri Chinmoy

O Peace Nobel Laureate, Gorbachev!


O Peace Nobel Laureate, Gorbachev!

You are peace-lovers' oneness-heartbeat-throb.

Gorbachev, peace-blossoms are your inner gifts.

Gorbachev, freedom-joys are your outer lifts.


O Pilot Supreme of the Soviet Union!


O Pilot Supreme of the Soviet Union!

Your country's hunger-torture-dominion

Soon, very soon your bleeding heart shall end.

Your soul is the world's fondness-fulfilment-friend.


President Gorbachev's all-embracing soul


President Gorbachev's

all-embracing soul invites:

Come, come,

O each and every peace-loving citizen

Of the world!

Together we can.

Together we shall.

Together we must. ```

Editor's note

Captions without attribution in the book are the author's inner interpretation of the photograph.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Gorbachev: the Master-Key of the Universal Heart, Agni Press, 1990
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/gmk