Matthew: Does God ever lose His Power?

Sri Chinmoy: No. We lose our power because we misuse it. If God gives me power, I may misuse it. If He gives power to your father, he may misuse it. If He gives power to your mother, she may misuse it. But God does not misuse His Power. When we misuse something, we lose it. God gives us power, love, joy, everything — but as soon as we misuse those divine qualities, we lose them. God does not misuse His Power, so He never loses it. This is the difference.

When a human being gets power, he uses it to strike someone. God has all the Power. He can strike us all at the same time if He wants to, but He does not do that. Only some people who are very bad, He punishes. Good people God never punishes.

Matthew, you see, God has given you some power. If you do not misuse it, if you use it for a good cause, if you use it properly, then you will never lose it. Let us say a bad fellow is beating up a good person. At that time, you will use your power so that he does not continue to strike the good one. So you are using your power in a good way, a good way. But if you strike people just to show that you have so much power, then God will take it away.

Both your question and Benjamin's question are very, very nice.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Guru, my question is, Agni Press, 2005
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