The Master's impossible request

Some people took Nag Mahashay to be a lunatic of the first degree, but his devotion to Sri Ramakrishna was most exemplary. He felt that if Sri Ramakrishna said something, it would definitely prove to be true.

Only five or six days before Sri Ramakrishna left the body, he wanted to eat a particular fruit called 'amalaki'. Indian doctors give utmost importance to that fruit. It is almost like a cure-all. It is quite small in size. I used to like it so much; it quenches your thirst.

When Sri Ramakrishna expressed his desire to eat amalaki, the fruit was out of season. The disciples who were present told Sri Ramakrishna that it was useless to even look for it because it was out of season. But Nag Mahashay said, "Since Master has said it, definitely somewhere it will be available. Whatever he says cannot be false."

So, without informing anybody, Nag Mahashay left the room and for three days he was wandering here and there without any food or sleep searching for amalaki. At last he did find the fruit and he brought it to Sri Ramakrishna. Sri Ramakrishna was so delighted and excited. He took the fruit personally from Nag Mahashay and said, "What a beautiful amalaki it is!"

From:Sri Chinmoy,A God-intoxicated man: Nag Mahashay, Agni Press, 1997
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