Singing the Invocation

Sri Chinmoy gave the following extemporaneous talk on 22 March 1975 during a bus trip to Boston with a group of disciples.

I wish all of you to sing the Invocation every day. Feel that it is part of your meditation. More than that, feel that it is the most soulful meditation. When you sing, please try to imagine the words right in front of you with your mental vision. Sing most soulfully. I tell you with utmost sincerity, if you can sing the Invocation most soulfully, it will be as good as meditating for four hours most powerfully.

And also, when you sing my Bengali songs, please feel that you are praying and meditating. Out of a hundred songs, perhaps one or two are not spiritual; the rest of the songs are all spiritual. So when you sing soulfully, you have to know that you are praying and meditating most intensely. Indian mantras have tremendous power, and my songs, if you sing them soulfully, will have the same effect. It is not only mantras but also soulful songs that can elevate your consciousness and be like the best meditation.

Soulful singing is of paramount importance on our path. I have written hundreds of songs. Out of those, each disciple should select ten songs and sing at least two or three of them daily. If you can identify yourself with the music, with the message and the life and the realisation of these songs, then, I tell you, you will do the best form of meditation. Those who do not have the capacity to sing should listen to my records. These are my most sincere requests to all, all of you.

When you sing any song, try to identify yourself with my height. When you sing the most favourite song, 'Ore Mor Kheya,' which stood first among the disciples, please try immediately to identify yourself with each line: "O my Boat, O my Boatman..." It is difficult to identify yourself with the Supreme; you don't know whether He is tall or short. But easily you can identify yourself with me. Just see one step ahead of you a boat, a very beautiful boat. The boatman is also there, with the message of delight. The boatman is always bringing you nearer to the shore. Try to visualise and identify yourself with that reality.

When you meditate, most of the time you become victim to silly thoughts — undivine, unaspiring thoughts. But when there is music, automatically there is a soothing vibration, and you feel inside you a fulfilling joy. So to all of you I am saying, please give more importance to music. You have twenty-four hours a day at your disposal. If you can sing soulfully or listen to my music soulfully, then that will be your best form of meditation.

From:Sri Chinmoy,God the Supreme Musician (1976), Agni Press, 1976
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