A talk to musician disciples

Many of you in the Centre are musicians. I am begging all of you to stop playing vital music. If you play soulful music, the music of the soul, it will elevate the consciousness of humanity; it will illumine and immortalise and fulfil humanity. You are most talented musicians. This kind of music all of you can produce. When you play exciting, stimulating music, the music of the lower vital, not only does it do terrible harm to humanity, but it also does unimaginable harm to your own spiritual life, to your own reality-existence. This vital music will never, never, never elevate or illumine humanity. No, it will only create more problems for humanity. When you play this kind of music, the lower forces of the vital all come and dance, and then the reality in you and in others is destroyed.

This kind of music can be heard any place, in any restaurant or club. I am begging all the disciples to give something new to the world. Don't be a carbon copy of others. Do not give the world this kind of music which everybody knows, which everybody has heard. It will never add to your real sincere aspiration. Give something new; give the world music that comes directly from your soul, music that will help humanity raise its consciousness. Not the things that have been known for many, many years, but the things that people have never seen or felt or heard: this is what our disciples must do.

I always say that the past is dust. This vital music has aggravated, you can say, instigated or stimulated the consciousness of humanity. It has played its role, especially in the Western hemisphere. But this kind of music is not the soul's music; it can never, never, never be the music of the soul. The soul's music is something totally different. And the world will appreciate, admire, adore that music. But the world has not yet been blessed with this music.

To all my music-lovers, I am making my soulful request. What I am saying is a real blessing to you, to your aspiration, to your soul. Music is of God and for God, not of the vital world and for the vital world. Real music, divine music, takes you back to God, the Supreme Musician. Divine music is of the heart and for the heart, and never for the vital. If it is for the vital world, then those who play will have to live in that world. But you want to live all the time in the soul's world. So your music has to be totally, totally, totally different. You have to give the world the reality that you live. Even if the world does not right now appreciate it, still you have to remain faithful to your reality. If you are not playing the music that you live, the music that you are, then, I tell you, you will feel sorry. It is like living a double life. Your outer life must add to your inner life. Anything you do in the outer life has to be a proper expression of your inner life. If there is a yawning gulf between your inner life and your outer life, then you can never be happy. Here you are crying to realise God, and you will realise God sooner than at once on the strength of your inner cry. If you are crying to see God's Light in your consciousness, then you have to give the world what you really are. This music that you have been playing is not yours; it is something borrowed from the music world. If you bring to the fore music from the soul, the music of the dearest Beloved Supreme, then only will your contribution to mankind be significant.

Once, for two hours, somebody spoke to Vivekananda about a special subject. It was all quotations from this man and that man. Then Vivekananda said, "I am so happy to hear this, but now tell me something of your own." You have not come here to imitate others' achievements. Others may appreciate vital music and perhaps you also appreciated it at one time in your evolution. Ten years ago, let us say, you appreciated this music. That was good. But now, after ten years, the time has come for you to appreciate something infinitely higher, something more meaningful and fruitful.

In the outer world, you say, you have to play undivine music. But you know whether you are actually compelled or whether you really like it. You are in no way compelled. Just to attract the attention of the world, you will let your spiritual life suffer. What I am saying applies to all music-lovers. Really follow the spiritual life. Try to bring the soul's music to the fore. If you don't remain at your own level, then it will be a kind of hypocrisy. All my musicians have to forgive me today. Again, some of you have to play music which cannot be totally spiritual because of your job. Some of you have to play to meet with your earthly expenses, for your livelihood. Necessity knows no law. But I don't want anybody else to play this kind of music except the professional musicians. Eventually, I wish all those who have to have a musical profession to create something new. X also has to try something new. This is my simple, sincere request to him and to our great Y. also. Y's star is now on the ascendant. Now is the time for him to raise up the musical standard with a new light, not the light of the past. Z's music I have heard many times when he was playing with his orchestra. Sometimes it is really divine. I don't have to worry about him at all.

You are really talented musicians. Dear ones, from each of you I would like to have the soul's music. Each one will create a new world of music. I want each of you to become a pioneer musician of the music world. The past is dust, absolutely dust. From now on, please give something new from your soul. If you can remain in the soul, the music of the soul is bound to come to the fore. The soul has abundant light, boundless light, infinite light. Just bring it to the fore and the Supreme will be extremely proud of you; for you will bring Him to the world in a new light, and your music will be a new, triumphant achievement and glory.

From:Sri Chinmoy,God the Supreme Musician (1976), Agni Press, 1976
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/gsm_1976