Question: Sometimes I just feel a kind of void inside myself. I start saying, "just give me a little drop of sweetness, or let me feel some love or something," but I don't feel anything.

Sri Chinmoy: The feeling of a void that you are getting is a good feeling, but unfortunately you don't realise this. You feel that if there is no light, it cannot be good. Let me give you a piece of advice. Please try to feel a white column coming up from your heart centre. Imagine that this white column of light has pierced the top of your head and is stationed three inches above you. Now you can start meditating. After a while try to feel that you are nothing other than that light. Feel that it is absolutely your own existence. When you feel it as your own existence, all your problems will be unmistakably solved.

When you can't meditate well, do not push or pull. Most of you feel that if you can't meditate well for one, two or three days, the whole world will collapse. You feel that if you don't meditate well for one week, then Guru will be seriously displeased with you. You are wrong. I am not so inconsiderate. I am more responsible to God for your inner progress than you are. Do you know why? Because I have made a double commitment — one to God and one to you. You have accepted the Supreme in me as your Guru, and your part is over. In my case, I have made a promise to you that I will take you to your goal, and I have also promised God that I will take you to Him. After I give you the signal to start running in your inner race, I run ahead; I take the lead to inspire whoever is behind me. Wherever I see you in the inner world, I run a little ahead or alongside. I become the observer and, at the same time, the inspirer.

Since you are sincere you should always feel that I am responsible for your realisation. You are bound to feel God's Love and Joy in boundless measure in the course of time while you are walking, marching and running along the road to Eternity. If insincere people think I am responsible for them, they are mistaken. I am responsible for the realisation of only those who sincerely try to meditate in spite of tremendous obstructions on the way. Again, I wish to say that you are a very sincere seeker. The Supreme in me will do anything to make you supremely happy. Just wait and see.

From:Sri Chinmoy,The hunger of darkness and the feast of light, part 1, Agni Press, 1974
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