Concentration is the hero-soldier-confidence of the third eye, the vision eye. Concentration is the fastest lightning speed. Concentration is the supreme secret of immediate and inevitable success.

Although determination and concentration have a close connection, concentration is infinitely, infinitely higher than determination. Determination comes from the silent mind proper. Concentration comes from the all knowing vision-eye.

Concentration silences the destruction-loving animal in me. Concentration inspires the inactivity-cherishing human in me. Concentration manifests the all loving divine in me. Concentration expedites God's all fulfilling arrival at my heart's door.

Concentration secretly intensifies my heart's God-hunger. Concentration speedily clears my mind's thought-forest and gives me discipline-joy at every moment. Concentration indomitably tames my wild restlessness-vital. Concentration vigorously energises my sleeping lethargy-body.

Concentration smilingly and blessingfully asks me: "O seeker, do you want to accomplish ten most significant things in the short span of ten minutes, or do you want to accomplish only one thing?" I tell concentration that I would like to accomplish ten most significant things in the short span of ten minutes.

Concentration blessingfully and proudly tells me: "Then come and be in my boat. I am your only boatman."

Concentration has a most significant message for me. It tells me: "Be brave within, be brave without!" When I am brave in my inner life, I breathlessly love only God the Creator in His own Way. When I am brave in my outer life, I smilingly serve only God the creation in His own Way.

Concentration tells me that I have only one Master. That Master is transcendental delight and not ignorance-night.

Each human being on earth is a God-representative, but concentration, meditation and contemplation are the most powerful representatives of God here on earth. These three representatives of God are piloting humanity's aspiration-boat to the Golden Shore of the Beyond.

Concentration is the mind-divinity's swiftness. Meditation is the heart-divinity's vastness. Contemplation is the life-divinity's fulness here on earth.

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From:Sri Chinmoy,My Heart's Peace-Offering, Agni Press, 1994
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