Perfection is aspiration-ascension. Perfection is bondage-liberation. Perfection is ignorance-illumination. Perfection is God-realisation. Perfection is God-manifestation. Perfection is God-satisfaction.

Perfection will remain a far cry if I think that my body is too old, my vital is too undisciplined, my mind is too impure, my heart is too insecure and my soul is too indifferent. Again, perfection can be within my easy reach if slowly, steadily and unerringly I develop abundant capacity for God-receptivity. Perfection easily can be within my reach if I do not try to compete with the rest of the world but just complete my own God-ordained task and Heavenward pilgrimage. Not competition, but completion: not competition with the rest of the world, but completion of my own soulful task here on earth!

The heart is a beautiful flower-child, and gratitude is the soulful fragrance of that beautiful flower-child. My soul-beauty's nectar-fragrance I shall be able to enjoy in abundant measure only when my heart becomes a constant God-lover; my mind, a conscious truth-defender; and my life, a sleepless self-giver.

O truth-seeker, O God-lover, we are all sailing in the same boat. At the end of our journey, we are bound to reach the Golden Shore. On our way towards the Destination Supreme, let us not criticise the unaspiring citizens of the world. Let us only love them more. Let us cure their ignorance-malady. Let us feed and nourish them to end their spirituality-penury.

I am a student of peace, world peace, universal oneness-home-peace. I have submitted my cheerful and complete world-possession-desire-resignation and now I only study at the perfection-fragrance-university. While studying, I do not allow myself to be buffeted by doubt-blows from within or from without. My ignorance-confession is now in the process of being replaced by God's unconditional Illumination-Benediction.

Every day my Lord Supreme, my Professor Supreme, out of His infinite Bounty, teaches me a new, illumining and fulfilling faith-song. These faith-songs make me feel that I am definitely a choice instrument of my Lord Supreme, Him to fulfil in His own Way here on earth.

God my Professor tells me: "My child, in you is My Infinity's Capacity."

I tell God my Professor: "My Eternity's loyalty I am offering only to You, only to You."

God my Professor tells me to remain always in the aspiration-class and promises that He will remain forever my Perfection-Fragrance-Professor.

HPO 5. Buchman Hall, New York, New York, 7 March 1989.

From:Sri Chinmoy,My Heart's Peace-Offering, Agni Press, 1994
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