Question: I feel as though my being is going through an arid night. How can I find purpose in this world?

Sri Chinmoy: Each seeker has two individuals in him: one is the desiring man, the other is the aspiring man. The world has offered you considerable frustration. Now, who is responsible for this frustration? The desiring man in you. The aspiring man in you will never be frustrated; he will always try to see light in God's own Way. If constantly you feel the presence of the desiring man, he will give you what he has: frustration. Then you see no purpose in life. But if you feel the aspiring man in yourself, then at every moment you will see a glowing purpose in your life. Each thought, each idea, each ideal will have a purpose. Each moment will have a purpose. Inside each moment you will see a vast, conscious operation. So if you want to discover the purpose of your life, from now on kindly try to feed and nourish the aspiring man in you. Then you are bound to discover the purpose in your life.

From:Sri Chinmoy,My heart's salutation to Australia, part 1, Agni Press, 1976
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