Philosophy, religion and yoga12

Philosophy is man's close association with God. Religion is man's conscious and close union with God. Yoga is man's conscious, close and constant oneness with God.

Philosophy sees the wisdom in truth. Religion realises the code of life with truth. Yoga becomes the delight for truth.

Philosophy is often the mind-capacity. Religion is often the heart-capacity. Yoga is always the God-capacity.

Philosophy ascends from the searching mind. Religion ascends from the crying heart. Yoga ascends and descends: ascends for the discovery of the silence-world and descends for the mastery of the sound-world.

Philosophy unmistakably tells the world about its stupendous victory. Religion unreservedly tells the world about its momentous mission. Yoga unconditionally tells the world about its auspicious perfection.

Philosophy is brave. It tries to understand the higher world. Religion is wise. It tries to acknowledge the outer world. Yoga is pure. It tries to accept the higher, the outer and the inner world.

Philosophy inspires us to become great. Religion inspires us to become good. Yoga inspires us to become perfect.

Philosophy teaches and teaches. Religion preaches and then praises. Yoga praises and praises.

Philosophy gets untold joy in guiding the world. Religion gets boundless joy in conquering the world. Yoga gets spontaneous joy in serving the world.

The United Nations philosophy is to sincerely please all the countries. The United Nations religion is to generously help all the countries that are abiding by the truth principles. The United Nations yoga is to sleeplessly turn the entire world into a peaceful and soulful oneness-home.

IR 19. 10 June 1980.

From:Sri Chinmoy,The inner role of the United Nations, Agni Press, 1993
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