Journey's goal, part 7b

The Story of My Doleful Heart


The story of my doleful heart

Nobody wants to hear.

The story of my dying life:

Even God does not care.


My Tears Are Serving God


My tears are serving God,

My smiles are serving me,

My heart is serving man —

This is my life history.


Into the World I Came


Into the world I came

No, not for earthly fame,

No, not for Heavenly gain,

But to be the love-fountain.


I Invoke the Flaming Dawn


I invoke the flaming dawn.

Someday, someday,

This life of clay,

This vital display

Surely shall die;

I shall own bliss-sky.


Beloved Supreme


Beloved Supreme, wrap me

In Your sweet and strong


And transform once and for all

My earth-bound face. ```

Lock Me, O Lord


Lock me, O Lord,

And then throw away the key,

To please Thy Heart’s Will.

Yet I shall love Thee,

Only Thee,

For mine is the life

Only to please Thee. ```

Father, You Love Not Only Me


Father, You love not only me

But my ignorance, too.

Who can and who will go so far?


It is You,

Only You,

Who can not only go so far

But infinitely farther.


Father, You Want Me to Equal You


Father, You want me to equal You.

I want only

To be at Your Compassion-Feet,

To love You,

To please You fully

And become Your future hope.


I Was Fired in Heaven


I was fired in Heaven

For not giving a proper message.

I was hired on earth

Only to be scolded

And cancelled, my return passage. ```

They Strive for Right


They strive for right.

I strive for light.

They strive for God-Force.

I strive for God-Grace.

They strive for God-ecstasy.

I strive for Godward journey.


This Is the Hardest Miracle


This is the hardest miracle

That I have ever seen:

Man talks of God

Without knowing Him,

Man meditates on God

Without seeing Him,

Man prays to God

Without loving Him.


I Aspire to Illumine My Desire-Night


I aspire to illumine my desire-night.

I aspire to remember my liberation-height.

I aspire to claim my long-lost



Those Who Begin Today


Those who begin today

Will end tomorrow.

What will they begin with?

They will begin either

With their curiosity-day

Or with their aspiration-sun.


Can You Tell Me, Friends?


Can you tell me, friends,

Who has escaped from desire-night?

Nobody, nobody.

Can you tell me, friends,

Who wants to live in aspiration-height?

Somebody, somebody.

Can you tell me, friends,

Who wants to live in realisation-light?

Everybody, everybody. ```

Your Love Has Crowned My Day


Your Love has crowned my day.

I shall fulfil Your gnostic Play.


Time Is Fleeting


Time is fleeting.

My promise-flame is flickering.

Yet I hope my life shall succeed

And my heart shall proceed.


Let Us Taste


Let us taste

The purity of dawn.

The beauty of eve,

Let us taste.

No hurry, no haste.

We shall reach our destination-sun

And thus end our lives’

Eyeless cosmic fun.


True, Art Is Long


True, art is long, life is short.

But God-Grace can reverse the game

With a streak of Heavenly flame. ```

Once More Let Me Sail


Once more let me sail my life-boat, let me sail.

This time I can never fail and I shall never fail.

Success will definitely be mine.

Through progress-light I shall shine.


Strive Hard, Seek Quick


Strive hard, seek quick,

To find the body of Truth.

Yield not to lethargy blind.

Cleave not to weakness-night.


O Lord of Golden Day


O Lord of golden day,

To You I pray, to You I pray,

To show me the face of summit-height

And Divinity’s translucent Light.


Man's Ingratitude


Man’s ingratitude is man’s worst


Man’s gratitude-light is man’s

Life-fulfilling and life-nourishing

Highest height.


O Lord of Love, O Lord of Life


O Lord of Love, O Lord of Life,

Descend and guide my sight.

I shall grow flowers of peace

For Thy tired Body’s supreme release.


Awake, O My Soul


Awake, O my soul, awake.

Look at me, my angel-infancy,

In which I embody my ecstasy-sea. ```

A Shattered Boat


A shattered boat, my life is.

Long lost am I,

My helpless oars.

Trembling within and without,

I face all alone Eternity’s Infinity-Shore. ```

With His Eagle-Eyes


With his eagle-eyes,

He sees beauty’s sunrise.

With his eagle-eyes,

He sees duty’s sea-roar.


I Love the Words of Light


I love the words of light.

I love the messages of delight.

I love the flight of winging thought.

In them, I long always to be caught.


Just Stand and Wait


Just stand and wait.

I shall open for you

My heart’s golden gate.

Just stand and wait.


When Your Face Shines and Smiles


When your face shines and smiles,

I lose in no time all my dingy wiles.


To the Zenith-Height


To the zenith-height,

I shall offer my gratitude-flight.

To the deepest depth,

I shall offer my gratitude-length.


I Am Ready, O Ambition-Bird


I am ready, O ambition-bird.

Take me to the world beyond,

Serene and pure,

Where Infinity’s Smile

Will reign supreme, sure. ```

Flowers Fade Away


Flowers fade away.

Life fades away.

Something never fades:

My heart’s gratitude-flames

Which always take shelter

Under life’s protection-shade.


The Small Hours


The small hours embody

The perfect time for anything,

For everything:

For God-Arrival,

For man-arrival,

For animal-exit.


I Was Born on a Spotless Morn


I was born

On a spotless morn

And soon became a close friend

Of perpetual day,

Upon the heart

Of earth’s bondage-clay.


Rest, My Heart


Rest, my heart, rest.

In you I have found

My life’s quest

And my soul’s nest.

Rest, my heart, rest. ```

If You Have No God-Zeal


If you have no God-zeal,

Then away you must remain

From God’s cosmic meal. ```

Slowly I Sow the Seed


Slowly I sow

The seed of beauty’s flame.

Soulfully I row

The boat of God’s Compassion-Game.


O, Take My Heart


O take my heart, take,

To God’s sacred door.

O, make my life a sincere cry

And then take me

To God’s Golden Shore. ```

I Love the Heart of All


I love the heart of all.


I shall never brook a fall. ```

Because I Rowed My Boat


Because I rowed my boat

Day in, day out,

I learned the wisdom of my inner core

Plus God-Divinity’s God-Lore.


Roar, Roar, My Lion-Heart


Roar, roar, my lion-heart.

The cosmic door is wide open.

Roar, roar, my lion-heart.

My eagle bird shall soar and soar

Ever more.

Life is but a prosperity-store.


Just Because You Are a Sage


Just because you are a sage,

I am sure you can bring me

Out of my mental cage.

Just because you are a sage,

You can easily empty my mind

Of wild rage.


O Unknown Morrow


O unknown morrow,

From you I shall borrow

The fount of love-light

To scale my topless height.


O Follower of Earth


O follower of earth!

Go, go and sin no more.

O seeker of Heaven!

Speed forth and stand

On the Golden Shore. ```

To Serve My Lord Supreme Best


To serve my Lord Supreme best

I have become, soulfully,

A silence-nest. ```

O, Quote Me Not


O, quote me not,

Quote me not, quote.

From you I need no vote.

What I need is your inner cry

To feed my own heart’s

Vast blue sky.


Be Not a Fool!


Be not a fool!

Never indulge in prediction-dance.

Stark failure-lance

Can easily and speedily

Smash your feeble pride-strength.

Remain always in your silence-soul’s

Sun-vision’s unhorizoned length. ```

A Baby Man


A baby man

Is God in His inevitable bloom.

A baby God

Is man in his ecstasy-flooded room.


My Lord, If You Want to Fire Me


My Lord, if You want to fire me, fire;

I must retire.

I must enjoy some rest

In Your sleep-nourishing Nest.

I shall not be mad,

I shall not feel sad.

Fire me, my Lord, fire.

I needs must retire.


From:Sri Chinmoy,Journey's goal, part 7b, 1981
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