Messages of peace

Message to the people of Hiroshima

My simple and humble message to the people of Hiroshima is this: We shall not look back. We shall only look forward. Behind us there is no goal. The goal is ahead of us and this goal embodies real joy, real peace and real satisfaction.

In order to reach this goal we shall pray for God's infinite Compassion and we shall meditate for God's infinite Love. From our prayer and meditation we shall definitely receive infinite Compassion and Love. With these divine qualities from Heaven, Hiroshima and Nagasaki will be able to offer a fruitful and immortal dawn to humanity. It will be the dawn of universal peace, peace in self-giving and peace in oneness-family.

No other place has suffered as Hiroshima and Nagasaki have suffered. Therefore, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are supremely chosen by God to offer the message of universal peace-the message of peace in oneness-family and peace in the world-family, which is the only real peace.

May each human being on earth join the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in their soulful prayers and meditations for the transformation of the world-mind, the mind that wants to exercise supremacy. In fear there is no peace. In division there is no peace. In destruction there is no peace. Only in oneness there is peace. The mind of supremacy has to be conquered and the heart of oneness has to be brought forward and energised every day. It is the sufferers of yesterday who are now in the best position to receive Love and Compassion-Light from Above and to distribute it to the world of darkness all around.

My message to Hiroshima embodies my heart's most intense cry, and this cry I wish to share with all human beings who are conscious God-lovers, which means all those who believe in God's universal family and oneness-home.

The experience of supremacy must come to an end. From now on, forever and forever, the experience and realisation of self-transcendence should be our individual, our collective and, ultimately, our universal goal, the only goal. This goal of self-transcendence is God's supreme Choice in humanity and for humanity.

So this is my message to Hiroshima. It applies to all those who have special love for Hiroshima and also to those who love the suffering humanity and want to be of real service to the suffering humanity.


January 4, 1986

From:Sri Chinmoy,Japan, my life bows to your heart, Agni Press, 1984
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