(Singers perform songs by Sri Chinmoy dedicated to Nakamura, including three songs to Nakamura's words.)

Sri Chinmoy (to Seko): How is your married life? You should have brought your wife here. There are so many of our girls here whom she could have met. Does she run?

Seko: Yes. She won the corporate relay for the S & B company. I am the so-called coach for the runners because my ankle has been injured.

/Sri Chinmoy: When are you going to run a marathon again?

Seko: I am going to run a race next spring. Next year I will run possibly two marathons.

Sri Chinmoy: Will you run in Fukuoka?

Seko: I haven't decided on which marathons, but I will run two.

Mr. Kobayashi: Mr. Shintaku of our team won the Fukuoka Marathon on December 1st in 2:09:51.

Sri Chinmoy: See how Mr. Nakamura's soul's blessings are working. Mr. Kobayashi: Mr. Seko and Mr. Shintaku are rivals from the same team.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Japan, my life bows to your heart, Agni Press, 1984
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/jlb