Question: Last year when you were in India, I had a dream in which I heard distant music and I woke up and thought I was either dead or in Heaven.

Sri Chinmoy: This was a most powerful experience that you received from the depth of your soul. The music that you heard is from the soul: this music cannot be appreciated by the outer ear; it has to be appreciated through our inner organ. In the ordinary life, when the lower vital or emotional vital does not appreciate or identify with something, immediately we feel that we are dead. When the body and vital do not appreciate the soul's music, they are dead to that kind of music that inspires and elevates our consciousness. So when the physical is separated from the soul — the soul's music, the soul's light — the physical is dead. It is not that you are dead, but when the unaspiring body does not accept the soul as its Source, then we feel that it is like a dead soldier, as good as dead, just as we say that whoever does not practise spiritual life is a dead soul.

From:Sri Chinmoy,The journey of silver dreams, Agni Press, 1974
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