Lord, I ask You for one favour

1. Reminders


Earth reminds me

Of my outer duty:


Heaven reminds me

Of my inner beauty:


God reminds me

Of my supreme necessity:



2. Dreams


Earth-dreams are black;

Therefore, I devour them.

Heaven-dreams are white;

Therefore, I need them.

God-dreams are gold;

Therefore, I treasure them. ```

3. Debts


I owe my earth

My simplicity-sea.

I owe my Heaven

My beauty-wave.

I owe my God

My humility-drop. ```

4. Songs of the heart


The song of the bleeding heart:

"Save me!"

The song of the crying heart:

"Take me!"

The song of the surrendering heart:

"I am Yours!" ```

5. If I had the liberty


If I had the liberty to die

I would have already died,

For what is earth

If not the destruction-life

Of excruciating pangs?

If I had the liberty to live

I would have lived eternally on earth,

And offered Mother-earth

My Eternity's gratitude-life. ```

6. Selections


The soul divine selects its own


The heart divine selects its own


The body divine selects its own

Dedication-role. ```

7. Sweet parting, sad parting


Sweet parting pure:

Our earth-bound journey

From Heaven-height.

Sad parting pure:

Our Heaven-bound journey

From earth-core. ```

8. Be truthful as the sun


Be truthful as the sun.

Earth will admire you.

Be soulful as the moon.

Earth will claim you.

Be fruitful as the stars.

Earth will treasure you. ```

9. Perfection


Silence is perfect

When it commands.

Sound is perfect

When it obeys.

I am perfect

When I cry. ```

10. Just try once more


O my helpless soul,

Look around.

I tell you, God-manifestation

Is not so difficult a thing

As you imagine.

Just try only once more.

You will be crowned with success-heights.


11. Gifts to God


Earth gives to God

Its frustration-vital.

Heaven gives to God

Its dedication-soul.

I give to God

My imagination-life. ```

12. Our knowledge


Heaven knows that Heaven

Is not really great.

Earth knows that earth

Is not really pure.

I know that I

Am not really perfect. ```

13. Heart-door and mind-door


Shut not your heart-door.

God the universal Beauty

May come in.

Open not your mind-door.

Teeming ignorance-night

May slip in.


14. Strength


Union is strength.

Love-light knows it.

Disunion is strength.

Hate-night believes it. ```

15. Daring soul-feet


All your danger

Is in your delaying life-train.

All your safety

Is in your daring soul-feet. ```

16. All we know


Beauty's smile

Is all we know of Heaven.

Duty's cry

Is all we know of earth.

Necessity's life

Is all we know of God. ```

17. Three deaths


You died

For beauty's charming body.

You are dying

For beauty's loving heart.

You shall die

For beauty's serving life. ```

18. I examine with the mind of leisure


I examine with the mind of leisure.

I study with the heart of labour.

I stay not with the vital of frustration.

I dance not with the body of pleasure. ```

19. Two beggars


A beggar before the Door of God.

Who is he?

The man who thinks

That he needs.

A beggar before the door of man.

Who is he?

The man who does not know

Who he himself is. ```

20. Before You seek to get rid of me


Bless me, my Lord,

Before You seek

To get rid of me.

Love me, my Lord,

Before I get rid of

My imperfection-choice

And destruction-voice. ```

21. My ways to love God


These are my ways

To love God:

I am giving Him

What I have —


I am giving Him

What I am —

Sound-cry. ```

22. God's Feet


I dreamed

That I was nearing God's Feet.

I see

That I am God's Feet.

I know

That I am for God's Hour. ```

23. Eldest among all mortals


Eldest among all mortals:


Youngest among all mortals:

Depression-prince. ```

24. Questions


Reality, where are you?

Why are you hiding?

Divinity, how far are you?

Why are you so slow?

Immortality, who are you?

Do you really belong to God? ```

25. The song


He sang the song;


He is mortal.

The song sang him;


He is immortal.

God sang the song for him;


He is supremely divine


Eternally perfect.


26. God-manifestation on earth


Disunion: a soulless falsehood.

Union: a soulful truth.

Oneness: a fruitful life.

Satisfaction: God-manifestation on earth. ```

27. My life is death


My life is death

When I think that God

Does not care for me.

My death is life

When I know that God

Will employ me.


28. Of me you know little


Of me you know little;


My gratitude loves you.

Of you I know much;


My earth-existence needs you,

Only you. ```

29. One thing we need


Heaven needs one thing:


Earth needs one thing:


I need one thing:

Perfection-fruit. ```

30. I was God's human effort


I was God's human effort.

I am now God's divine Grace.

I shall be God's effortless case

And graceful perfection. ```

31. Tortures


Heaven's superiority

Tortures my realisation.

Earth's inferiority

Tortures my compassion.

My impurity

Tortures my dedication. ```

32. God-secrecy



Is God-secrecy's daring body.


Is God-secrecy's illumining life.


Is God-secrecy's fulfilling soul. ```

33. Mind-knowledge is earned


Mind-knowledge is earned

And hoarded.

Heart-wisdom is achieved

And distributed.

Soul-light is revealed

And manifested. ```

34. Who I shall be


Do you know

Who I was?

I was an intellectual fool.

Do you know

Who I am?

I am an intuitive rogue.

Do you know

Who I shall be?

I shall be an innocent saint.


35. Not what I thought


I saw the face

Of my vital.

It is not as ugly

As I thought.

I felt the love

Of my heart.

It is not as pure

As I declared. ```

36. My different Gods


My mind

Is my conscious God.

My heart

Is my auspicious God.

My soul

Is my precious God.

My life

Is my prosperous God. ```

37. Conscious and unconscious


Man, an unconscious God.

God, a conscious man.

I, an unconscious man

And a conscious God. ```

38. My heart became God


My heart became God

Out of pure necessity.

My mind became man

Out of sheer curiosity. ```

39. My life


My silence-life

Is the dawn of my dream.

My sound-life

Is the doom of my bloom.

My surrender-life

Is the birth of my God. ```

40. Live like a seed


Live like a seed.

God loves secrecy.

Live like a plant.

God loves innocence.

Live like a tree.

God loves beauty's ascension

And duty's expansion.


41. I know something


God knows everything;


He is Perfection-Smile.

I know only something;


I am imperfection-cry,




42. I am afraid of them


Death is an elephant.

I am afraid of elephant-strength.

Life is an ant.

I am afraid of ant-impotence.

Man is a king.

I am afraid of king-importance. ```

43. My life, my love


God-love loves me;


God needs me.

Man-life needs God;


Man needs God.

My life has God the necessity,

My love is God the Reality. ```

44. My aspiration loves my body


My aspiration loves my body

Because it obeys my soul.

My realisation loves my soul

Because it perfects my body. ```

45. To divinity's silence


Divine, to divinity's silence

He is.

Human, to humanity's sound

He is.

Animal, to animal's hunger

He is. ```

46. Not yet forsaken


Life does not want me.

Death does not need me.

I do not love me,

Yet I dare not forsake me. ```

47. They never die


Your inner beauty

Never dies.

Your outer duty

Never dies.

Your supreme Reality

Cannot die,

Even after time itself is dead.


48. Know and confess


None but the good can be good:

My soul and my God

Definitely know it.

None but the bad can be bad:

My body and my vital

Confess it.


49. Faithful


Faithful to the end

My heart shall be.

Faithful from the beginning to the end

My life shall be.

Faithful from before the beginningless beginning

To long after the endless end

My soul shall be.


50. Lord, I ask You for one favour


"Lord, I ask You for one favour.

Tell me what You think of me."

Son, I ask you for one favour.

Believe me,

My Vision and Reality

Are eternally for You. ```

From:Sri Chinmoy,Lord, I ask You for one favour, Agni Press, 1975
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/laf