Question: What were the most prominent essential qualities of Thomas Jefferson?

Sri Chinmoy: The essential qualities of Thomas Jefferson were clarity, luminosity and vastness. Clarity, luminosity and vastness — these the Declaration of Independence embodies. Jefferson was the most divinely talented man of his time. He covered quite a few fields in every walk of life, and he went a considerable distance in each. In his case mind, body, vital, heart — everything — went together. This moment he was a musician, this moment he was a sculptor, this moment he was a man of brain, this moment he was a physical, earthly labourer. God gave him capacities in many walks of life and he used them well. Just today I was reading a book about Jefferson. In the first sentence it speaks about him as "the happiest man." To become the happiest man is the most difficult thing on earth, and that he was.

From:Sri Chinmoy,I love my country: Purity's Body, Agni Press, 1975
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