The overpayment19

The owner of an Army and Navy store in Jamaica likes me very much. The other day when I was in the store I asked him, “Do you have a medium jacket?”

He said, “Medium? For whom?”

I said, “For me!”

He said, “Extra large, extra large!”

I said, “Extra large for whom?”

He said, “Extra large for me.”

I said, “You are the owner. Why do I have to get one for you?”

He said, “Can you not buy one for your old age?”

I said, “I am already old.”

Then he looked around and found a medium. The jacket cost forty-six dollars, but he reduced the price to forty, and said he wouldn’t charge me tax. I gave him the money and smiled, and then went out of the door. Suddenly he started shouting and shouting.

I thought, “What, have I not given him enough money?” So I turned around.

He said, “Man, you have given me fifty dollars!”

I had counted it, but I hadn’t noticed that two ten dollar bills were stuck together. If he himself had trusted me and not counted it again, then he would not have known that I had given him too much. But for him to call me back was really something!

LS 62. 12 May 1983

From:Sri Chinmoy,I love shopping, part 2, Agni Press, 1986
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