When we see something outwardly either we are satisfied or dissatisfied. But if the inner sight or inner vision dawns when there is not sufficient wisdom, then problems arise. When inner vision dawns we become one with the reality that we see. Then, if we have a frightening experience, we may suffer for years.

In our spiritual life, when we identify ourselves with something, we become part and parcel of its consciousness. Suppose we are using our outer sight, and we see a chicken being killed in front of us. We will feel that it is something natural and normal. Our outer sight is not enabling us to identify ourselves with the consciousness or with the life-breath of the chicken. But if we have inner sight, we may see that we ourselves were a chicken many incarnations ago. Then what will happen? We will immediately identify ourselves with the chicken and then we will feel that we are being killed. We will be horror-struck. And the person who has killed the chicken will be an object of contempt forever.

In the spiritual life we should pray for God to grant us inner sight only when He feels that it is necessary for us. Many of you here think, "Oh, if only I had my third eye open." But your third eye may immediately tell you that in your last incarnation you were the worst possible scoundrel, and then you will feel miserable. Inner sight has to be opened only when there is inner maturity, when neither the past nor the future can disturb us.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Life-tree leaves, Agni Press, 1974
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