Message from Professor Anita B. Pfaff

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is for many who have followed or studied his dedicated struggle towards India's independence a man of action. It was India to whom he gave his allegiance, it was India that was his first love, as also his wife would always point out. Yet Netaji was at heart a spiritual man, a man interested in philosophy and religion, a man of strong personal convictions and at the same time of great tolerance for other creeds, of respect for other ethnic groups and the dignity of man and woman in general.

Even though Netaji passed out of India's history more than half a century ago, many of his principles and ideas are modern even by today's standards. We can all but wish that more people in India — as well as other countries — today would embrace many of these principles: the tolerance for others, the importance of the role of women and of the down-trodden classes, the fierce belief and love in India, the dedication to his country and his country's people.

As his daughter I will always regret that I never had a chance to really know him and learn from him first-hand.

Professor Anita B. Pfaff

Augsburg, Germany

20 December 1996

From:Sri Chinmoy,Mother, Your 50th Independence-Anniversary! I am come. Ever in Your Eternity's Cries and Your Infinity's Smiles, Subhas, Agni Press, 1997
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