Mother-Land, Father-Land, I Love You

I. India

1. Bharat dulal


Bharat dulal bharat dulali

Jagichhe abar agni-mantre

Oi je bajichhe bharat mayer

Abahan giti gabhira mandre

Nikhil janabe bharate pranati

Bajibe bharata bijay danka

Agni purjari jyotir senani

Duriba amara bishwa shanka

Bharat bharat e maha bharate

Rajibe achire charama shanti

Mitthya dainya pabe samapti

Bharat hridaye phutibe kanti




The sons and daughters of India are arising again

With incantation-fire.

The deep and sonorous notes are being played

To invoke Mother-India.

To India the world shall offer its salutation.

Once again India’s victory shall be proclaimed.

We are the soldiers of light and the worshippers of the fire-God.

Away we shall chase world-fear.

India, India, in this great land of Mother-India,

Before long the Peace of the Beyond shall reign supreme.

Falsehood and emptiness for ever shall end.

Beauty’s light and delight shall blossom, grow and sport

In the love of India’s heart. ```

2. Bipul harashe


Bipul harashe nabin barashe

Jagiche moder pran

Banglar pran ek hok aji

Subishal sumahan

Khandita name janani banga

Antare raje bishwa priti

Gupta danab bhrukuti moder

Parane jagai bhranta bhiti

Tamasi rajani haye jabe bhor

Udibe tapan purbachale

Sonar bangla amar bangla

Jabige abar amita bale

Naba barasher hriday gabhire

Rayeche gopane mukti asha

Chira adrita arjya rishir

Phire pabo more mauna bhasha




With great joy in the New Year

Our hearts are awakening.

Let the hearts of all the Bengalis

Become one, great and vast.

Bengal is not two, Bengal is not divided;

In one Bengal, let the world-love abide.

The torture of the undivine hostile forces

Creates false fear in the heart of Bengal.

A tenebrous night will blossom into beauty’s day.

The sun of wisdom-light will dawn.

O golden Bengal, O immortal Bengal,

Will once more see the light of the Infinite.

In the heart of the new year

The liberation-hope will feed us.

We shall once more receive the silence-language

Of Immortality

From the Aryan sages of the hoary past. ```

3. I dearly love my India


I dearly love my India

And its age-old silence-peace.

I dearly love my America

And its child-heart’s beauty increase. ```

II. America

4. O my America


America, America, America,

Great you are, good you are,

Brave you are, kind you are.

O my America, America,

Your Heaven-freedom

Is earth’s aspiration-choice.

With you, in you

Is God-Hour’s Victory-Voice.


Notes from the composer:

The singer should visualise the following images when singing “O My America,” at the appropriate verse in the music:

1) “Joy”

2) “A bird spreading its wings”

3) “Holding the Supreme’s Victory-Banner”

4) “Standing on top of the Himalayas proclaiming the Supreme’s Message”

5. O sweet liberty


O sweet liberty, O sweet liberty,

O Eternity’s Divinity-day,

I know, I know,

You are earth-perfection’s only way.

O sweet liberty, O sweet liberty,

You are blue Heaven’s Vision-seed,

I know, I know,

You alone are the world-hunger’s

Unerring need.


6. O star-spangled banner


O star-spangled banner

of the Hour supreme,

You are God’s Sound-Delight.

In you is God’s Silence-Might.

For you is the World-Pilot’s

Transcendence-Dream. ```

7. O green-blue Sacred Fire1


O green-blue Sacred Fire,

O Sun-Freedom-Light,

O Heaven’s gold Delight,

America, O My child of speed,

My supreme Promise-Seed.


MLF 7. Composed in the spring of 1975.

8. Namo namo namo


Namo namo namo

Shakti pujari

Mukti dishari

He amar America

Paramer hasi

Tomar lagiya

Berai nachiya

Tumi lelihan shikha




I bow to you, I bow to you,

I bow to you,

O worshipper of Power supreme.

You are the beckoning hands

Of our great liberation.

O my America,

The Smile of the Absolute

Is dancing for you

With ever-glowing flames of aspiration. ```

9. Ogo bidhatar


Ogo bidhatar sundar America

Tumi amader atmar ahamika

Tomar bahur asim garima

Tomar hiyar pijush mahima

Akash phuler ananda chayanika




O beautiful America of the Lord Supreme,

You are the pride divine of our soul.

The boundless glory of your giant arms

And the nectar-flood of your loving heart

Are but a collection of delight-flowers

In the blue-vast sky.


10. Ogo America


Ogo America

Ogo ananda bhumi

Tomar karma

Tyager marma

Dhara asha anupama

Prema ankhi subhatama




O my America,

O Land of supernal delight,

Your selfless deeds are the life-breath

Of your heart.

You are the matchless hope

Of the entire world.

In you the world sees

A most auspicious vision-light.


11. America America


America America

Tomai namaskar

Mukti bani shunao dharai

Guchao andhakar

Bhiruta nai

Hinata nai

Ache shishur pran

Tomar majhe peyechi mora

Shantir sandhan




America, America, I salute you.

You announce the message of Liberation-light

To the world.

You chase away the darkest darkness

Of the world.

You are a perfect stranger to fear,

Cowardice and meanness.

You embody the childlike heart.

In you we have discovered

The flood of peace.


12. Mora moder Americar


Mora moder Americar

Puto hiyar rup peyechi

Drira bahur dhum dekhechi

Taito mora chup

America America

Tomar majhe

Moder raje

Bishwa premer sandhyaratir dhup




We have achieved the supernal beauty

Of the pure heart of our America.

We have seen the strong arms

And the matchless pomp of America.

Therefore, we are in perfect silence.

America, America, America,

In you abides the adoration-incense-fragrance

Of the world-love.


13. America2




MLF 13. Composed 27 November 1977.

14. I love your heart-beauty's cry


Dear America,

I love

Your heart-beauty’s cry

Because it needs me.

And I need it, too!

It needs me openly


I need it unmistakably. ```

15. What does America have?


What does America have?

It has everything

Except one thing:


In perfection-test.


16. New York, the Empire State!


New York, the Empire State!

Supreme Lord’s Victory-Gate.

‘Excelsior’ forward ever,

No sad failure, never!

O world-capital sure,

Almighty Lord’s Vision pure. ```

17. Hawaii


Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii!

O eastern sun, O western sky!

Quality-heart, quantity-mind:

Truth-seekers, life-lovers,

In you find.


18. Philadelphia


Philadelphia, Philadelphia,

Philadelphia, Philadelphia,

O sweet city of brotherly love,

O God-Perfection below, above.

Philadelphia, Philadelphia,

Philadelphia, Philadelphia,

Your world-attention Liberty Bell

Proclaimed the death of our bondage-hell.

O Freedom-lovers’ utopia!


19. Chicago


Chicago, Chicago, Chicago!

O, your crying heart,

Your soaring soul

Announced Swamiji’s giant role.

Your life treasured his Vedanta-glow.

In you began the world’s oneness-flow. ```

20. Chicago


Chicago, Chicago, Chicago!

O, your pure acceptance-heart

Of Viveka’s thunder-start,

Of Parliament of Religions high,

Marks your lofty vision-sky.


21. O my Puerto Rico!


O my Puerto Rico!

Your soul is Beauty’s flow,

Your heart is Duty’s glow.

O my Puerto Rico!

Your simple life of Truth

Is God’s Perfection-Ruth.

To you I bow, to you I bow,

In our Lord’s Eternity-Now.

To you I bow, to you I bow,

O my Puerto Rico!


Spanish version of above song:


O mi Puerto Rico!

Tu alma es flujo de Belleza,

Tu Corazon es resplondor de Deber.

O mi Puerto Rico!

Tu vida simple de Verdad

Es la Perfecta-Compasion de Dios

Me inclino a ti, me inclino a ti,

En el Eterno Ahora de Nuestro Senor.

Me inclino a ti, me inclino a ti,

O mi Puerto Rico!

Me inclino a ti, me inclino a ti,

O mi Puerto Rico! ```

22. O my Puerto Rico


O my Puerto Rico,

Your kindness-life

I fail to measure;

Your oneness-heart

I truly treasure.

O my Puerto Rico,

Long before others cared,

You and your heart dared

To love me and feed me

With your soul’s ecstasy.


Spanish version of above song:


O mi Puerto Rico,

Tu dulzura no logro medir.

Tu corazon de verdad atesoro.

O mi Puerto Rico,

Antes que otros me quisieran,

Tu y tu corazon aceptaron

Amarme y nutrirme

Con el extasis de tu alma.


23. Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico,

Puerto Rico,

Puerto Rico!




God the Compassion, your Pilot.

With your child-heart

Him you have caught.


Spanish version of above song:


Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico!

Sencillez y humildad,

Flujo consciente.

Tu corazon de nino cautivo al Senor,

Compasivo timonel.


24. O softness, sweetness, Puerto Rican soul


O softness, sweetness,

Puerto Rican soul,

Yours is the blue-green

Self-giving role.

Aspiring land,

Inspiring friend –-

Second to none

Your oneness-run,

Perfection-satisfaction your goal.


Spanish version of above song:


Suave y gentil, O alma puertorriquena

Suave y gentil,

O alma puertorriquena

Tuya es la ofrenda verde celeste.

Aspiracion, inspiracion –-

Tu adelanto no tiene par,

Tu meta de perfeccion y satisfaccion. ```

25. Spaniards came, they conquered


Spaniards came,

They conquered.

Perhaps they helped,

But they could have made better use

Of their paternal concern.

Americans have come.

They are helping.

Momentous is their contribution.

Yet you need more of their attention,

Sympathy and opportunity.

Let them come and let them go,

If so is the Will of God.

But you try to live dauntless, deep within.

You try to listen to the dictates

Of your inner soul.

Yours is the mounting cry,

Yours is the Golden Shore,

Yours is the Promised Land.

May God shower His choicest blessing upon you,

My Puerto Rico!


IV. Canada

26. O my Canada


O my Canada,

You are very vast.

Can you not be very high too?

Try, you can.

O my Canada,

Why do you always follow?

Can you not lead from now on?

Try, you can.

You think the world

Does not admire you.

Can you not demand the world’s admiration?

Try, you can.

You certainly can.


27. O good Canada's oneness-heart


O good Canada’s oneness-heart,

In you I see the perfection-start.

Your blue vision-worlds run and sail,

Your gold reality-worlds never fail.

Your beauty’s soulful cry succeeds,

Your duty’s fruitful smile proceeds.

Beyond, within, your vastness-chart.


V. Europe

28. O my Europe


Europe, Europe,

O my Europe!

Yours is the heart

Of translucence-hope.

Yours is the mind

Of brilliance-scope.

Your wisdom-sun you shared with all,

Comity of nations big and small.

Today’s wonder-achievements high

To you offer their gratitude-sky. ```

29. Austria


Austria, Austria, Austria, Austria!

Not big in earthly size,

But won the Heavenly prize

Of neutrality-lore

And reached the wisdom-shore.

Austria, Austria, Austria, Austria!

U.N. Pilot: your gift supreme.

He flowers the world’s oneness-dream. ```

30. Germany


Germany, Germany, Germany!

The world’s top-brains company,

Drunk deep India’s Upanishad lore

Max Muller, all-where,

Placed its nectar-core.


31. I am a dauntless, selfless German soul


I am a dauntless, selfless German soul

No doubt-arrows torture my veerless role.

I am the unparalleled music-science-philosophy.

I have won many times life’s supreme trophy. ```

32. Greecer chhilo


Greecer chhilo chaoa khudha

Tai peyeche birjya sudha

Athens tomai pranam kare

Vishwa sabha baran kare




Greece had the longing hunger.

Therefore it received strength-nectar.

Athens, the world-assembly bows to you

And receives you in silence-admiration.


33. Italy


Italy and Italy’s Rome

Own the world’s fondness-home.

Michelangelo, da Vinci,

Mona Lisa and Vatican-Tree,

Lead the world to Nectar-Sea

In sweet silence-secrecy. ```

34. Switzerland


Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland!

God’s Vision-Reality-Land.

Zurich Centre, Zurich Centre, Zurich Centre!

Open my heart and do enter!

Love-song, service-song, surrender-song

Here ever soulfully throng. ```

VI. Australia

35. O my Australia!


O my Australia, Australia, Australia!

I love your beauty’s vastness green,

I love your heart’s sweet unseen cry.

Your new soul knows no bondage-screen;

It beckons your body’s strength to fly.

O my Australia, Australia, Australia!

No foe have you. A matchless surprise!

Your simple, soulful life of love

At God’s express Hour-Choice shall rise.

Yours is the trumpet-triumph here and above.

O my Australia, Australia, Australia! ```

36. My Australia


Australia, Australia, my Australia!

Your oneness-heart, your vastness-life

Challenge the strength of ignorance-knife.

Australia, Australia, my Australia!

You take a drop and give the ocean.

You take a ray and give the sun.

You take a gratitude-plant

And give the gratitude-tree.

In you the nectar-bliss

Of satisfaction free. ```

37. O fauna, O flora


O fauna, O flora of Australia,

Your souls create a utopia.

Lo! Southern sea and southern sky

Love and enjoy your victory-eye. ```

38. Your beauty's sky, your duty's land


Australia, Australia!

Your beauty’s sky, your duty’s land

Have won the Supreme’s Blessing-Hand.

Compassion-heart and oneness-friend,

Hearken your victory’s glory-band.


39. Your heart for God, your life for man!

40. A fountain-heart, a mountain-soul


A fountain-heart, a mountain-soul,

O great Australia of mine!

For me, for all, your zenith-goal:

Success-march, progress-dive divine. ```

41. Australia, do have my Indian heart!


Australia, do have my Indian heart!

Therein abides the Vedic vision-start.

The Ind of yore with its Himalayan lore

Has touched your spacious body, your precious core. ```

VII. Japan

42. Japan


Japan, Japan, Japan!

A soulful flower-garden!

Clearly you see,

Quickly you do.


Your property true.

Japan, Japan, Japan!

High Heaven’s hallowed plan. ```

43. Beauty's land, Duty's hand


Japan, Japan, Japan!

Beauty’s land, Duty’s hand,

Perfection-dream, Delight supreme.


44. Japan




45. Japan


Simplicity Japan has.

Beauty Japan gives.

Sincerity Japan knows.

Purity Japan reveals.

Fear Japan braves.

Doubt Japan tramples.

Humility Japan is.


VIII. Egypt

46. Egypt


Egypt, Egypt, Egypt, Egypt!

A cradle of consciousness-lift.

Egypt, Egypt, Egypt, Egypt!

Your death-defying pyramids,

Our Lord Supreme’s Satisfaction-Deeds.

Egypt, Egypt, Egypt, Egypt!

Your soulful Nile, your fruitful Cairo

Together are smashing darkness-harrow. ```

IX. Sri Lanka

47. Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka!

You are mahanandam danka.

Lord Buddha’s august Grace,

Vivekananda’s victory-face,

You love and treasure beyond measure.

O ancient simhal dvip,

Your body-soul, beauty deep.


X. Panama

48. Panama


Panama, Panama, Panama!

O heart-feeding panorama!

The world’s sleepless attention.

Small in body, large in heart,

To smash the pride of ignorance-dart.

For all, your Panama Canal-soul.

All long for its possession-goal.


XI. Bermuda

49. Bermuda


Bermuda Bermuda Bermuda

Swapaner khudha bastab sudha




Bermuda, Bermuda, Bermuda!

You are at once

My hunger-dream


Nectar-Reality. ```

50. Bermuda dila more


Bermuda dila more naba asha

Swarge martye ek bhasha




A new hope

Bermuda has given me.

There, one voice unites

Heaven and earth.


XII. Antigua

51. Antigua


Antigua, Antigua, Antigua!

Perfect land, perfect friend, perfect closeness.

No stranger you see, no remoteness.

Columbus found your sublime beauty.

You still offer pristine purity.


XIII. World songs

52. A rare aspiration


A rare American aspiration:

God the Silence-night.

A rare European aspiration:

God the Love-sea.

A rare African aspiration:

God the Peace-sky.

A rare Asian aspiration:

God the Perfection-day. ```

53. Oneness-earth


Oneness-earth, oneness:

A life of fulness.

Division-mind dies,

Oneness-heart flies.

Heaven’s God-length:

Oneness-earth’s strength.

Today’s Vision-plan:

Tomorrow’s God-man. ```

54. World Gratitude


O World Gratitude Day!

I pray for you, I pray.

Man’s feeble climbing ray

Is one with God’s Vision-Play.

Compassion: highest gift.

Gratitude: fastest life.

Only satisfaction-seed

Can feed man and God’s need. ```

From:Sri Chinmoy,Mother-Land, Father-Land, I Love You, Agni Press, 1980
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