Question: Some days I'm just too busy to meditate, and I skip my meditation. What happens on those days?

Sri Chinmoy: We feed the body twice or three times a day without fail. But when it is a matter of the soul, the Divine Child inside us, we cleverly manage to forget that we have to feed it, too, and very often we neglect it. Then what happens? When we do not feed the Divine Child within us, we cannot manifest our inner divine qualities; we cannot manifest our soul's possibilities. God is within us, everything divine is within us, but where? It is all deep inside, concealed, hidden. We have to bring it to the fore. We have to manifest it and offer it to the world. Only then is our game complete. Otherwise, we remain unfulfilled and God remains unfulfilled. The world is God's Creation. The world is our brother; the world is our sister; the world is our mother. All of us are members of God's family. So what we have, we have to share with the world, with our own family. Those who are praying, concentrating, meditating daily are feeding their souls; and when the potentialities and possibilities of the soul are manifested in the outer world, they become Reality, divine Reality. In divine Reality we see and grow into the real face of Truth, the real face of Perfection, the real face of our divine Oneness with God the Creator, with God the Creation. We know that once upon a time we didn't meditate, and we were half animal. Now we are meditating and we feel that we are half human and half divine. And when our meditation approaches perfection, at that time we will be totally divine.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Meditation: humanity's race and Divinity's Grace, part 2, Agni Press, 1974
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