Dear sisters and brothers, dear seekers of the supreme Truth and Light, I wish to give a short talk on force, human force and force divine.

Forgiveness is a powerful divine force. To forgive others in the physical plane is a difficult task. To forget others’ imperfections is more difficult. Not to notice anything wrong in others is most difficult. But when we think of God it becomes easy for us to forgive others; when we pray to God it becomes easy to forget others’ shortcomings, limitations and imperfections. When we meditate on God, it becomes easy for us not to notice anything wrong in others.

Self-discipline is a force that every aspirant needs. In the total perfection of our self-discipline we discover our true self. In order to discipline our physical we have to cry for light. In order to discipline our vital life, the life of pleasure, we need light from above and from within in abundant measure. In order to discipline our mind we need peace, boundless peace.

To conquer the heart, we need love-light. To conquer the soul, we need oneness-light. When physical force conquers something, it tries to destroy it. When spiritual force conquers something, it tries to illumine and perfect it. Human force often conquers and quite often destroys. Divine force ultimately conquers and always illumines darkness and ignorance with its light.

Unconditional surrender to the Will of the Supreme is the most significant force in our human life. This force must inevitably precede God-realisation. When we surrender to the Will of God, when our earthly existence becomes a song of surrender, a flower of surrender, we can place it devotedly at the Feet of the Lord Supreme.

Undivine human forces rule most of the outer world. Divine forces guide the inner world. God’s Compassion for humanity does not allow the undivine human forces to destroy the world. God’s Love for divinity encourages the divine forces to try to liberate the world of ignorance, imperfection, limitation and bondage.

When our consciousness is in the animal world, the force that enters us is destructive. When our consciousness is in the human world, the force that enters cries for domination. When our consciousness is in the divine world, the force that enters expands our consciousness and perfects our nature. If we are good, if we are divine, if we are perfect, we will not have to use human force, for our very presence will be a divine force that will inspire others to become good, divine and perfect.

When we live in the body, vital and mind we do not and cannot see the ideal of life and the ideal in life. Life has no ideal at that time; life is only a pleasure-hunt. When we live in the heart and the soul we see and feel an ideal. At each second a divine ideal looms large in our life. Inside each ideal there is something called reality. This reality is the message of divinity; it is Immortality’s life in us. The seeker wants to see this inner reality.

Our ideal is the highest Truth, Light and Bliss. We shall not cease crying unless and until we have achieved these qualities in boundless measure as our own inner reality. This is the goal that a seeker aims at.

The force of the body, vital and mind is very limited. The force of the heart and soul is boundless. The vital force will sing with Caesar and Napoleon: “I came, I saw, I conquered.” The spiritual force will say, “I came, I loved the world, I became one with humanity. Why did I come? I came because I was commissioned by the Lord Supreme to serve Him and to manifest Him here on earth.” In order to serve and manifest the Supreme, we need to love the world. If we do not love the world and become one with humanity’s excruciating pangs, then we cannot serve and manifest God on earth.

Physical force does not and cannot equal the force of the heart’s oneness. Thousands of years ago Lord Krishna, the Buddha and the Christ lived on earth, yet even now their consciousness is guiding and illumining the length and breadth of the world. This is because the force which they used was not the force of the body, vital or mind. When we use the force of the physical plane, we feel that it is the ultimate force, that there cannot be any superior force. If someone drops a bomb, he feels that since he is destroying everything, his is the greatest force. He does not realise that the force that is used in the physical can easily be conquered by a stronger force, and that force is his mental force. If his mind does not allow him or instigate him, he will not drop the bomb.

Even the force of the limited human mind is stronger than that of the destructive body. But spiritual force is infinitely stronger than mental force. The highest spiritual force is love. There can be no force as effective as love. Love on the physical plane binds and limits us. It is a song of possession and attachment. But spiritual love expands and liberates us. It is a song of illumination and liberation for ourselves and for others.

The force that is used by spiritual Masters is not physical force; it is not vital force or mental force. It is the divine love-force. Love-force is also perfection-force. If the Master loves someone, then it is his bounden duty to perfect that person. If the sweetest love-force does not bring about the necessary response in the seeker’s outer being, then the Master uses whatever other form of love-force is applicable at that time. Once we have an iota of peace, light and bliss, what will happen if we lose it? It will be an incalculable loss. A spiritual Master knows this far better than we do. That is why he uses his love-force, his perfection-force in us, for us.

MRP 50. University of Swansea, Swansea, Wales, 17 July 1974.

From:Sri Chinmoy,My Rose Petals, part 4, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, New York, 1974
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